Corruption Out In The Open

I actually remember the Sixties, but then I was still a kid in ’68 when the ‘Summer of Love’ was happening. Life for an 8-year old was pretty far removed from the anti-war/ hippy culture. We were aware of pop culture because Madison Avenue quickly capitalized on it. The dirty hippy look was cleaned up and thoroughly commercialized for the masses and suddenly everything became hippy chic.

In case you haven’t noticed they’re at it again. I need only point to the Obama-inspired Pepsi logo and the “hope and change” CBS sit-com promo spots that ran just prior to Inauguration Day. I didn’t vote for the guy, but that’s beside the point. The idol worship of ‘the one’ and subsequent commercialization is annoying, lame and as uncool as the celebrities and aging rockers all clamoring to be close to this deliberately unvetted Chicago politician.

When my generation came of age in the 70’s, the ideas from the 60’s had become institutionalized. I didn’t buy into the whole cache of catchy phrases except the one about ‘questioning authority’. That one I could identify with. As far back as I could remember, I loved the very idea of free speech and the fact that we as individuals could challenge our government.

My youthful embrace of the American Dream was rooted in the truth that anything was possible if you worked for it and that freedom was the most precious commodity that this nation had to offer. The political elites in Washington are shopping the polar opposite these days. Thanks to the dual re-education forces of media and Madison Avenue, dependence on big government and politically correct thinking are the latest fads sweeping the nation. What happened? When did freedom become so unpopular?

Somewhere along the way, the radicals of the Sixties became the very essence of all that they despised. Questioning authority is no longer tolerated by the intolerant Left; in fact dissent is just an Executive Order away from becoming an outlawed activity.

What the heck happened on the way home from Woodstock? These same anti-establishment hippies turned into ‘the man’ and now they’re hell bent on growing a government even more sinister, secretive and powerful than the one they sought to overthrow back in the 60’s. What does it feel like to realize that not only have you become ‘the man’ but you’re a far more twisted version of ‘the man’?

For me it’s always been about freedom. Not the Sixties version of freedom that from my vantage point, led to multiple messed-up lives, but to the type of freedom as is protected by the Constitution. Today everything I believe in is at risk because the enemies within are in control of the government; having been voted in by brainwashed Stepford voters who goose stepped over a cliff this past November. To maintain control as they pursue their singular purpose of power, Socialists keep these voters on a short leash and a steady diet of lies, fear, blame, victimhood and entitlements.

While my father and his brother were working themselves to the bone trying to build up an honest, profitable business amidst the rampant corruption of Democrat-controlled Chicago, Leftists were infiltrating every last nook and cranny of the free world like blood sucking leeches as they lived off grants financed with confiscated tax dollars. While good people worked hard to pay bills and raise their kids, the Leftists were plotting, propagandizing and feeding off government like undetected parasites.

Over the years, the old timey Leftist propaganda has deteriorated into sloppy, blatant lies. To be sure, the art of indoctrination requires skill, but they don’t even bother with that anymore. They’ve sold themselves on the idea of their own power. No talent is required to spew forth treacherous, hypocritical, pathological lies. The problem lies in the fact that Leftists must lie because they know truth will derail their quest for power.

It’s mind boggling to witness Socialists like Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer and Christopher Dodd as they perpetrate fraud on the American public. While placing the full weight of blame for the sub-prime meltdown on the Bush Administration, they completely deny any personal responsibility. Outrageous? Shifty? Well, yes but actually it’s just business as usual for Democrats who use the lap dog media to downplay Democrat lies, corruption and tax evasion.

Not to be found anywhere in all of the coverage, was the truth that the Bush administration tried to regulate this bubbling cauldron of sub-prime fraud 17 separate times…each attempt shot down by Pelosi, Reid and their gang of thugs. This is not government at work; this is corruption out in the open.

Having authored the economic mess and covered up their part in causing it, these same Leftists have been caught in another lie better known as the so-called Stimulus Package; a.k.a. ‘porkulus’ or ‘pork-a-palooza’. Unless you’ve got your hands over your ears as you scream “nah, nah, nah, nah”, you know that this legislation is just a bloated Socialist policy orgy engineered to permanently institutionalize the entitlement system and keep Democrats in power. This legislation freak show shows sinister preference for their ‘pet’ projects, funneling billions towards indicted ACORN; notorious for committing voter registration fraud on behalf of Democrats. Billions, no, Trillions are needed to prop up this piece of pork and Democrats won’t hesitate to build a monument unto themselves on the backs of our children.

More lies and fraud perpetrated on the American public, along with more cover up by the complicit and deceptive media; yet suddenly patriotism is back en vogue. There’s nothing like failure-prone Socialist policies, rampant Democrat corruption and unfettered abortion to bring out the patriot in close-minded Lefties across the land.

If there ever was a time to question authority, that time is now.

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