Dancing The Paso Doble

It is just for the show. Theatrical by heart, our president – Barack Hussein Obama whose mysterious birth certificate attracts millions of Americans — is once again performing on stage. This time, he resembles Dr. No. of the James Bond gentry brewing a new mystery thriller — a nuclear dance of death in the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In his recently concluded White House talks with


’s Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, President Obama bared his phantom of the opera kind of histrionics, a crusty ballroom double steps show-off with


that could be the world’s last apocalypse dance in the

Middle East

prior to Armageddon.

In this double steps Latin dance of death called Paso Doble, Obama considers himself the fiery matador.


is the snorting bull facing a rapier in this worldwide “faena” [red cape passes] before the kill.

By the way, Paso Doble is an international ballroom dance that dancing partners perform under a heavy metered-march music that catches the rhythmic ferocity of a duel to the death, between man and beast. In Spanish, the dance captures the thrill of a “bullfight” viewed by addicted bloodletting-audience in standing ovation before a gladiator-like arena where the matador and the bull fight to death.

The dance normally culminates in the slaughter of the ferocious bovine at the end of a razor-edge sword. In the finale, the long blade of the matador is thrust at the marked spot of the charging four-legged adversary for an instant kill.

In this mortal combat between man and beast, hardly does the matador is caught in the horns of the dilemma and end up in the morgue. The bull is almost always a dead meat.

I have witnessed this gory scene when I was still in short pants just about the year before I entered high school. During a grand fiesta celebration, this famous matador came to town to perform a specially arranged live bullfight show; he was a slim, broad shouldered middle-age, good-looking Portuguese-Spanish “mestizo” that electrifies women of all ages.

During the interview on his way to the bullfight arena, this genial celebrity was almost mobbed. Girls about our age that we young boys sought after made over and dressed themselves up to look like Elisabeth Taylor hoping to catch his attention, but the reputation of the matador precedes his Adonis appearance that in Greek mythology Aphrodite and Persephone fought for: in his career he was known to have skillfully slaughtered many of his quarries in the bullfight arena that he was called a merciless “matanchero” or “butcher”.

Looking back now, it is almost impossible to purposely jam the memory of the merciless stabbing of the bull, especially when this violent culture considers the killing of the beast an art.

I still have those languid images revisiting like fireflies dancing in the dark of a night long gone: The vanquished animal lays prostrate on the ground, and the victorious matador gracefully bows to the cheering crowd, marches towards the imperial box and claims his


for the kill.

This is how Obamanites expect Obama should look like in his latest dance of death in the

Middle East

– a matador that emerges victorious! They are delirious over his red cape passes or “faena” at his bull,


’s Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, amidst the blaring of pompous España Cañi music.Surf the Web … hardly are talk shows done for the day without those territorial two-legged liberal drones drooling over Obama’s latest “faena” in the divided land of what the Bible says “the chosen people”.

Obama has this red cape pass to Natanyahu: "It is in the interests not only of the Palestinians but also the Israelis, the

United States

and the international community to achieve a two-state solution.” He was referring to a solution to break the impasse in the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was some kind of antidote the notorious Dr. No prescribed for


while he tapped his heels dancing a nuclear Paso Doble of death.

This two-state solution – meaning a compromised bilateral agreement to let the states of




exist independently – is as old as the earliest Paso Doble that originally came from


. Obama and his foreign policy advisers are obviously dead-brain for offering nothing new.

But to Obama and his keepers, dancing a deadly Paso Doble attracts attention. And without attention, even to a colored urbanite in


, who is Obama? And so what is Obama, the “new world leader” [Obamanites really believed he is the world’s new Messiah] suppose to do, sit on his lullaby chair and like Nero play the harp while


is burning?

Thus unexpectedly, this two-state “faena” stunned Natanyahu; perhaps the Prime Minister was more incredulous than just shocked or emotionally impaled. How could Obama be so naïve? In his most likely rehearsed White House dialogue with Obama, the talking Prime Minister screeched to a halt, and winced at this threatening two-state nightmare. Young Israelites are said to wet in bed out of fear they could be wiped off the face of the earth the morning after.

For, once an autonomous terror state is allowed to co-exist purposely to destroy the state of Israel, this fear is not just understandable – the likelihood of a nuclear holocaust is even more horrifyingly perceivable, especially to the now apprehensive world at large because when Iran is ready to use its atomic weapons against Israel, the politically correct Obama in Washington, D.C. who just wants to look nice by still demonizing Bush for the faults of America up to this day, cannot be relied upon to stop it.

Deep down in the past, for hundreds of years if anyone interested may recall, this two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is only seasonal – situational, let us put it that way. It just comes out for one purpose only — to stop the killings from both sides when too much innocent blood drenched the streets.

The truce normally lasts only until the next murders of civilians from either side resume. I regret to say that I was exposed to this anathema for eleven years before I left the UN as a working diplomat. Parallel dual co-existence has never been a solution but a cause of anguish, desolation and despair to mortal enemies in perpetual enmity whose delusional hope for peace only rises from the counts of dead bodies from the opposite sides of the border.

But I was just one of thousands of diplomatic opinion-makers and foreign policy advisers that walk the surface of the earth to this day. I even recall now that my position on this issue was just rudimentary: There is a real attitudinal problem that is biblically and historically rooted. Unless this opposing attitudes change from enmity to harmony, tolerance and acceptability instead of disharmony and rejection, and unless every angry Palestinian renounces his/her deadly “vengeance is mine” battle cry against every Israelite and in return for Jerusalem to abandon its “tit-for-tat” policy of retribution [for every dead Israelite Tzahal’s Sayarot takes down ten dead Palestinian], the success of this two-state solution is impossible.

The impossibility that I visualize may be likened to a quadriplegic attempting to swim the

English Channel

, and hoping to enter a world record in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

It is another way of saying that the Israeli-Palestinian killings can only be abated but can never be stopped.


and Palestinian states exist only for a singular purpose – to eliminate each other! It would seem that biblically and historically, their fates have been long decreed by the ancient gods that once ruled the Promised Land. It is still the same up to this time.

Today, Palestinians, terrorists or not, want to reclaim the Promised Land. But the Exodus occurred in 1446 B.C. and after their escape from


, Israelites settled in what is now known as the state of


. Of course this story is biblical, and can be easily disputed historically, but at the same time historically the land became a Jewish state. It was so controversial that the United Nations has to decide and declare the existence of Israel against the claim that the land has been “stolen” by those who fled from Egypt more than three thousand years ago.

Since then, Palestinians went underground so to speak.Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO] plays possum to a long sequence of peace overtures, but like today’s Islamic Hamas has committed itself to the complete destruction of



Many opportunities for peace have been blatantly squandered.For instance, Fattah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations announced a “hudna” [cease-fire] on

June 29, 2003

, then launched a suicide bus bombing in


barely a month and a half later, precisely on August 19, killing 22 Israelites and wounding 130 innocent civilians.

It was a gross violation of the “road map” that President Bush proposed for peace and accepted by both Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

The terror attack immediately threw


’s elite armed forces back into the warpath with equal brutality claiming self-defense. On

September 1, 2003



“waged an all-out war against Hamas and other terrorist elements …” freezing the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority. More lives from both sides were sacrificed uselessly.


February 8, 2005

once again a disengagement conference took place. Palestinians and Israelis stopped their acts of violence. Another ray of hope to stop the slaughter shines on the states locked in the shadow of Hades.

The world joyfully sang hallelujah to this report: “Disengagement from the Gaza Strip was completed on August 22, and from northern



August 23, 2005

. On

September 12, 2005

, IDF forces completed their exit from the Gaza Strip. The Head of the IDF Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Dan Harel, signed a declaration stating the end of military rule in the Gaza Strip after 38 years.”

But it was not for this historic event that I have lighted the candle of hope. There was an international conference in Annapolis on

November 27, 2007

to relaunch the negotiating process and the “road map” to peace. It was followed by an “International Donors’ Conference” for the Palestinian State which convened in


on December 17 of the same year.

Led by the International Quartet, namely, the U.S., Russia, EU and UN, 87 countries pledge support of $7.4 billion for Palestinian institution-building and economic recovery under the government of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fyyad “over the next three years”.

I said there is hope, but I did not say that there is a certainty of all these happening within the prescribed timetable of three years. Doubting Thomases may acquaint themselves with “Recent events in Gaza and the Mideast peace process”. These are not that promising.

Against this hope is the sacred vow of almost all Palestinians which they profess and openly declare from birth to their grave to destroy the state of


. Fattah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, like Yasser Arafat, will honor their commitment to the peace process for as along as the opportunity to kill an Israelite does not present itself.

For, deeply immersed in the radical teachings of Islamic fundamentalism, retaking the

Holy Land

from usurpers cannot be lessholy than the West’s promised reconstruction of institutional infrastructures and rehabilitation of an impoverished people that are born to live a hard life in the name of Allah.

To go around any international commitment, the Palestinian Authority has this “traditional policy” called “revolving door justice”. During his PLO leadership, Arafat would sign any peace document and/or agreement, and would promise the Western media that he would go after any terrorist that murders Jews in cold blood, arrest and detain the culprit to answer for the crime committed. But when the publicity faded away and there was no more media attention, detained terrorists were released with a new Islamic mission to kill again.

This policy is continuing under PA’s current president, Arafat’s second in command, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) who many believe like Arafat is actually masquerading as a non-violent radical. Deception, cordiality, diplomacy and murder revolve in a cyclical continuity that is typical of the Israeli-Palestinian debacle.

In my opinion, it is so obvious that Abbas and Fyyad would care less on the failure of any peaceful settlement. Any international arrangement for peace means they would lose the struggle to retake the





Besides, when push comes to a shove, there is always this macabre assurance from Iranian terror president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Hamas and


would join hands to wipe


off the map.

Again in a recently concluded conference in Teheran attended by militant factions led by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Organization and 30 countries which included Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Mali, Iran’s Cleric Supremo, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared Israel a “cancerous tumor” that must be removed “to save [the] Palestinians”.

Iran funds Hamas’ violent struggle $20-35 million annually with an abundant supply of Grad rockets that target major cities like Beersheva aside from terrorist trainings in Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.


is using its public relations tactic in


– provoking a rocket attack and exposing civilians to Israeli retaliatory bombardment to win the condemnation of


and gain world support to their cause.

While Obama is engrossed in pursuing his brain-dead negotiation policy with terror, Ahmadinejad is just vying for time, making himself as busy as a bumble bee in summer, more particularly diverting world attention away from completing


’s nuclear bombs.


is not alone behind this Palestinian cause of destroying


with nuclear devices. Obama seems to be the only

Middle East

player who is not aware of the North Korean, Russian and Chinese factors while he dances the Paso Doble dance of death. These are members of the nuclear club that could easily get involved in the coming atomic war in the

Middle East


In total defiance of the



North Korea

just spat on the face of the

United States

with a nuclear test.


will also thumb its nose on Obama after Obama gave a warning of one year for


to quit its nuclear program or face dire consequences.


’s enhanced Katyusha rockets are being used in the conflict targeting Israeli cities. The WeiShi multiple launch rocket system used by Hamas came from


’s Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation. “The WeiShi series includes the 122mm WS-1E with a range of 40km” that destroyed major cities across the Israel-Lebanon borders. It is easy to arm these missiles with biological and nuclear devices turning them into weapons of mass destruction.

While proposing a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict matador Obama hopes to gain the support of moderate Arab states at the expense of Israel, Hamas is countering with a showing of those countries who are sympathetic to their struggle against Israel and its Washington sponsor, the Obamanite cultin Washington, D.C.

There is a great concern that the


would take necessary action even if


violates the one year warning to abandon the making of atomic bombs.

Once more in the recently concluded American Summit, the

United States

was severely attacked and gravely threatenedwith preemptive nuclear destruction by leftist radicals – President Daniel Ortega of


and President Hugo Chavez of


in an alliance with nuclear


. Obama did not respond to these attacks and threats with a heroic passion of a concerned


president. He just lost his tongue.

Instead, this president admitted the sins that he himself described as “errors” of the

United States

… the wrongdoing of an evil empire that caused the sufferings of the people in

Central America

! He sadistically put the blame on Bush. He appeared satisfied and so fulfilling when he hooked it on his timeless political punching bag – George W. Bush.

Similarly, Hamas, Nokor,


and Al Qaeda, can do their worst, believing that this country is run by a weak and obviously vain president.

The point is, it could be within the realm of possibility that Obama is not even aware that he is dancing a nuclear Paso Doble which the players in the Middle East theater of conflict might as well join in strictly to protect not only their ideologicalcampaign but also their political and economic interest.

It could be Obama’s first and last hurrah before you and I catch the balls of fire from hell, and with acid rain so shall we like dinosaurs in the deep abyss of time, vanish from the face of the earth! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS June 2, 2009.

The writer is a former UN diplomat. He is a NWS columnist and an award-winning journalist of more than 45 years. Read more of his writings in the Web or reach him with a comment at ed.sumcad@cox.net.

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