,,,,I heard that then, as a result of that visit, that subsequently: the very next day, that my friend’s wife was then followed by the IRS to her place of work! I have two other friends who are also under direct attack from the IRS who are merely striving to keep their homes. Conversely: I have yet a plethora of other friends whom are directly attacked by government for “child support” and other machinations for ‘crimes’ they have never committed. Others desperately attempting to fight off the economic ‘foreclosure’ of their homes. Others fighting obtuse and meaningless tickets, issued from a government “lottery” of swarms of officers sent hither to eat out our substance. Currently, in Northern California, the people are suffering a plague of “Code Enforcement Officers” raiding the countryside, extorting monies from people in their own homes for supposed ‘violations’ amounting to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They are doing this in order to supplement failing city budgets. This, all under the penumbra of what America original precepts were founded upon—I find quite shocking—and totally unacceptable. Then, a realization occurs to me, and I ask myself the simple question…”Is this my country?!?”

We have a country where the government itself has become the criminal. More and more, I have individual’s calling me all across the country—telling me that they are leaving the United States—for what clearly is ‘good cause.’ What kind of country has its own citizen’s leaving in these ever-increasing numbers?!? Pressure now has built to the point where average American’s now have decided to leave the United States in, what can only be seen as a mass exodus from tyranny.

We have a government which is directly attacking and cannibalizing its own citizens’ into oblivion. American citizens are taxed to the point, that they are becoming too poor to live within their own country! This is due to the fact that modern government has been openly and proactively attacking its own citizens for the past forty years implementing socialism. We are now ruled over by thugs, who, under various regimes, have committed unspeakable atrocities against their own people. Those American’s whom dare stand up and resist, are cordoned off, sequestered, then directly attacked…if not outright exterminated. We have a contemporary legacy of government, who for no better word for it, is engaged in Organized Crime, who kills its own citizens indiscriminately (such as in Waco), or fulminates egregious problems (like our current economic system), or it militates government officials to snub their nose publicly at both the law and the constitution (such as Barack Obama not being a ‘natural born’ citizen, a constitutional requirement under Article 2, Section 1, clause 5)…ad finitum, ad nauseum.

These are not just the ruminations of some dissatisfied or disturbed Citizen; these are the ever increasing and documented facts which are being openly proffered not only in the public record, but throughout a virtual cornucopia of private researchers, underground (read internet) news sources, and a host of new books and other alternative media sources. Yet oddly, it is the mainstream media who are the only ones not reporting what used to be called ‘the news.’ However, these facts total what our Founding Father’s ascribed as “a long train of abuses.”

Mind you, government (our own supposed government) is attacking us, as an ongoing syndicalism established for profit and reward. They are not abating from this attack, indeed: they are escalating this war to the limits of their own perversion. Oppression and tyranny are the new lexicon of this government that establishes how any citizen will act in its new world society. Or else…

I call it war, because there is a legal definition of war within law dictionaries defined as ‘mixed war.’ A ‘mixed war’ simply defined, is a war between a government and its own people. If ever there was an exact definition for mixed war, it is the reality of what is now occurring to us in contemporary America…and the sad reality is…that this mixed war is only going to get worse.

If we empirically analyze the facts of this matter, I believe any reader of this article can discern at least two or three of his own contemporaries (if not he, himself) whom now, are under government attack. More likely, the reader knows at least one person (if not himself) whom has gone to either jail or prison. Mind you, this fact alone is remarkable, because it was not too long ago that it was rare that people personally knew anyone who had ever gone to jail or prison or had a problem with their government. Now, most American’s have an ever-increasing number of personal friends who entertain these ever-growing categories.

In just one example: noting the sustained cacophony of home foreclosures in this nation is not the endemic result of a peripheral problem, it’s an identity of a problem attacking American’s which goes to the very core to our very existence. Our prisons, tax systems, police systems, and money systems are all social indicators that point to the same problem as foreclosures. That problem is pointed: something is intrinsically wrong in the United States. Wrong to the core of its existence…

What we must consider further, is the demographics of those Americans actually going into our jails and prisons: more and more not criminals. Rather, they are merely persons who had some government induced conflict (some, merely came into contact with a government official) and from that “crime”—and resultant “process” (where most likely there was no lawful process), they found themselves in trouble or incarcerated.

Currently, we now live in a society where government itself has to feed off its own citizenry. We now live in a country where the national debt, is actually unaccountable. What I mean by that is, that nobody can account for it nor give a true figure as to the extent of the real damage, nor even what is truly occurring in the alchemy our national economy. The nexus of this madness is, that if Americans’ suddenly stopped doing crime, and merely stayed indoors; the result would be that government officials would have to, and would most assuredly enter our own homes (without a warrant) and drag us outside into their government systems. In other words, our own government now has become merely an animal, that must be fed regularly, regardless of any semblance of law or order.

And we wonder why American’s are now leaving this country to live elsewhere in numbers never seen before in American history???

I believe that it would be reasonable to view what is occurring in this nation along with what any person would normally describe as a war-torn country. Do we have dead as a result of this undeclared and undefined ‘mixed war?’ Most assuredly yes. I know of many people who were killed by government interference in their lives. Do we have missing? Again, yes indeed. There are hundreds of thousands of persons who, only due to government threat into their lives, have fled and gone underground. Do we have wounded? Yes! Many, many of our citizens are walking wounded, suffering severe PTSD, and not even knowing it. Indeed, unbeknownst to most citizens, the State of California even has a new department called: the Department of Underground Economy. What does this office do? It find’s persons whom they themselves have driven off the books, then, goes and threatens any company for which that citizen has or does work, to investigate and demand all ‘economic records’ and accounting’s of the person they are going after. The usual result is that the person who has gone underground, loses their job or contract (and thereby goes underground further) and the company for whom they worked, then gets audited, fined and most likely ruined…

Indeed, it goes further than this, as I intimated earlier, we now have thousands upon thousands of Americans silently leaving this country for foreign lands. So, we can describe this class of citizenry under wartime conditions as refugee status. Citizens who are fleeing their own country due to tyranny and oppression. What are the exact numbers of refugees leaving this country? Nobody knows, as no government office is keeping such statistics.

The United States government and all its employees are committing these acts and/or omissions under the hubris that they are somehow helping us. They don’t exactly define this help, nor do they intend to. Each government employee now, nakedly admits that he is there merely for the job. Currently, we have a nation that is approximately fifty-percent employed by government hunting the other fifty-percent attempting to stay out of their way. Upon any contumacious act against the citizen in this nation, the government agents continuing, eternal, unapologetic clarion has become: “I’m only doing my job,” just like they said in Nazi Germany in 1945, as they enter to destroy that person’s life, liberty and happiness.

Well, damn their job.

Where does this leave us?

It leaves us with the simple fact that we are now all on a countdown. While average citizens work at their sundry jobs, or watch their local games, or the local housewives shop—we all are waiting for the eventual collapse of this madness. For we know that the source-destination curves which describe this fallow road we have all been led down, cannot last. We are all holding our breath, waiting for the final thump.

For the economic system that now controls us, is not an American system which we designed, nor one we wanted. Our voting system, is again, one we neither wanted nor asked for. Our taxation system is nothing any free society would ever develop or implement against its own citizenry. Our political system is the one thing most Americans can readily agree: is not American. Our courts invoke and implement every corruption except the corruption of law…ad infinitum, ad nauseum… as citizen after American citizen…slowly leak out of this nation to foreign lands as a result of these alien systems implemented against us, by what can only be described as a domestic enemy within out own government.

It is time we recognize the palpable and egregious failures of this alien United States government and summarily get it out of the business of American government. It is time that we go back, to the American ascendancy, before we go into the oblivion of the New World Order.

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