Define The Mission and Execute

… Is there a clear mission defined to stop the Marxist takeover of the United Statesby the Obama administration and far-left members of Congress?Are we unified in our resolution toexecute that mission in order to restorethe Constitution and the sovereignty of our great nation?

Are we resting on our laurels, complacent and satisfied that all which was needed to be done was done? Are we leaving it up to someone elseto do what must be done by each and every freedom loving patriot?

The key strategy of any successful military operation is, "Define the mission and execute." In my article, "HowCan We Achieve ASuccessful Revolution?" (National Writers Syndicate) Iwrote ofthe determination of the Indonesian student insurgency tooverthrow Suharto's oppressive regime in 1998. They defined their mission as the successfulremoval of the Suharto regime and the establishment of a democratically elected government through as minimally violent means aspossible.

In my article I explain how the Internet was used to achieve a "force multiplication" communication tree to organize their resources. This element of the revolution was critical inoexecutinge the missionas Indonesia consists of 14,000 islands and incorporates 700 languages/dialects among its 240 million citizens.

Effectively executing the mission required several stategic steps once they assessed that they had popular support. Their command and control elements were carefully chosen and placed in key regions throughoutthe country. Strict discipline within rank and file was crucial. Lines of communication were established locally, regionally, and nationally. University students massed at the university in Jakarta andreinforcements were sent to swell their ranks whileother patriots readied for confrontations across Indonesia.The demonstrators drewworld-wide media attention, the sympathies of the military, and inspired the hearts of the Indonesian people.

Despite Suharto's orders toremain on universitygrounds, whenthe orderwas given to move into the streets the students did so without retreat. Aftera few daysof intense urbanviolence Suharto resigned. Four students and several hundred members of the Chineses business sector were among those killed yet the mission's objective was achieved posthaste.

Later on that summer in 1998I was honored toparticipate in formulating a new political strategy, specificallyhow to conduct a successful democratic election free of the corruption they had grown so intolerant of.

I have received so many questions from people around the world asking what is going to happen in America now that Obama is making his move on health care, free speech and the internet, gun rights,education, the free market system, the destruction of the dollar,the Copenhagan ClimateTreaty, and expanding state control of the media.

Others are desperate to know what they cando as individuals. What effect could they possibly have toward reversing this insidious destruction of America, our values, and our standing in the world?Thecircumstancesseem too overwhelming for them or for any one individual for that matter.

I would like to define the mission before us as the successful removal of the Obama regime in order to restore our democratic governmentthrough as minimally violent means as possible.

To execute the mission we must utilize the Internet and formulate strategies for success, organize our numbers andexpand a "Force Multiplication" communication tree network. We mustbolsterleadership positions filled by thosewho are willing to direct personnel andmaterials as judiciously as possible. We must escalate Tea Parties in numbers and participaton so as to take control of the political process. Wherever Obamagoes in the United Stateshe shouldbe met by thousands ofdemonstrators. Everywhere he goes he must be made aware of our prescence.

As a "Child of the '60's," I have personal experience of the great psychological impact that our demonstrations had on Johnson and Nixon. We can shock Obama into a sense of overwhelmingfrustration leading to seclusion, ineffectiveness, chaos, and paranoia.

Our mission'spolitical target date must be the electionsin November, 2010. We must replace as many left-wing officials in our cities and state governments as needed. We have the opportunity before us to throw out a substantial number of Congressmen and one third of the Senate. We must accomplish this goal at all costs!

We must have the determination and resolve to execute this mission. Otherwise we may as well stay home and take what comes!

Radio talk showsmust be barraged with ideas, strategies, logistical reports, and must befocal points of communications relating to activities and progress. Don't waste time lamenting the bleakness of our task at handor personal moaning or whining.We have no time to waste valuable airwaves on personal complaining or pessimistic feelings from here on out.

Put all persoanal feelings aside, in fact. We have a mission to complete and complete it we will!

The same needs to be said for writing local papers, magazines, or for engaging local and national radio stations. Hit them hard and hit them often. Get your messages out over and over and over again! We must be like wolverines who have been backed into a corner with no where else to turn!

Orly Taitz and legions of civil, Constitutionaland corporate attorneys are navigating their ways through the legal system already. I consider them to be ourflanking troopsin our Grass Rootsbattle toward achieving our mission. When push comes to shove theymust be ready for battles in the courts and wemustlet them knowof our confidence in their efforts.

Ultimately, people ask me, "Are we going to have an actual Revolution with outbreaks of violence?" Probably. To be clear, the Revolution has already begun. The violence will likelycome, however,in the form of disorganized riots by those sectors of society who thought they had the greatest to gain from Obama butlearned that they were simply used as fodder for his own patholofical narcissiticpersonal power grab.

I say let them riot. Stay your distance. Let them destroy their own neighborhoods if they will but be ready to defend yours at all costs.

"What about the police and National Guard?" Well, what about them? Just as the Indonesian students learned, the police and military were their friends and family members who could not stomach shooting down their own countrymen. But, I told them, "If one falls, put ten inhis place. If ten fall, put one hundred in their place!" Committment. That's all I'll say about that.

Ifour mission is sound and our purpose is true then I strongly believe thatthe police and National Guard will stand with usand so will our military and intelligence agencies in such a manner as tocovertly neuter Obama's authority to challengeus by force.

We have little more than 12 months toexecute our mission successfully. I learned when I was youngthat when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I have never backed away from a fight anywhere in the worldand I certainly don't intend to in my own countrynow!

The reality is that if we don't execute the missionin order to preserve ournation, no one else will.

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY


"How Can We Achieve A Successful Revolution?"

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