Déjà Vu All Over Again Today?

The Yevsketzia was the Jewish section of the Soviet Communist Party Under authority of the Bolshevik revolutionaries who seized control of Russia in 1917, the Yevsketzia’s mission was to make sure the Jews of the Soviet Union suppressed their religious sentiments and Zioniost sympathies and followed the Soviet communist ideology. They had the power to make arrests, and arrested rabbis who taught Judaism.

To distract attention from the growing movement to build a Jewish homeland in the historic land of Israel, the Yevsketzia obtained Stalin’s approval to build a Soviet Jewish state in the Far East near Siberia, a territory known as Birobidzhan.

The project recieved supprt from socialist and communist Jews the world over. Birobidzhan became a center for Yiddish culture, and Jews operated tractors and otehr farm machinery, building collective farms under spartan conditions in the midst of a miserable inhospitable climate. Birobidzhan became officially known as the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and it still exists today..

The question remains, though, as to whether the Yevsketzia still exists today. The author’s theory is that indeed it does, and it is very likely especially strong in Washington D.C., having entrenched itself with the assistance of the KGB in the federal bureaucracy under Franklin Roosevelt, reaching its zenith under Carter and now even greater heights in the Obama regime.

To be a communist in 1934 was fashionable among the New York intelligentsia and remains so among many. The Soviet Union was seen as the substitute Messiah, the secular utopia whereby all of the injustices of humankind would be eradicated.

In the United States, the greatest injustice was the oppression of the black man, of course, who was not even allowed to use the same drinking fountain as a white person, but soon arose from the condition of oppressed to the status of angry rebel, especially against the folks who tried the most to assist them.

How the deluded Jews of New York through themselves into the struggle for Negro equality.

There were no Negroes among the original founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They were all New York Jews.

Their daughters were the first to jump into Black beds,. and when the civil rights movement turned violent, folks like David Susskind and Leonard Bernstein did not hold back their checkbooks.

Indeed, one Wag asked: “What do you get the rich Jew who has everything ?"

Answer “A Black Panther.’ The Panthers had little money of their own. It came from New York, where Leonard Bernstein and hisi friends hosted parties for them where hundreds of thousands of dollars passed hands for thugs whose actual sympathies lay with the Arab terror movements.

The communists actually believe the radical Islamists are a form of liberation theology.

Meanwhile, the stealth communist apparatus in D.C. was well known to the FBI. Defectors warned of it and were ignored.

Liberal politicians hamstrung counterintelligence operations and today we have the results.

We have people like David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel and George Soros If not actual Reds, their actions serve the communist agenda. The expansion of government power; the intimidation of dissidents; Also of course they support Arab extremism and fawning over the crazy folks who enslave the hapless people of North Korea and to Hades with their Jewish roots.

Imagine their joy at having Barrack Hussein Obama in town. A malleable and empty suit who speaks well, vaguely radical and wanting to be chic. BHO is likely switch hitter in a marriage of convenience.

Barack Hussein Obama is a man with aliases, a shadowy past and a record of opportunism and communist and black nationalist connections Baack Hussein Obama must be the life of the party now. A few years ago he was unknown. A speech elevated him to the national spotlight, now he is no longer a stranger at the party.He is the life of the party. The secret communist party.

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