Anyone that watches, or listens to what passes for the news these days knows that Mr. Morally Broke Obummer has appointed about forty czars to rule over various aspects of our lives. They were appointed, not elected, and therefore we the taxpayers are expected to abide by their dogma without complaint, pay them exorbitant amounts and deal with being unable to fire them through the election process. We voters can fire those in the orchestra of errors, called congress, but we are told we are stuck with the czars until the current regime is removed.

Now it just seems so wrong that these people were given so much power over our lives, with no checks and balances to protect us from their socialist agendas. The only foreseeable action to rid ourselves of these bozos is to demand impeachment proceedings for the first five or six layers of the Marie Antoinette ‘cake’ of our self-styled leaders in Washington DC. They seem to see themselves as the elite cake frosted with endless power over the people, instead of the manure cake they are, frosted with avarice and greed and decorated with those ridiculous czars.

This pack of hyenas sits back, both in congress, the White House and the czar offices, smirking at the coup they think they are helping to pull off right under our noses. These creeps are a boil on our governmental backsides that we seriously need lanced, with a red-hot scalpel! Once the infection of them is drained we need to disinfect the lesion with some good conservative cleanser. Sure, it might hurt a bit at first, but in the long run our backsides will be much better without this horrid boil sitting there festering and poisoning our blood.

Personally, this author cannot wait for November to come and decimate the ranks of the creeps, liars and thieves that now occupy the congressional offices and our White House. Their thuggish tactics, boorish attitudes and constant foaming at the mouth as they blather on, blithely ignoring the will of the people they purport to give a rat’s fuzzy fanny about. They lie, cheat and steal from the taxpayers on a daily basis, feathering their nests with our tax dollars and aiding and abetting the appointed czars in their blind rush to destroy our country. WE MUST STOP THEM!

One thing those appointed czars should recall, or learn about, is that czars quite often come to a very bad end. Remember what happened to the last czar of Russia? Just for a refresher course people, the last Czar of Russia, along with his entire family, was slaughtered by the next regime to take over. Yes, czars tended to come to very bad ends in history, and could again. Perhaps not killed outright, poisoned, dismembered or shot by firing squads, but being charged with treason, terrorism, fraud and any of a host of other charges would seriously cramp their style of living, don’t you think?

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