Crisis Of Faith In The System More Dangerous Than Spate Of Violence

The crisis of faith in the System that Obama and his elks help create could be the arrival of the Apocalypse that we all feared it would come stealthily like a thief in the night.

The spate of violence across the country can be suppressed by the use of force, and for reason of security dangerous individuals may be isolated and quarantined, but when people lose faith in the whole System, that’s when the house crumbles like a deck of cards, so to speak.

This terrifying incident that exploded in Tucson, Arizona where Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz) caught a bullet in the head and scores of people in the wrong place at the wrong time were shot dead is a vivid expression of a violent impulse on the part of the 22-year-old shooter Jared Lee Loughner who lost his trust in the System. Losing faith on politicians running the Government, they become his "enemy". That fateful day in infamy, he armed himself, walked to a public gathering in the mall and fought a "war" – his own.

To those agonizing under this crisis of faith in the Establishment and no longer able to rationalize right and wrong, could no longer abide by the rules of what is perceived as an authoritarian Government, and whose patience and tolerance have ran out and could not anymore stretch the limit of endurance in order to live as peaceful citizens, obeisance to law and order is like a cork on top of a bottled emotion about to explode. As an arm-length assessment of what happened, my cerebral eye sees a gunman that broke through this cork-capped glass of suppressed sentiment to breathe and to find relief.

Taking the law into his hand was to this killer not because he was driven by a bothered conscience most outraged people would likely err in thinking it was, but rather a matter of personal atonement, a redress of his own grievances in a System where even a normal person would feel unjustly treated if not so psychologically alienated … and that’s when the unspeakable happens.

It was an "unspeakable act", President Obama said. However, this president who supports the right of captured terrorists to a civilian court trial after committing those "unspeakable acts" of terror, was too shy to explain to the American people that the spate of violence is erupting all over the country when locoweeds in our society [exemplified by this youthful Arizona shooter] have a heavy ax to grind. Under the weight of his personal gripe against the people in government he no longer trust, Loughner lost his bearing and went overboard when he translated the cause of his distress into this "unspeakable action".

There is a need to drive home this point or this message one more time so that the American public will get it: It is not about what violent loonies [Loughner has been described several times in media reports as one of them] are doing which maybe considered extremely dangerous – security-wise the increasing number of his kind may still be isolated and quarantined – but it is this crisis of faith in the whole System that would pull down the house like a deck of cards [totally destroying the System] which God forbids [!] will be impossible to contain. I loathe describing further this apocalypse scenario, and I would not bring you there anymore.

But suffice for me to say that our System’s body-politick which is enviably democratic but too liberally contentious for our individual comfort, is driving the nation to the precipice of disaster. Knocking at the door of the people’s fear is the specter of the Great American Civil War whose savagery when it occurs again would redo our whole System. Like that proverbial winged Phoenix, this nation will perhaps once again rise from the ashes, amidst the wounding of the American soul that would never heal, even as we advance in life in a new world of prosperity after the civil war and leave this planet to conquer the outer space.

We already often heard many seditious calls to arms … deafening cries for revolution as a vicious and angry form of protest, even though these are but as far as I know just paper tigers on the loose. Nonetheless, I will be extremely revolted if there will be a pacifying but treacherous argument from the radical left saying that this public outrage does not feed violence into the heart of those whose fingers are already ready to pull the trigger of a gun and all they have to do is walk into a crowded mall, to a workplace, the school ground or to the campus of a university and open fire.

Ironically, the paradigm of violence under this crisis of faith is not without a modeling prototype. In this Great Divide, and operating under the perils of our adversarial democracy, politicians and their loyal beasts of burden who in serfdom are serving them faithfully and well in both sides of the fence are, accountability-wise, in pari delicto.

In their martial-art-kind of politics where in one side their political gladiators want to knock out the opposition in the other side with a karate kick, politicians heat up the cauldron of emotional contempt of America as well as cultivate the feeling of disdain against the faults and flaws of the Establishment, particularly when the opposing ideologues attack the failings of both the Democrat and Republican leaderships that control and run the System. Incendiary speeches delivered and political fighting stance displayed in public, breed more hostility … it confuses the public and divides the population even more into warring factions.

During the previous Republican regime under President George W. Bush, the politicized left-leaning centurion of MSNBC’s Countdown Keith Olbermann never got tired of berating and attacking President Bush almost on a daily basis. This political handyman wrote down in his editorial and speechified in his Countdown talk show that "there are no terrorists in this country except Bush …" that Bush’s campaign against violence that to Olbermann did not exist was merely a cover up of the Federal Government’s terrorist activities against the American people.

Today, watch Olbermann’s latest news video … jaws dropped to the floor in shock when the public saw in TV and the video screen how scandalized the angry Olbermann was in his reproachful and disparaging attack pointedly targeting the "unspeakable act" of this 22-year-old Arizonian gun wielder whose shooting spree sent liberal Congressperson Giffords to the hospital in a serious condition. The gunfire also sent an innocent 9-year old bystander early to her grave, while several others critically wounded might already be dead even as I write.

Olbermann now denounces the presence of terrorists in this country. This caricature of a political bigot admits now that there are terrorists everywhere other than Bush, especially in the state of Arizona. He also condemns the wave of violence across the country that is not of President Bush’s making; he just created a hypocrite out of his double-standard if not lying public image, which is more shameless I might add, than the proverbial ostrich that because of a nagging guilt-ridden conscience which he need not confess in public, hides his spinning head under the sand.

Strange it is but true. Giffords herself was a gun-control advocate of unparalleled notoriety if vitriolic and vulgar language used is the standard of measurement, a hyped politician of our fractious time who had spewed a lot of saliva in the air, and like Olbermann, is now catching it back right on her face, not only in a very embarrassing manner but also in a very excruciating way when severely wounded, her chance of survival hangs on a thread.

This counter-terrorists rage spawned by the Olbermann brand of hatred of President Bush is now snowballing across the land. With this media oddity in MSNBC whose daily exposure to the public is too conspicuous to ignore, people start to entertain this notion that the President of the United States personified by Bush and now by Obama, and the Federal Government now run by the Obama Administration, are terrorists. That being the unfortunate reality prevailing in the mind of millions of Americans at this troubled time, even those doubting Thomases are not wondering anymore. Now they just believed that there is a lot of Loughners out there just lying low in the corner waiting for their chance to uncork with a burst of machinegun fire their bottled hatred against whoever represents, in their delirious mind, the hated System.

The echo of this anathema that bounces from the other side of the Great Divide is not in comparison by any means less inflammatory. "If ballots don’t work, bullets will," Conservative Florida radio host Joyce Kaufman declared with revolutionary fervor in the July 4 Tea Party rally she attended. Her rightist boss Allen West was campaigning for "patriots" to rise against the nation’s Establishment under Obama’s watch. West’s call to arms was "take it to Lexington and Concord …[!]", the revolutionary cry of American patriots who were then fighting England’s Red Coat men of war.

Does this not make sense out of the "bloodbath in Tucson"? If in West’s mind Loughners is a patriot, wouldn’t this bloody "unspeakable act" committed in full public view not what exactly this Republican anti-Establishment agitator wanted in response to his call to arms? I need not be a Republican to know that this is not Lincoln’s call to unite the nation.

In politics, Obama and his liberal men of war are fighting for a bigger government, one with enough muscles to use in suppressing dissent, that we have began to notice as Obama prepares for the Battle-Royale finale in November 2012. The Populist Right tells the American public that the Obama government is run by "Nazis". In the American mind, a "Nazi" is an enemy, a terrorist. The free world got rid of Hitler by killing "Nazis". This is probably what was in the mind of Loughner when he pulled the trigger … "to kill Nazis" and almost killed Giffords, a liberal "Nazi".

On the other hand, the Liberals are known to exploit crisis to their own political advantage. Strangely, the Democrat noisemakers are now accusing the Populist Right of taking advantage of this Tucson incident by demonizing Gifford as a "Nazi" to promote their Conservative agenda against Obama’s lame ducks in Congress. But the public is used to the Liberals being guilty of their own double-standard staunch, especially when they badmouth their political opponents.

Obama’s former senior adviser Rahm Emmanuel who is running for Mayor in Chicago, had led the way on how the Obama administration should take advantage of any crisis that comes along the way. In responding to the Conservatives’ accusation that the Liberals themselves are exploiters of crisis, Emmanuel proudly admitted that they "never let a good crisis go to waste…" But when recently questioned in an interview why the Republicans are taking advantage of this crisis, not the Democrats, this split-tongue chameleon got out of the hook by saying that what he previously said was not applicable to the Giffords shooting because the victim was a friend.

"That's not intended for this moment, it doesn't apply to this moment," Emmanuel panicked. "Gabby is a friend …" He simply personified this double-standard demagoguery in the Obama administration.

Let’s go a little bit deeper on what Emmanuel was modeling as an important cog of the Obama administration … when the System has a double-standard in the application of laws and policies of government, the public sees a crack in the wall that looks uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame, insofar as the people’s sense of fairness and justice as well as their trust or reliance and confidence on the governing authority is concerned.

Didn’t rhetorical flourishes of this kind create distrust on authority and in government which in this Tucson case led to violence? This question is also rhetorical, and yet pointedly relevant, which might as well be the answer to so many unanswered questions in the mind of the disquieted public still recovering from shock.

And the premise upon which this question is raised has to be even more relevant, and it is this: It is difficult, nigh impossible, to "demand the faith and fealty of the governed", to borrow a popular phrase written by another author, when the guardians of the realm are so indifferently biased, double-standard and above all "arbitrary and deceptive".

This crisis of faith is like a haunting call in the middle of the night coming from the dark pit of the grave warning us all where we will be buried when the System fails because of what destroys it that even powerful politicians who are running our lives neither give a hoot nor even bother to know.

The tragic ending of it all is that to address this demon of public apathy, Loughner and his kind have to show us where and why the System didn’t make it.

And that’s the only time when we cross over, and walk into the light. #

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