Day Of Rage Planned For ~ 9.17.11

… across the entire 50 states! We need to be aware and let others know, especially those that live in the capitals, or have businesses there. If you’ve seen the riots taking place in

Greece, or those in the

Middle East, you see a sample of what it looks like they are planning. Let’s hope that either few show up, that they stay peaceful, or that the law enforcement agencies are able to thwart it before it occurs….

September 17th, 2011 is set to be a Day of Rage. The leftists call this a non-violent event, yet their website, Craigslist ads and Facebook postings include information on how to resist arrest, protest in jail and fight the legal system. The anarchists, Marxists and communists have put together a plan, from start to finish, to takeover

America. There will be trouble. The only real question, at this point, is what are the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the NSA and others going to do to stop this? So far, no one in the media is talking about this insurrection, aside from Glenn Beck who told of it months ago. What will you and your family do to do be safe and save our way of life? It is obvious that the commander in chief has no intention of stopping this coming event, these are, after all, his political base.

The purveyors of the Day of Rage have done their best to make their cause sound as if it is Libertarian or Conservative, but as one reads through the material, it becomes apparent that they are masking their origins and intent. Corporations are blamed for much of the ills, including the suppression of “free and fair elections“. Hiding under the guise of ‘one person/one vote’ and campaign finance reform, fitting the ideology of B. Hussein Obama, as stated in his chastising of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union Address, they seek to implement social justice and a democracy, undermining the republic and electoral college process, turning elections into a popularity contest.

The Anti-American organizers of this even, seek to have protests in all fifty state capitols, the nations capitol and to crush the capitalist economy by disrupting Wall Street. Despite repeatedly stating their goal is non-violence, this subversive organization lists the following among their plans:

* They call for civil disobedience and include plans on how to disrupt court, arrest and the jail system.

* Civil disobedience training is available.

* Directions on responding with resistance to being restrained.

* Classes on forming Affinity Groups and collectively resisting law enforcement.

* Step by step processes for reducing infiltration by law enforcement and what to do after arrest (if you ‘re peaceful, why plans on after arrest?).

* Directions on getting arrested, disrupting court, jail, booking and going on hunger/water strikes (Choosing to kill yourselves saves taxpayers money and it is encouraged).

* A legal process flow chart is included, as well as how to make more trouble in court (Always a good move, judges like that).

* Jail solidarity is addressed, which is unusual for a non-violent demonstration (You will become a jail bride).

* How to record audio and video covertly, during acts of civil disobedience (This stinks of a set up, to antagonize law enforcement into acting).

* Online civil disobedience is covered. Law abiding people call this hacking, sabotage, and illegal, in most cases.

This “non-violent” Day of Rage, which sounds like a national temper tantrum for spoiled children, also includes a call to arms. To be clear, a “call to arms” is issued prior to or during a violent event. Interesting that no one in the media or law enforcement has addressed this, or taken the time to warn Americans about the lefts’ call to arms. Monitoring the Twitter account of this group makes it clear that the anarchists, Marxists and collectivists have taken over and the intent of this group is much more than the “non-violence” they preach in between their “call to arms”.

The violent, non-violent revolutionaries have an interesting list of partners, sponsors and groups they identify with. The European Revolution is one such group. They have had a lot of non-violent protests that resulted in large scale riots and destruction of property. Take The Square is part of this revolutionary event and they support/endorse the riots in


Occupy Wall Street is also part of this conglomeration of anarchists seeking to unite (which defeats the purpose…kind of like asking the clerk at the book store where the “Self Help” section is) on

September 17, 2011. Even the Pro-Islamic leftists are represented, by WL Central (Wikileaks Central) and their irrational demands. The anarchists at the “non-violent” Day of Rage support two other anarchist groups, whom they openly admire, IRC AnonOps and Lulzsecurity. that have been taking place. The group

Glenn Beck warned the nation of the coming leftist, Islamic storm. Like a dust cloud in the distance, it is almost upon us. Our government, our security agencies and the media have ignored the coming storm, making them part of the problem, not the solution. Given the Marxist leanings of the media, combined with our blatantly communist President, B. Hussein Obama, if that is his real name, and the shadow government of czars he has set up, a revolutionary storm, striking America, at approximately the same time America sees a credit downgrade and a pending food crisis (The government and media remain silent on the fires, lack of rain and flooding that has diminished our nations food supplies), it is the perfect time for disruption and Martial Law.

For a President behind in the polls and failing at implementing “fundamental change” in

America, this would enable his official oligarchy to begin. It has always been a question of “when” not “if”. We now know when.

The only remaining question is: What will you do? Are you prepared to protect and defend your family? Can you defend your property? Will you have food and water, or have you not prepared? Do you have the gravitas to support local law enforcement when they come under attack trying to contain these violent, non-violent protests? Are you prepared for Martial Law? Do you have your survival networks established? Safe houses? Do you possess the constitution, the depth of face to go as far as is needed to preserve the Republic? If not, are you prepared to tell your children and grandchildren that you were unprepared or a coward and that is why they now live in a crumbling, third world country that is a utopia for only the elite and the rich?

America, your time is now.

Bill Turner ~ Reverend/Journalist

Stand Up & Stand Strong!

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” —Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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