CRP Convention: A ‘rank and file’ Report

… was the appearance of Andrew Breitbart on Saturday afternoon at CRP Vice Chairman, Tom Del Beccaro’s always popular ‘Media Panel’ discussion. Breitbart’s ‘play by play’ account of the ACORN video coup d’état completely captivated an already riveted audience.

The nationally explosive exposure of the criminal organization, ACORN, through a series of undercover videos was a pivotal moment that has “galvanized” conservatives and Tea Party Patriots across this nation. (Andrew Breitbart) Audience members realized the salient and timely significance that it was to have a seat at this event and experience firsthand, the opportunity to hear Breitbart’s detailed account of the spectacular failure of the state-run media to cover the powerful, game changing consequences of the O’Keefe, Giles investigative reporting team and Breitbart’s new media. Together, they are doing the job that the media complex long ago abandoned in support of the liberty stifling platform of the new Socialist Democrat Party. Make no mistake about it; the DNC has gone full-on statist and the media is complicit in trying to hide this fact from a center right American public.

The energy in this room, if bottled and unleashed across the nation, would fuel freedom-defending grassroots activists from now through the 2012 election and beyond. Del Beccaro’s ‘Media Panel’ Workshop featuring new media pioneer, Andrew Breitbart, talk radio host, Inga Barks and conservative comedian Evan Sayet was both powerful and unforgettable. I lost count of the number of times audience members collectively jumped to their feet and applauded loudly in response to Breitbart’s fearless exposure of this administration, the lap-dog media and the use of economy killing policy to advance an agenda of power, control and overt social engineering. It was music to our ears.

Breitbart lives, works, writes and speaks as a true patriot. Again and again he has challenged the state-run media and over and over they fail repeatedly at their appointed mission of disseminating truth. The media complex is nothing more than a shill for the DNC and the White House and works overtime to cover up scandal, corruption and truth.

Breitbart has given the media multiple opportunities to redeem themselves but instead their leftist ideological prison prevents them from doing the right thing. They fall into the trap and as a result are exposed as cover up artists for the statists they support and protect. After the appearance of the first two ACORN videos from Baltimore and D.C., the media, if it ever stood for investigative journalism, would have jumped on this story. What was reported in the void oftrue journalism was a condemnation of the work of O’Keefe, Giles and Breitbart and a soon to be disproven assertion that such corruption would never appear at the New York-based ACORN. The third, New York-based ACORN video when released resolutely exposed the lies of the media and their dangerous aversion to truth.

Breitbart is fearless and tireless in his commitment to freedom. He speaks frankly about the social engineering happening at every level of government and the danger unleashed at the hands of statists, Unions, unaccountable czars, politicians and Soros-funded leftist organizations and the media that covers for them.

As reported last week, ACORN has filed a lawsuit against O’Keefe, Giles and Breitbart in connection to the undercover videos citing illegal practices in gaining this information. During an interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace, James O’Keefe pointed out the moral delinquency of a lawsuit that questions the legality of taping a conversation that succeeded in exposing the far greater crime of complicit ACORN employees assisting ‘clients’ to commit tax fraud and child sex trafficking. At this time, the lawsuit-reflexive left has failed to serve anyone in connection to this case. In an instinctive rush to use the judicial system to their advantage, the left overlooked the destructive potential of the ‘discovery phase’ that could not only derail this hastily conceived lawsuit, but also expose the corrupt inner workings of ACORN to the light of day. Ouch!

Later that evening at the Saturday night Dinner Banquet, California State Senator and Minority Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (R), known for his conservative principles and tough stance against Sacramento-entrenched Socialists, delivered a rousing speech proving that strong leaders with solid principles can and do hold the line against big government Democrats.

Hollingsworth was a powerful opening act for Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner. Poizner literally commanded the stage with natural poise, charisma, humor and experienced insight as he laid out detailed resolutions to the problems that plague our state. Poizner’s policy speech focused on specifics not platitudes, as well as a crowd-pleasing plan to restore free market capitalism, regulatory restraint, prosperity and jobs to the great state of California.

An appearance by Darrell Issa (R) prompted a standing ovation as the crowd recognized this warrior in the fight against ACORN, as the California Congressman introduced the featured speaker of the night; Republican Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana. Pence’s speech had the crowd murmuring the word ‘Presidential’ in conversations afterwards as the inspiring speech he delivered was praised for its powerful delivery, its leadership quality and its defense and promotion of conservative principles.

As a final word, it would be an incomplete re-cap if Chairman Ron Nehring’s address during the General Session was not included in this appraisal.

Nehring fired up the ‘rank and file’ as only he can do with a detailed account of where the party was back in February at the last convention and where it is heading. Included in his remarks was the reality that the responsibility for the Central Valley water crisis belonged exclusively to California Democrats at both the state and congressional level. Nehring remarked that the only politicians listening to the plight of farmers and farm workers in this Democrat-created California dust bowl are the Republicans. This point was isolated and pinned on Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer in a speech by Assemblyman and Senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore (R) who cited the increasing strength of his campaign according to recent poll results as being directly due to grassroots activism, his exhaustive state-wide travel and use of social media technology.

In a word, conservative principles, personal responsibility and grassroots activism is alive and well among the ‘rank and file’ members of the California Republican Party. In fact, I would venture to say the ‘rank and file’ members are the California Republican Party. On November 9th, 2009 the Party of Ronald Reagan, the CA GOP will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that led to the liberation of people throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This event remembers not only the leadership of Ronald Reagan but the freedom his leadership brought to millions of people.

The California Republican Party understands that people will join their ranks in responseto what they do, as well as what they stand for; freedom, limited government and peace through strength. As evidenced by the some of the highlights from the convention, this state party is actively engaged in the defense of freedom and I urge you to join us as we take back our state and our nation in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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