COVID-19 & Economy: The War Of The Stimulus Package

                                                   by Edwin A. Sumcad –

The war on economic stimulus packages is raging on. One is from the bright side, and the opposing other package is from the dark side. The first one aims to defeat the virus and save the economy, while the other one is striving to prolong the pandemic in order to wipe out the economy and defeat Trump.

Let me peel this off judiciously and bring it down to the layman’s attention. There is no doubt that right now COVID-19 wreaks havoc to the national economy. Is COVID-19 really causing this economic devastation? Street economists from the dark side, emboldened by corrupt and corrupted journalists of the Fake Media are orchestrating a malicious campaign to make us believe that it is the virus that is destroying the economy.

It was noticeable during the last few days while we continue to track down the spread of COVID-19 that alarmists with suspicious intentions had sensationalized fear of the virus as a convenient way of directing the attention of the general public towards the pandemic allegedly destroying the national economy beyond repair. Not only do they act with doubtful intent in mind but their action obviously reveals their bad intentions.

This prompts us the general public to ask ourselves a simple and fair question: Are they right or wrong when they say that the virus sapped our economy and the damage done is now beyond repair? The answer is, wrong – absolutely wrong.

Consequently, the first wrong I want to correct is that the economy is absorbing a devasting blow not from the virus but from our reaction – repeat, reaction of containment, i.e., social distancing, stay home and closedown — to get rid of the virus and stop the pandemic.

Understandably, our Republican-led government is rushing a stimulus package to blunt the impact of the pandemic on the economy. It is a huge stimulus . . . from $850 billion to $trillions, or even more. This comes from the bright side of the equation as this nation is determined to put an end to this hellish predicament we are facing right now.

As usual, President Trump and the Republican Senate are quick to respond. More than a $trillion economic stimulus package is in the legislative pipeline and about to come out. Even as I write, this emergency measure is just waiting for a bipartisan approval of Congress and when approved will be immediately released out and quickly implemented to rescue the economy and the American people suffering from the Coronavirus.

But the Democratic Horsemen of the Apocalypse more lethal than the pandemic itself, led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, torpedoed the rescue package hoping that the economy cannot be saved and instead, wiped out by the negative effect of President Trump’s economic containment reaction to the pandemic.

Obviously, the darker objective of this treachery to the nation and betrayal of the American people by those conscienceless Democrats and the left described by millions of

Trump supporters as “parasites and viruses” that had infected Congress (we are wasting our tax money for their salary), is to erase President Trump’s 2020 reelection bid to campaign on a booming economy the President himself amazingly created while only barely three years in office.

To kill the emergency economic stimulus bill about to be passed in Congress, the black Horsemen of the Apocalypse led by Pelosi and Schumer took advantage of the crisis by proposing and adding amendments and unnecessary riders to the legislation package that they knew would never pass a bipartisan approval of Congress because the Republicans would definitely reject them as part of the Democrats’ 2020 election campaign agenda.

The American people should know what are those additional legislative roadblocks and judge for themselves how crazy are the left hellbent in destroying the economy to defeat Trump.

Specifically, the public should know how these guys from the dark side poisoned the proposed legislation bill aimed at saving the badly injured national economy by inserting and adding irrelevant long-term amendments which included proposals that countered the urgency of the bill. To top it all, the proposed riders and amendments have nothing to do with the emergency action of Congress to save the economy from the devastating effect of the pandemic, like adding provisions – watch out carefully and check this out – they called new emission mandate for airlines and greenhouse gas requirement for every airline flight (their greenhouse agenda); student loan forgiveness, early voting requirement for all electoral stations, subsidies for early retirement plans, election results auditing (where the heck is this coming from?), and still many others – amendatory punches from hell to knockout the entire rescue economic plan and reset the economy into a deep recession. Are they not bothered by their conscience at all?

The public is shocked by this twisted display of wickedness in Congress, an infamy that will go down in history to haunt us and the next generations. These guys may be called political “assassins” and like professional shooters or snipers, kill for a living – conscienceless and deadly.

But there is still hope. The American public will call out those people without conscience and make them pay dearly. While they are in a rampage in Congress right now, they have no choice – they have nowhere to go — and I expect them to back off.

However, President Trump is now balancing the deleterious effect of the nationwide shutdown on the economy on one hand, and on the other, of prolonging the cessation of vital economic activities that are now creating untold damages that might be irreversible.

Furthermore, the effect of individual isolation to control the spread of the virus would be as devastating as the skyrocketing number of Americans infected if there is no social distancing and self-imposed kind of reclusiveness for the benefit and protection of the general public.

The President is trying to strike a balance between these two extremes, and again those mercenaries of destruction the likes of Schumer and Pelosi I just mentioned will consider this opening as a rich ground for another spite of Trump-bashing. Let’s watch this unfold and once more call them out. In the meantime, I want to correct one more wrong perception while I have this opportunity to fix it and make it right.

The opposing Democrats now working behind their presumptive but forgetful and/or absent-minded presidential candidate former VP Joe Biden, are accused by a groundswell of concerned Americans of “doing nothing” at all to solve the big problem we are facing right now. Is this perception and accusation right, or are they wrong, is the simple question to ask in the mind of the American public.

This time the answer is different. It is right, and wrong. What is right should be corrected because it is slightly incorrect, and that is, the accusation that Biden is “doing nothing” is correct, but his billionaire supporters (George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer) now backing him up against Trump, are reportedly giving out stimulus package to defeat Trump.

Therefore, the second misconception I want to correct is that it is not only the Republican leadership under President Trump giving out a stimulus package but also the Democrats. But we have to differentiate them in at least three different ways.

First, the volume or size of Trump’s stimulus package is of magnitude measured in billions to trillions of dollars while that of the Democrats’ are but in millions of dollars but more than enough to achieve its intended purpose.

Secondly, Trump directs his stimulus package to distressed industries and businesses, and to Americans caught in a financial bind due to our response to COVI-19. Anti-Trump Opposition billionaires are reportedly directing their stimulus packages to Trump’s allies and protectors, ad-makers, and to members of the rogue Media for a different reason . . . to defeat Trump.

Thirdly, the immediate purpose of Trump’s stimulus package is to help distressed corporations and individual Americans suffering the effect of the pandemic, and turn around the stricken economy back to normal. On the other hand, the Opposition’s reported immediate purpose of reportedly giving out millions of dollars to corrupt journalists and to any of Trump’s protectors and allies that can be bought, is for the latter to betray the President and turn them around against him.

The catch of this bribe spending is to embarrass, neutralize and defeat Trump in the November 2020 presidential election. The country and we the American people are of no consequence in this bizarre operation to destroy President Trump – the ultimate goal of the radical left to get back power they lost in 2016.

Which behooves me to throw an advice of caution for Trump’s protection: The President should be more careful now as he beds with his close advisers that could have already been compromised by the implementation of the Opposition’s version of economic stimulus package anchored on the people’s virus panic-attack.

The President should be more aware than before, of Fault-finders FTs and Trump-bashers TBs right now on the warpath against him. They come from both sides of the great divide – same maggots of society — but of different slime, clime and crime.

FTs are hope-killers but do not necessarily hate Trump; TBs just hate Trump who damned him 24/7. The worst of them are those chameleons that hide their color (betrayal of TBs that hides behind suspicious loyalty to Trump).

An illustration of this hidden loyalty of TBs occurred recently in full public view — in front of the TV camera – during the CDCP press conference when Trump was on national television giving the American people an update on Coronavirus. Trump was giving “hope” to the people dying of COVID-19 with his latest announcement of a Malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine and another drug Zithromax which may be used to stop the virus. And right there on national TV with Trump on his side, Anthony Fauci, head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, dampened that “hope” saying that there was no evidence the drugs are effective against the virus . . . that those drugs alleged to be effective is only “anecdotal, thin and doesn’t meet scientific standards”.

Clearly, in the eyes of millions of television viewers here and abroad, Fauci rebuked Trump right there in front of national television implying that the President was giving a “false hope” to scared people and this cast a bad image of the President this scientist was supposed to support and protect not only from unfounded criticisms but also against vicious, out-of-bound and false accusations demeaning his person and character.

My take on what happened is that Fauci was trying to say – and said it clearly without a word — that Trump is a politician. As a politician, he can give “hope” to people dying of the virus while he Fauci, is a scientist and cannot give “hope” to dying Americans unless it is proven by scientific evidence.

Fauci is viewed by the American public supporting Trump as a covert TB who embarrassed Trump on national television. An outraged friend was saying to me that perhaps Fauci was trying to compensate his barely 5-feet-tall miniature size into thinking that he was bigger and taller than Trump, President of United States. This disgruntled Trump supporter cupped out his outrage by saying that Fauci and his kind never care about people, only their own kind of science.

And yet, Trump’s “hope” given to the American people was real – it was not a false hope. Health professionals had proven those drugs’ effectiveness against the virus because they have used them, and recommended that these inexpensive medicines maybe used to treat Americans dying of Coronavirus.

Simply said, Trump should be careful of chameleon loyalty of Trump-haters that are more covert than overt in their posturing, more so when they are part of the Trump entourage. As Trump used to do in “The Apprentice” television show, he should not hesitate to say to any of them: “You are fired!” It is the fastest and safest way to protect and secure the presidency against a coup.

Because of Fauci’s coup de grace of dissent and rebuke executed in full public view on the besieged President under fire, members of the Fake Media capitalized on that rebuff and censure of the President from a scientist who did not see eye-to-eye to with what the President was saying. The likes of low-IQ Jimmy Acosta of the press corps, had a ball jumping on Trump during a press conference calling him a “sociopath” among others equally horrific, although this kind of abuse of the most transparent President on record does not connect with people at all.

In general, in this crisis, the role of the Fake Media is only to find fault in every move Trump makes and then when they even just suspect one, bludgeon him to hell without mercy.

Let me illustrate to you how this presidential abuse is executed with diabolical ease.

There is a shortage of masks in hospitals and providers are resorting to desperate measures. Trump suggested to sanitize used masks and reuse them in the meantime that supplies are on their way. It was a brilliant idea in an emergency situation to use sanitized masks so that hospital workers can continue to work and save lives. But the Fake Media crucified Trump because the mask is supposed to be used only once.

Actually, the Fake Media was forcing Trump to announce that hospitals and providers should stop attending to patients and let them die of Coronavirus because there are no masks available. They are also trying to pressure Trump to issue an order forcing hospital workers and providers to go on working without mask and get themselves infected.

Did you see the absurdity of the fault-finders’ corrupt mentality? They may not hate Trump but they are just finding faults no matter how insignificant that might be, hoping that it would damage Trump and stop him from getting his second term by January 2001.

In the meantime, the raging war on economic stimulus packages is not about the virus – it is about the economy, on one hand, and how to defeat Trump on the other.

Get that straight, bozos before we push the Wuhan virus back to China. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS March 22, 2020.

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