Dear Fellow Conservatives:

I am bringing to your attention the King George County Republican Committee’s Resolution, asking you to endorse it and sign onto the actions requested in it.

Conservatives understand that the profound economic, social, and moral problems of this nation are not a result of a lack of government regulations, as some would have us believe, but of decades of government overregulation, incompetence, and corruption The nanny state policies, practices, and politics of our government have greatly benefited the special interests, have won elections for politicians – liberal and “conservative” alike – and have bankrupted the nation, economically, socially, and morally. With a few exceptions, the Republican politicians have practiced hypocrisy more than they practiced conservatism.

Yet We the People must not blame this sad state of affairs on the government alone. The guarantee of a free, prosperous, and well-regulated society is up to the ordinary citizenry, the ultimate beneficiary of such order. As an icon of American conservatism, Prof. Robert C. Bork, put it, “[it is] We the People [who] have allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse.”

American revival depends on the resurrection in this nation’s psyche of the founding era beliefs in limited government and an empowered citizenry, one that is an educated consumer of government services and willing and able participant in the governance of the nation. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson. Letter to Colonel Charles Yancey,

January 6, 1816. “Every nation has the government it deserves.” Joseph De Maistre.

Most of us understand that we live in a transformational period in the American history. National stability and calm are unsustainable under the current political and economic conditions, and, therefore, profound changes are in store for us no matter which combination of political philosophies governs

America in the future.

Conservatives yearn to return this nation to its tried and true foundational principles of smaller government, self-reliance at every level of personal and communal living, strong sense of personal responsibility and morality, pragmatism and courage in confronting national and domestic threats. On the other hand, the liberals, incapable of learning the lessons of the past and failing to recognize the fundamental fallacy of their philosophy, are ready to give

America the final push into the abyss.

The grassroots conservatives are the most responsible segment of the American public. Not only they have better grasp of the proper role of government in a viable free society, but by their nature they are responsible and insightful citizens. Mob rule and chaos are out of character for them, and, unlike most politicians claiming to be conservative, they are actually vested in the triumph of the conservative philosophy in

America, which triumph is the sum total requisite for the national revival.

To take back

America, a powerful grassroots conservative movement, with new dedicated and talented leaders must be born. The grassroots conservatives must promptly attain unity, energize, and increase their ranks. It is with this understanding and sense of urgency that the King George County Republican Committee has passed its Resolution, and it is with the same understanding and urgency that all the conservative grassroots organizations should endorse the Resolution and sign onto the actions requested in it.

Therefore, I ask your group to endorse the Resolution and get on board with the requested actions.

Jacob Roginsky, Ph.D.

The Author of the King George Republican Committee’s Resolution


King George County Republican Committee

Post Office

Box 221, King George,

Va. 22485-221

Email:; Web:

Telephone: (540) 379-0046

Resolution of the King George County Republican Committee


The Founding Fathers understood that the break from tyranny entailed the establishment of a government of, by, and for the people, a government that is a servant of the people, rather than their master, a government that respects the unalienable rights of every individual and provides meaningful redress to those who are aggrieved by it;

The right to such government in

America is not only a birthright, but a matter of national inheritance;

In reality, our Government today is in many ways in conflict with the interests of the nation and the founding principles;

We the People have allowed our Government to

Institute short-sighted, irresponsible economic policies that have benefited our adversaries and left us with a fractured economy, at the mercy of nations that do not share our values and vision of a peaceful world;

Allow our mortal enemies to grow and endanger our very existence, causing the nation to spend trillions of dollars on countering the threats we could have prevented;

Interfere with the operation of the free markets, stifle productivity of our enterprises, and diminish their ability to compete domestically and internationally;

Expand its powers at the federal level beyond the Founders’ intent, usurping critical state powers and forcing uniformity upon the States that limits their unique character;

Enact a plethora of laws and institute numerous agencies that impair the enjoyment of our rights and liberties, interfere with our families, discourage personal initiative and responsibility, erode the nation’s moral foundations, and subject many good citizens to dangers of undeserved criminal and civil prosecution;

Yield to control by the legal special interests, which have turned the American legal system into an industry accountable virtually only to itself, a system in which a) the judiciary legislates from the bench, perverts the law and denies us redress; b) a litigant on the right side of the law cannot be confident of prevailing in a suit as a defendant or vindicating his/her rights as a plaintiff; c) most citizens cannot afford legal representation, or count on lawful outcome of litigation, or even access the courts, and d) due process is a matter of luck, money, or connections, not a right.

To our domestic and international woes, the American Left offers only fancy rhetoric and empty promises, yet is only capable of turning the bad situation dire;

America needs a conservative revolution to forestall chaos and return the Nation to economic, cultural, and moral prosperity;

A careful look across the political landscape reveals that such a revolution must begin with a united and excited gathering of the conservative grassroots of the Republican Party behind a realistic plan to save the Nation;

Millions of our countrymen will join in, lead and follow should said unity and invigoration of the Republican base be first achieved.

King George County Republican Committee

Post Office

Box 221, King George,

Va. 22485-221

Email:; Web:

Telephone: (540) 379-0046

THEREFORE, on this day of

August 26, 2008, We, the




Republican Committee of Virginia (“KGCRC”), do hereby resolve:

To call for Conservative unity;

To invite all Republicans, all Republican organizations, and all dedicated conservatives to endorse this Resolution;

To call for the earliest meeting of representatives of all the endorsing organizations for the purpose of developing a pragmatic plan of action to address our stated concerns.

Executed, on this day of

September 4, 2008,

__________________________________ __________________________________

Kile, Larry, KGCRC Chairman Tucker, P. Scott, KGCRC Vice Chairman

_____________________________________ __________________________________

Breitenstein, Darryl, Ph.D., KGCRC Secretary Kile, Jill, KGCRC Treasurer

__________________________________ ___________________________________

Webb, Allen, Resolution Committee Chair Roginsky, Jacob, Ph.D., Resolution Author

__________________________________ __________________________________

Dale, Roselyn, Faini, Glenn

Resolution Committee Member Resolution Committee Member

__________________________________ __________________________________

Prothero, Noel Shea, Jennifer

Resolution Committee Member Resolution Committee Member

__________________________________ __________________________________

Coombs, Kathryn Hibbeler, Wayne

__________________________________ __________________________________

LoBuglio, John Shea, Chris

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