Corrupt Plantation State Kentucky can’t enfoce the law it would cost too much!

Corrupt Plantation Sanctuary State Ky. Government Rep Robin Webb D-Grayson presents the UNFUNDED MANDATE BIG LIE to condone continued violation of rule of law in Kentucky to protect and curry favor of wealthy Kentucky plantation owners. Legislature Judiciary committee hearing to defeat citizen demanded illegal alien legislation.

The big lie, it is an unfunded mandate to enforce the rule of law and eliminate the illegal alien budget drain. Illegal aliens are good for the economy.

Adolf Hitler the BIG LIE There is an old maxim that if one repeats a lie often and loud enough, it will eventually be perceived as the truth. Adolf Hitler defined that dictum in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, writing that a big lie must be so "colossal" that the public would be confident that no national leaders "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."

Now that everyone has had a good laugh at this lie from our good old Kentucky home of corrupt government officials you may like this response to what it costs. There are of course many others out there who can better express the concept and if you would like to please contact our Kentucky Elected officials and explain it to them. Kentucky has a great bunch of bipartisan honest elected officials who are working hard to bring rule of law to the state, end corruption and get our state on a sound financial footing by getting rid of the illegal alien invasion.

Unfortunately the Mafia Like stranglehold on state of a few uneducated Anti American officials has created a road block to our progress. They are throwbacks to My old Kentucky Home plantation system that curried favor with the large plantation slave owners. These folks don’t understand economics unless it involves some kind of payoff for services rendered to the new plantation owners and the new slave trade that is destroying my Kentucky home.

The most recent Committee meeting regarding this critical issue illegal alien invasion that 80% of the tax payers are demanding effective legislation be enacted to control had some surprising comments come from a few of the elected officials including the new Governor Steve Beshear. It seems the plantation mentality is still strong in the state.

Rep Robin Webb D-Grayson wanted to know what it would cost to enforce the rule of law in Kentucky. Can you imagine a sitting elected official whose sworn oath is to uphold the laws of the state and the constitution of the Commonwealth and the United States would suggest it might cost too much for the elected official to comply with their oath of office? This following rant is my brief response to Rep Webb, Rep Yonts and Governor Steve Beshear.

Rep. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, You want to know what the cost of the illegal alien invasion is? I can tell you real quick. It is the cost of a loss of faith in your corrupt treasonous government that is selling out their nation so their horse industry friends can make more money off the backs of the working taxpayers in the state. It is the costs of destroying our state so it can never achieve the greatness it has the potential for.

It is the cost of the loss of security in our neighborhoods because of gang violence. It is the cost of seeing the Mexican flag flown over the American Flag. It is the cost of hearing these foul mouthed bastards scream "fuck you Gringo" as they sit on their ass all day.

American taxpayers frequently have both parents working to support their families but in the Kentucky Plantation system, they always permit the breeders to stay at home. They don't have to work. They just need to produce more slave labor for the plantation owners. All the cost of the illegal labor is picked up by the taxpayers so the plantation owners are not out anything.

It is the cost to the taxpayers who are losing the value of their homes to the criminal invasion and then the cost to the local governments for the lack property taxes?

What does it cost for you to have these criminals get free housing and drop anchor babies until we can no longer afford to pay for them?

What cost is associated with over 50,000 American Citizen deaths at the hands of these criminals?

How much does it cost to have 29% of the black American teens unemployed because of these illegal aliens? How much does it cost citizens in lost jobs and unemployment? What is the cost of the devastation on our homes and our families?

We have poor American Citizen family members working two and three menial jobs to support their families and you permit these illegal alien invaders to come and lower their wages further or take what little income they have. You racist no good son of a bitch.

It is the cost of free prenatal care and the cost of fertility treatments for Mexican whores on our tax dollars at the University of Kentucky. It is the cost of watching them steal from our government with false identification to get benefits they are not eligible for. It is the costs to our health department where you can find Mexicans from all over the country coming to Kentucky to get benefits they can't get any place else in the country because there is a state sanctuary policy that says no one can ask the legal status of a recipient.

How dare you suggest it cost Kentucky too much to end this criminal enterprise promoted and aided and abetted by criminal elected officials and the special interest groups that propagate this travesty? How much does it cost Kentucky to be the laughing stock of the nation? How much does it cost for Kentucky to be last in every category except political corruption?

The small businesses of the state of Kentucky are the driving force behind the economy not the horse industry. How much does it cost to destroy those business with illegal alien businesses that pay little or no taxes and run like hell to the border any time they get into trouble? How much damage can you do to the future of our state and still sit on you pompous ass and suggest it would cost us too much to end this financial nightmare of drains on our economy, our health care, education, infrastructure, and our very lives?

How much does it cost for the gang murders, and the rapes, and the human trafficking and dope trade? How much is it going to cost tomorrow if you delay what should have been done yesterday?

You don't deserve to be an elected government official. You are either too ignorant to understand what is going on or you are too criminally involved in the problem to do anything about it.

The one thing you must understand is this Big Lie about "unfunded" mandates, and how much will it cost will not be a believable lie any more.

We the people are sick and tired of your lies. Do your job and get these criminals out of our state and out of our pocketbooks or get your a.. out of office so someone else can.

All state and local jurisdictions who have complied with the rule of law and passed similar legislation have realized immediate benefits. As the illegals self deport, the jails are not as burdened. The schools are not as stressed. The neighborhoods experience less crime. The savings to Kentucky predicted over a ten year period can be well over $2 billion dollars if HB 304 and the other legislation is passed.

We can not survive economically as a state if you keep raising our taxes to pay for the illegal alien benefits provided in violation of federal law.

We are losing our property and income tax bases as these criminal illegal employers keep cheating the system and lowering the income levels for all. You must stop the illegal alien budget drain, before it becomes a financial crisis that can't be resolved.

We can not let our state fall further behind the more progressive states that have elected officials who understand the economics behind criminal illegal alien invasion and its tremendous costs.

Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky is about to tax itself out of business when it could have easily quit paying benefits to illegals (without asking their beneficiary eligibility) to handle any revenue shortfalls.

You, Brent Yont and Governor Beshear insult the intelligence of all Kentuckians by suggesting it would cost too much to enforce the laws and eliminate a minimum of a $2 Billion dollar drain on our budget.

This is not an unfunded mandated it is an undeclared revenue savings that must be taken to assure the economic viability of our state.

You can not imagine the outrage I and other taxpayers feel when a politician suggests it costs too much to comply with the will of we the People and at the same time pick up at least $2 billion dollars from decreased fraud and corruption.

Please don't p…. on my leg and tell me its raining. I really don't like that.

January 23, 2008

Committee hears from supporters of immigration bill

By John Cheves

FRANKFORT — The sponsor of a tough immigration crackdown bill told state lawmakers on Wednesday that he doesn’t know how much his proposal would cost local and state agencies. But given the mood in Washington, he expects the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be a ready source of funds.

“If there is a place that has money in the budget anywhere coming from the federal government … it’s in that agency,” said Rep. Bob Damron, D-Nicholasville.

The House Judiciary Committee held the first of about a half-dozen planned hearings to discuss Damron’s House Bill 304. No vote is scheduled.

Under the bill, illegal immigrants with false personal documents could be prosecuted on felony identity theft charges; their employers could be stripped of business licenses; and local governments, jails and prosecutors would be required to enforce federal immigration law.

Committee members expressed concern for the cost of these new duties at a time of sweeping state budget cuts.

Jails, for example, many of which are overcrowded and losing money, would have to screen incoming inmates for citizenship or immigration status and hold illegal immigrants for federal authorities — who may not respond promptly, or at all, lawmakers said.

Damron said he assumed most expenses would be negligible, but he had no fiscal impact data.

Rep. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, said she worries that Hispanics in general might be targeted by police on suspicion of being illegal immigrants.

Damron said law-enforcement would review criminal suspects only at the jails.

“We’re not going down the street and checking the rooms of the apartment houses to say, ‘Are you an illegal alien? If so, we’re gonna come down with the S.W.A.T. team.’ That’s not what this bill does,” Damron said.

Later, two Central Kentucky residents told the committee that it must act soon to discourage more illegal immigrants from coming to the state in search of jobs.

Joan Rich, 62, said she moved to Woodford County from Lexington several years ago to escape the city’s influx of Hispanic immigrants, many of whom arrive illegally, carry diseases, drive drunk and drain the welfare system, she said.

The thoroughbred horse industry, in which Rich works, has pushed aside American laborers in favor of illegal immigrants who do a shabbier job for cheaper wages, she said.

“Believe me, it’s an invasion, folks,” Rich told the panel. “Here’s how it works: You come here, you get on every welfare and supplemental program you can, and then the money you make, you send back to your home country because the American taxpayers are paying for you to stay here.”

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