…. And I think for many of the past years, as well.

Go to the movies and see this exceptional movie, ‘

Defiance’, now.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, Alexa Davalos

The director, Edward Zwick, has done Genius work in this Great Movie. He has juxtaposed the ever present Humanity and Inhumanity of man in an engrossing dynamic; and told a true story of compassion as well as the valiant

Defiance of a few against the brutality of the many, at that time. The fact is that it is a timeless story and it is about time that it was told.

I arrived at the theater a few minutes late. At the time there were some in the audience that were consumed by their text – phone toys and were giggling and whispering with and to each other. This was at the very beginning where the background documentary lasting a few minutes was playing. Once the movie began however, there was ‘devout’ attention to the screen and the ‘goofin’ around stopped dead, for the entire two hours.

This movie ‘

Defiance’ is all of and a sudden enthralling, engaging, riveting, spellbinding and captivating. It’s the real thing, folks. This is forced survival at its core. There is love, hate, desperation, revenge, justice and injustice, merely to name a few of the intellectual rides I took in this vast human landscape.

It is not nearly enough to tell you that in this movie it is Starring: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, Alexa Davalos. Nope! They were all superbly believable.

Daniel Craig Really Stood out.

My personal Thanks, to everyone involved in the making of and their decision to take on this project. From a true story to a – WOW – Hollywood Film of merit, in the way they made great films in the, almost forgotten, past.

My parents, were children at the time, and grand parents were actually there hiding from the Nazi’s genocidal slaughter there in the very same forest, along with other survivor communities. My Uncle, was at the ‘Bielski’ Partisan encampment and friends of the family were in the resistance. These friends were in and part of the fighting arm of the various hideouts located throughout that forest. They were in fact involved along with the Russian military, also located and encamped in the forest, on missions where they placed explosives / mines under the train tracks of the Nazi troops going to the ‘front’ and ambushed Nazi military convoys. This is all true folks and described in first person to me, many years ago.

So, go to see this movie and you will have a great time.

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