This third lexicon is now also in use, as to


and elsewhere in the world, right here in the

United States

. The same type of conditions are intentionally being described by different words.

The American peoples’ state of mind has been inculcated with definitions used in


, leading to the political demand for


to surrender.

I am now and here trying to have the same definitions used for circumstance, that are taking place in Iraq and elsewhere around the world, which are also taking place in the U.S.A., for a similar political effect, politicians must do something, regarding the smothering ‘illegal immigration’ consequences.

Let’s take the word ‘refugee’. There are refugees from Iraq as quoted here: “Sunday, March 23, 2003 Iraq AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Fourteen Iraqis, the first handful of official refugees from that war-besieged land, crossed the Syrian border on Sunday….” and found by yahoo search of Africa/refugees: in Darfur, Sudan 2 Million Homeless in Africa, they are called refugees in the pro-foreigner left wing media and the worlds socialist press. Why the definition variation here in


? Because therein is the deception. If those fleeing oppression or inability to survive are called refugees around the world, I posit, the same word must be used everywhere for the same thing.

American’s are now and have been suffering an unprecedented, ‘refugee’ dynamic. The refugee’s are fleeing mostly from



Latin America

and elsewhere due to oppression and survival necessity. They are in


in great part due to lax American government border control, virtually none. Let’s get this straight, this is tragic refugee problem which is not uncommon in the rest of the world. Again, this is a vast, multi-million, refugee problem, not merely a vigorous ‘undocumented worker’ invasion of the


. This is clearly the largest refugee state of affairs in the history of the world, I believe. As I have said before the federal government typically underestimates everything by a factor of at least 3. So, when the feds state that they estimate the number of illegal refugees in the


at 13 million, it is much more likely that it is 30 million refugees. This number estimate is more likely also due to the fact they, the illegal refugees, are essentially seen everywhere.

It is evident to me that the refugees’ have overpopulated their own countries, are therefore unable to survive there and their governments are corrupt and so, could not care less.

This is not the American peoples’ problem; that is until the refugees began to destroy the American way of life, due to their untold numbers, tacitly approved by American politicians, who are and were feathering their own nests, for their own personal agendas. The word is ‘refugee’, nothing else.

Now to address the word ‘insurgency’ which is defined in part as “A condition of revolt against a recognized government”.



when the oil pipelines were blown up, the surrender media and press in


called it an insurgency. How much can it cost the Iraqis to repair a destroyed section of pipeline? How much more is the cost of the loss of oil and a temporary loss of sales? Let’s take a guess; not more than

1 hundred million on the outside. No! let’s make it $ 5 hundred million, so there is no dispute. This is lexiconized by the ‘left’ as caused by an ‘insurgency’.

Well, lets now consider the costs to Americans’ of the refugee problem they are being faced with.

According to CNN: On Lou Dobbs tonight, in an interview Mr. Dobbs stated that “$200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens”.

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.


$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary schooleducation for children here illegally.

Considering, the actual deleterious economic and social costs of these ‘refugees’ herein above at the total at $302 billion dollars, which sounds bigger to me, the ‘refugee’ confrontation must also be described as an economic and social ‘insurgency’, nothing else will do. The lexicon in use here in


must be changed and repeatedly used by all of the press and media that aim for accuracy. That is to say the alleged same accuracy used in


and many American’s state of mind are obviously setup to react to this lexicon, politically. This conduct has been inculcated by the shaky ‘liberal’ media, and politicians. Of course!

When there are acts of violence in


it is lexiconized as an insurgency or sectarian violence.

Here in


there is a growing gang presence, such as the very violent ‘MS 13’, directly related to the ‘refugee insurgency’. The refugee gangs are not called insurgents even though they are violent. Surely they are violent for economic reasons and their main influence comes from headquarters in

Latin America

; just as the sectarian violence is influenced by their headquarters in




. I suggest that the following word I’ve coined for the pro-America selected lexicon, describing this entire gang violence as ‘capital-arian’ violence. If you can think of a better word, please let everyone know.

Here in


the refugee insurgency related violence is merely called a crime. According to Congressman Steven King here are some of the ‘mere’ crime statistics. “Every day 12 Americans are murdered by an illegal alien. Another 13 Americans are killed by uninsured drunk illegal aliens and Eight American Children are victims of a sex crime committed by an illegal alien each day!”Nonetheless, there are those in the media that continue to refer and portray them as those nice ‘undocumented workers’. Personally I believe that they should be called ‘undocumented murderers’, ‘undocumented child molesters’ etc.. While this may sound a bit over the top as too evocative, the fact that one is undocumented and also a murderer renders the matter a fact. Ipso facto! Also, it does resonate poignantly when the pro-refugee cult uses their diametrically opposed lexiconized nomenclature, intended to emotionally control those with, what I call ‘chronic empathy syndrome’.

Finally, why is the lefts’ most vaunted resource, the U.N.not tackling this grave refugee problem on behalf of the millions of oppressed, poor fleeing men, woman and children, by sanctioning the oppressive countries leaders which are causing this unprecedented refugee and insurgent problem, now clearly damaging


and its citizens and its Sovereignty?

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