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I know what you are thinking—outrageous—but once you get past that emotionally charged reaction to my provocative title, I will show you how to save America and give you reasons why you should want to (assuming you cannot think of any on your own, which I know you can).

Let’s begin with some key facts on the issues surrounding a mass foreign invasion of the

US that some folks refer to as merely open borders or illegal immigration.

According the Government Accounting Office, the US-Mexican border is still being infiltrated by hundreds of thousands of criminal foreigners per year threatening the national security of the

United States.[1] Most are from


The Border Patrol maintains a “get-away-ratio,” which calculates the number of misdemeanor and felony border crossers caught to those who escape detection or capture—in 2004 that rate was 75% and in 2008 it dropped below 50%, suggesting enforcement is getting tougher but that the system is still relatively easy to beat, which is why there are so many repeat offenders.[3]

Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have previously reported that over 92% of those crossing the border illegally have done so at least twice, making the average illegal immigrant on

US soil a felony perpetrator under current federal law. [4]


border states,

Arizona accounts for nearly half of all criminal crossings and its showing in a new wave of domestic terrorism and crime perpetrated by Mexican nationals. [5]


Arizona now ranks second in the world for kidnappings, nearly all conducted by Mexicans. “ABC News found in its investigation ‘horrific cases of chopped-off hands, legs and heads when a victim's family doesn't pay up fast enough.’".[6]

Just seven years ago, kidnapping was nearly non-existent in the

US but since the mass invasion began in earnest, infiltrating Mexicans have brought their country’s top-preferred money-making crimes with them.

Extortion by Mexicans is also on the rise and even members of the US Congress have been directly affronted, having had family members kidnapped.[7] As with

Mexico, it will not be long now before Congress is being coerced and bribed by Mexican mafias to loosen border security and immigration laws given they have tens of billions annually to toss around, if it’s not happening already.

Los Angeles Times, typically known for it pro-criminal immigration and open borders advocacy recently turned editorial coat when it reported, “The drug violence that has left nearly 4,000 people dead this year in Mexico is spreading deep into the United States, leaving a trail of slayings, kidnappings and other crimes in at least 195 cities as far afield as Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and Honolulu, according to federal authorities.”[8] The article details many specifics on how Mexican infiltrators are branding the

US with their own style of crimes once typical of

Mexico, not the


A report from Family Security Matters estimates that 267,000 illegal aliens currently incarcerated in the nation are responsible for nearly 1,300,000 crimes, ranging from drug arrests to rape and murder.[9] Of those currently held in our prison system, nearly a third are illegal immigrants and nearly 7 out 10 processed and deported are Mexicans. [10] Representative Steve King has calculated that illegal aliens have murdered or otherwise kill, on average, 9,000 Americans a year—about a dozen times more deaths of American per year than our war dead in

Iraq and

Afghanistan combined.[11]

In addition to crime, there are cost impacts from the invasion, such as theft of taxpayer treasure to consider. For example, nearly $700 million in illegal alien cost impacts per year for healthcare are hitting

Texas alone.[12]

California is getting pinched to the tune of $9 billion a year just for healthcare, education, and prison costs, according to a Federation for American Immigration Reform study—that state’s governor still refusing to crack down on illegal immigration even when faced with state bankruptcy.[13]

Nevada gives criminal invaders at least $630 million per year for healthcare, incarceration and education as well.[14]

The Patriot Society’s Operation Safe America report extrapolated numbers from a variety of sources suggesting that the aggregate national cost for the criminal invasion is stealing over $330 billion minimum per year from US taxpayer coffers. The calculation includes factors such as unpaid taxes by criminal cash workers, crime impacts, education, welfare, healthcare, positive tax contributions by illegal immigrants, and a long list of other impacts—all this while Americans are being turned out into the streets under a failing economy and escalating foreclosures and joblessness.[15]

Meanwhile, the Party For Socialism and Liberation, a group advocating non-enforcement of US laws claims “more than 29 million undocumented and permanent residents” with “at least 800,000 undocumented immigrants entering annually” must be given amnesty, the right to vote, and to consume US citizen treasure in the form of free social benefits.[16]

NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck claims such a reckless policy and move by government would encourage over 1 billion of the worlds poor to find a way to cross our borders illegally once such a massive amnesty (fines and waiting periods, etc.) passed into law. The clear signal to the world would be that the

US is an open border with an open treasure chest and ubiquitous lawlessness that encourages an ‘anything goes” mentality.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the nation’s Lawmaker In Chief, was recently caught on video claiming that enforcing our immigration laws was “anti-American,” an act that so outraged millions of Americans that the Congressional switchboard locked up when citizen calls flooded in demanding her immediate resignation—a fact the mainstream press never reported on. The White House suffered the same switchboard attack when President Obama said he would make “immigration reform” aka “amnesty for felony immigrants,” a top priority this year when recently meeting with the Hispanic Caucus, a group many insiders claim is both racist and pro-Mexico/anti-US, operating inside the US Congress and informally spearheaded by the outspoken Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an alleged dual citizen of Mexico.[17]

Research provided by NumbersUSA indicates that felony immigrants currently consume “some 7.7 million jobs” while “more than 12 million Americans are out of work.”[18]

America's uninsured because foreign workers often work for lower wages… More than 8.5 million [criminal] immigrants benefit from government-sponsored health insurance, costing taxpayers more than $50 billion a year….”[19] They go on to say, “[Criminal] immigrants and their children account for 31.7 percent of

And let’s not forget that the recent Democrat stimulus package provides for about $104 billion or 300,000 jobs for illegal aliens in the construction industry alone, according to Family Security Matters.[20] Of course, we should all bow our heads to the fact that fraudulent loans made to illegal aliens were largely responsible for the mortgage melt-down, even though HUD does not actually track the legal status of buyers and refuses to report on it.[21]

Unfortunately, in spite of every conceivable warning and plea to US lawmakers, Congress and the White House remain anti-American—insisting on an illegal open border and quietly plotting an unconstitutional amnesty for an estimated 11 to 29 million criminal invaders—against taxpayer demands otherwise. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not reflecting the overwhelming majority of his

Nevada constituents that are demanding strong enforcement of immigration laws, according the a recent Zogby poll.[22] Across the

US, poll after poll shows that a super-majority of US citizens strongly support a touch stance on criminal immigration.[23]

Civil War In

Mexico Expected To Force Civil War In US Too


Mexico is continuing to destabilize and the impacts will be tremendous on the entire

US population and our national security if civil war erupts in our neighbor country.[24]

"Worst-case scenario,

Mexico becomes the

Western hemisphere's equivalent of

Somalia, with mass violence, mass chaos," said Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president for defense and foreign policy at the Cato Institute, a Washington-based think tank. "That would clearly require a military response from the

United States,” offered a recent Fox News report.[25]

As Mexico slips into revolution, tens of millions of Mexicans claiming refugee status are expected to invade the US within months and likely force a US civil war as Americans fought to preserve their rights, families, security, and homeland, even against the will of their own government, if need be. Many Americans have had enough with the current mass invasion due to major increases in lax law enforcement and crime and have vowed reprisals rather than accept anarchy imposed by irresponsible, incompetent, or calculating government.[26]

Article IV, Section IV of the US Constitution requires the federal government to protect Americans from foreign invasion but each day criminal immigration is allowed to flourish, the highest law in the land is trampled by anti-Constitutionalist lawmakers and law enforcement. Americans realize this now, according to polls, and are fed up with government ignoring their demands for immigration law enforcement and secure borders. The issue is calculated as a smoldering and sensitive flashpoint expected to cause civil unrest among most Americans should Congress attempt an amnesty or

Mexico’s civil war spill into the


Given recent news reports in the major media that the Mexican military, police, lawmakers, and mafias are now essentially indistinguishable, one never knows where legitimacy starts and corruption ends across the entire federal government of Mexico and its law enforcement, making it relatively safe to say that we are at war with the sovereignty of Mexico—for the drug lords and their control is completely indistinguishable to that of legitimate government control. Yet US lawmakers and law enforcement continue to act as though they are dealing with a legitimate government.

US Now Has Legal Right To Declare War

Meanwhile, the

US has beentechnically invaded by a foreign nation,

Mexico, with at least 10 million of its citizens on

US soil criminally in violation of our laws, sovereignty, and treaties with

Mexico. All that remains is for Congress to make a formal Declaration of War to kick a lot of positive balls into action on behalf of the

US citizenry and our Constitution.

If war were officially declared, many benefits immediately arise to taxpayers:

First, funding is freed up and prioritized to fight wars, not mere domestic issues, so a legal Declaration of War changes the playing field and reprioritizes funding and government action.

Next, the military can be called in to help with security (we could actually recall 30,000 unneeded troops protecting the Korean border to protect our own border with little or no cost to taxpayers, for example—Korea could then use its own citizens to protect its border).

We would then get serious about the national defense of our homeland and not only does the border get secured, but 11-29 million criminal aliens either get treated humanely by self-reporting to detention centers across the US (for eventual family friendly repatriation) or they get treated harshly by getting rounded up by nationally organized raids like President Eisenhower conducted in the 1950s and treated like the enemy.

The border gets protected and further insulated from a possible mass invasion from Mexico if and when civil war breaks out there (for now, we are not prepared in the least for such a contingency).

New debt, ranging from $4-$36 trillion over 20 years to pay for the cost of an amnesty for 11-29 million criminal aliens (and for sponsored immigration by another 80 million or so relatives) is then permanently avoided, thus saving the US taxpayers and the country from financial collapse.

A “one party political system” in the US is avoided, thus safeguarding the checks and balances in our democracy (by prohibiting 80 million impoverished Latino immigrants that would become voters within 12 years after an amnesty—statistics inform us that immigrant Latinos typically register as Democrats, which is the incentive for Dem lawmakers to continually push for an amnesty. (more details)[27]

Taxpayers save $330+ billion annually and can use that money to help further stimulate the economy and provide jobs to US citizens.

Over 7 million low and high paying jobs would be freed up for American workers.

And best of all,

US soil and families will be much more secured from terrorists.

"Now, if our military can understand that Iraq's security depends in measure on the ability to protect its border against insurgents and terrorists, then why isn't our country similarly protecting our own borders?" asks Mike Cutler, a former senior special agent with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (the former INS). [28]

Constitution Requires A Secure Border and Immigration Enforcement

What's so sad is that our Constitution already requires the border to be secured due to the current Al Qaeda threat—a group Congress officially made a"declared enemy" of the

United States. This critical legal distinction changes the playing field in national security requirements concerning our borders and laws of treason. As Al Qaeda has already been documented entering the US through the Mexican border,[29] the border and its security were then required by Constitutional law to be militarized toward abating such a national security threat. It is not optional but required of the federal government under the US Constitution.

Al Qaeda’s penetration of the border triggered key Constitutional requirements that should have long ago forced the federal government to secure the border. Its failure to do so by lawmakers and others then and now constitutes breech of a lawfully required duty by both the White House, Congress, and DHS. Their collective failure to do so actually creates technical grounds for impeachment of all members of the Congress as well as the president—and worse, technically subjects them and others in leadership positions to charges of treason for knowingly aiding and abetting a known “declared enemy” of the United States by keeping the border unsecured—not hyperbole but simple legal fact ignored by mainstream press, policy makers, and even the FBI (our last line of defense against corrupt politicians now proven inadequate to the task).

How To Take Back Control Of Government And End Mass Invasion!

So now that we can see a little about the why and wherefores and impacts of this and the coming mass invasion should Mexico collapse, allow me to make a few suggestions to Americans and grass rooters everywhere who want to take back control of America from criminal lawmakers and foreign invaders. Here’s the answer in a slogan—Declare War on


Protestors across the US that want to stop illegal immigration and open borders should ratchet up the debate right now and get picket lines moving on the border and at local courthouses calling for a formal "Declaration of War with Mexico". And they should hire professional PR managers to handle the press and get their message out uniformly (many protestors, one message).

By filling the border and our courthouses with tens of thousands of mass demonstrators—all holding up signs that say “Declare War On Mexico,” the political dynamics change radically. Politicians, once living in a haze of self-delusional grandeur and party corruption, will be forced to act and act quickly to keep things from escalating. War will not be declared, of course, but lawmakers will be forced to satisfy public demands or they will be playing with fire.


US government will then be forced to take reasonable steps to avoid an escalation of civil unrest in the

US and it will then comply with the Constitution’s mandates and both secure the border as well as send millions of criminal invaders home rather than break off relations with

Mexico completely be declaring war! This is what is known as political leverage and grass rooters and Americans have it right now if they use it!

How Grass Roots Change Works

By amassing marchers on the borders and at courthouses for weeks or longer, the local, national and international media will expose the issues and facts. Propaganda will start to the fall to the wayside. For example, people will become educated that the issue is not even remotely connected to racism, as most unthinkers in the press love to tout.

A well coordinated event that ensures all

border states and their chapters set to marching on the same days will have the maximum impact needed to command national press attention, and even international press exposure. Press converge will fire the event across the nation to millions of voters who will then add their voice and outcries to Congress and the White House, thereby pressuring major political change.

As the outcry heightens, the federal government will begin doing its job and the borders will be immediately secured while all illegal immigrants/invaders self report and self deport to avoid criminal prosecution. Most illegal immigrants will report voluntarily, families will not be broken up, and human treatment will be given to all but those who refuse to cooperate—problem solved!

At a very minimum, such mass demonstrations would send a clear message to federal law makers that amnesty will never be tolerated and that could help prevent anti-Constitutionalist such as Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from seeking an amnesty later in the year or ever.

Keys to success: marching = press. Press = public awareness. Increase awareness = voter outcry, demand, and more grass roots support. And that all equals pressure on lawmakers to do their job.

There has never been a better time to get something positive done on illegal immigration and open borders.



Note: Please do not get involved with committing acts of violence. A Declaration of War is a Congressional term and a legal aspect. I am not suggesting Americans start making war personally or in groups against anyone, least of all Mexicans or

US citizen Hispanics. Respect people and civility always but feel free to verbally attack government and use grass roots tactics to change it positively.

About Author

Xelan Bonn, is a political analyst and strategist, author, columnist, and past president of the Patriot Union of America, as well as past contributor to Patriot Society think tank.

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