Defender McCain Explain Thyself!


McCain is a candidate for the Presidency of the

United States on the Republican party side.

His “forte” is that he is a hawk in the war on terror in

Iraq and elsewhere. For that he is drawing the votes of those concerned with the safety of America in a time of a declared world war being waged against the

United States, in the primaries. This active war is being and has been declared and acted upon by Islamic fascist terrorists, or is it not the silent majority of the Muslims. Remember 9/11!

Well, this is an inconsistent stance by




McCain is an ardent supporter of the past and ongoing and likely 40 million + illegal foreigners invading

America. They are consuming the substance of us! Just as King

George’s henchmen did. That Unconstitutional and illegal attack on

America is due to the open border policy of his home State and his personally stated policy and position. He conspired behind closed doors with, with no less a traitor to

America, than


Kennedy to grant Amnesty and freebees to every non-citizen criminal border jumper and their families in the

U.S.A. and their soon to arrive families. Thus, McCain is bent on overloading

America with 150 million foreign nationals and languages, illegally and to the detriment of every American Citizen.

Here is one of McCain’s Chief advisors. The information speaks for itself in volumes.






Hernandez serves as a Senior Fellow of the Institute’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative.


Hernandez formerly served as a cabinet member to



Fox as Director of the Office for Mexicans Living Abroad. He is the first American to serve

Mexico’s government at this level. He left his cabinet position to create The Organization for Hispanic Advancement, (HispanA, a non-profit 501c3).


Hernández’s recent book, The New American Pioneers, is an authoritative, in depth look at the complex issues related to Mexican immigration.


Hernandez, a

Texas native, is also the founder of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies at the

University of

Texas at

Dallas. In addition, he is a leading figure in the Latino evangelical community and partners frequently with We Care

America to address the humanitarian and faith-based issues involved in the debate over immigration reform.


Hernandez’s analysis and commentary has been featured on National Public Radio, ABC, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and Univisión, as well as on various state and local radio and television programs and in state newspapers nationwide.


Hernandez has also been profiled in various magazines including Fortune; Latino Perspectives; Latin Trade, where he was named Humanitarian Man of 2001; and Hispanic Business, which classified


Hernandez as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the

United States.

He completed his undergraduate studies at


University in


Wisconsin and received his master’s and Ph.D. degree at




I will leave you with these thoughts.



McCain is the ultimate defender of

America and Americans, then how does he explain all of the injured Americans that have been killed, raped, robbed, beaten, terrorized and more, by the illegal alien hordes he defends? What of the many Foreign Nationals from terrorist countries caught at the, McCain /

Kennedy (Et.

Al.), open borders leading into

America? How about the terrorists that got through,


McCain? Defender McCain explain thyself!

It is clear to me that while Senator McCain may win an insurgent battle in the Mid-East, he will surely hand over America to the millions of insurgents invading America, to his personal choice and preference of conqueror, coming from the south and across America's International border with Mexico.


McCain is an expert at prestidigitation. See also:


Mark W. Lowery

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