Defeating Gay Marriage is a Matter of National Survival

….they are seeking acceptance for their deviant behavior from mainstream society.

With a handful of states now recognizing gay marriage, and a White House and Congress completely controlled by the left, it is time for those of us who still care about America’s survival to be heard.

In a society that seems to be much more concerned about the latest video game or Hollywood movie than it does about the moral health of its fellow inhabitants, most will pay very little attention to the destruction of the American family. The very values that made this country great and prosperous are now belittled and derided by the left which is evidenced by their attempt to legitimize so-called gay marriage.

Put aside for a moment, the fact that homosexual marriage is an affront to all religions, the issue of gay marriage goes far beyond any religious implications. Besides ’marriage,’ the acceptance of so-called 'civil unions' would also finish-off this nation. We must insist that marriage be protected. For those of you who fail to see how we will all be affected…Simply look to Europe.

According to the Center for Marriage and Family Studies, in the Netherlands (where gay marriage is legal), gay marriages only last an average of 1.5 years. In Denmark (where civil unions are legal), 60% of first-born children are born out of wedlock. The center's Dr. Timothy Dailey said recently: "These so-called committed homosexual couples had an average of eight extra-sexual partners a year."

These statistics confirm that which I have believed all along…Homosexual marriage activists are not really concerned about receiving certain benefits of marriage, but rather, they are seeking acceptance for their deviant behavior from mainstream society.

As I said though, it is not merely homosexuals who are affected by such legalization. Millions of Scandinavian heterosexual couples are entering into civil unions and are failing to have children. Many of them continue to seek out more sexual partners and forget that without procreation, their society will eventually cease to exist.

According to the National Center for Health, 1.35 million American children are born out of wedlock in the U.S. annually. The United States simply cannot afford another assault on the family.

If we allow homosexuals to enter into legal marriages or legalize so-called civil unions, we will not only cheapen the institution of marriage but in the process send a dangerous message to everyone: It is no longer necessary to have children!

When a society begins to accept and even condone deviancy, or have its policies dictated by those who practice said deviancy, it is not long for this world.

What absurd unions will follow? Legalized bestiality? Will it become acceptable for adults to carry on a sexual relationship with children? If it becomes legal for two men to marry…Then why not three or four men? Or three women and two men? If the state accepts one deviancy, it will eventually accept all deviancies.

Man and Woman were created with different anatomy for a very good reason, as they are attracted to each other for a very good reason…To have children, and to raise those children in a stable environment. Thus ensuring our survival.

We are driven by a need to perpetuate the species. Even if people are unconscious of the primordial reason behind their desire to 'pair-up,' it is the reason that we enter into the union of marriage.

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