Defense Of Self And Others In “Gun-Free” Zones – Updated 10.19.2015

by George Wilson –

Arming people with guns is NOT the only option.

[Editor’s Note: NWS supports this Citizen’s Advice as a Public Service Announcement and demand that the Gun-Phobic mentally afflicted embrace it.] [For Update see below]

My subject and reason for writing is the murder of innocents in “gun-free” zones and how to stop it!

I hear the left and right talking about the advantages and disadvantages of arming students, teachers and other groups of helpless targets. But while they dither people are dying!

I believe that if any of the coward gunmen knew that his victims might be armed, he wouldn’t target them. I think you and I would agree on that.

Option one – There exists on the market, right now, small pen size pointer lasers that can cause blindness. Some are referred to as “dazzlers”.

When I say blinding, I am not talking about permanent blindness – unfortunately.

These devices only temporarily blind an assailant. And these devices would quickly render a murderer temporarily and totally blind! How could anyone be against that?

A while back I called a local school official about this, but I don’t think he had the intelligence (just my impression) to grasp the concept, let alone get my point, saying: “I don’t see what good blinding someone would do.”

Option two – would be to carry some fairly heavy object, like a billiard ball or ball bearing or Rocks.

Imagine entering a room with a gun and being bombarded with something of this nature. Then the intended innocent targets can rush the assailant and disarm him or her.

When flying, I personally carry a small 2 1/2″ blessing stone with the word Shalom engraved on it. It weighs around five ounces. It is not a weapon. But I can guarantee that if I bonked you with it or threw it and hit you in the head, you would at least be temporarily stunned enough that maybe, just maybe, I or someone could take you down.

I think you get my point. The above options, especially the laser, are a viable way to save lives. Although given the option I would rather that people be allowed to partake of the second amendment rights!

[Option Three – NWS suggests that all Gun-Free zones be Mandated by Law to at least provide the innocents with a can of Wasp Spray – as well as the above self-defense devices — with a shooting distance of about 10-15 feet. That can be used to spray the gun toting psycho in the eyes and so give the targets of a shooter to target the shooter.]

NWS received a Suggestion from Katherine.
She suggests 2 additional Defenses:
1.  Tazer Guns — [Schools Should supply the teachers]
TASER devices can be used in both close and far range. Upon firing, TASER devices shoot two metal probe darts a distance of 15 feet to reach an attacker before he reaches you. The TASER can also be used as a direct contact stun gun, allowing for close proximity self defense. [BE SURE TO CHECK FOR LEGALITY IN YOUR STATE]

2.  Sling Shots —
As you all likely know what a sling shot is — there are high intensity SURVIVAL sling shots – A well placed shot can Kill a man.

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