Coronavirus Shouldn’t Stop Trump From Draining The Swamp

Edwin A. Sumcad –

Ugly Blood-Sucking Creatures In The Swamp HAVE TO GO

They suck the life blood of the nation. That is what they are. That is what they do. They have to go. Sumcad

Lest we forget because of Coronavirus, the Deep State is still the sewer to clean up. The public demands that dirty cops still in control of our intelligence community should answer for their dereliction of duty and felony brazenly committed not only against the Trump presidency but against the United States government. To overthrow the President of United States in a bloodless coup is treason.

One of the existing laws to use — and there are plenty of them – against those engaged in criminal activities to overthrow a duly elected President and destroy the United States government is 18 U.S. Code § 2385 — Advocating overthrow of Government, and/or overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States.

Let us not kid ourselves. It is imperative that we the people must act through Trump, the nation’s elected President.

I support the following fearless advocacy spearheaded by the Internet Defense League. It is read and indorsed by millions OF Americans, for President Trump and his administration to go after those backsliders:
“Let us make no mistake about this what-so-ever. The actions of the Deep State, Barack Obama, James Comey, James R. Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, the Washington Post and the New York Times clearly and indisputably fall under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 sections
§ 2384 – Seditious conspiracy, and § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government.”

The people of the United States that those culprits injured, especially millions of Americans who elected Trump President, expect a righteous and immediate vindication of their damaged constitutional rights. They wanted judicial action, equal application of the law, and fair retributions for the ruins and suffering of the American people they harmed, some of them the likes of retired Gen. Michael Flynn and political consultant Roger Stone who were systematically destroyed and reduced to penury; such action to take will at least balance the scale of justice and fair play in the country.

Those criminals who destroyed them must be brought to justice — prosecuted and sentenced in the court of law to serve time in prison for their crimes.

In short, those creatures of the swamp must have to go . . . they have stayed too long in the public domain. Their departure back to hell where they came from is too long overdue.

In behalf of those injured and outraged victims of injustice, specifically for those whose heart is emotionally consumed by insuperable contempt for what they did to them, I say to President Trump, please drain the swamp and flush out those swimming and squirming creatures of the deep, to dry land and get rid of them. Never hesitate to continue draining the swamp you have begun using your gift of wisdom and courage that are rarely seen and possessed by other Presidents before you. You always have this assurance that we the people are behind you.

I would like also to remind President Trump that the COVID-19 pandemic is a foregone conclusion. The virus should no longer divert President Trump’s attention from that historic commitment and people-pledged mission to drain the swamp and make America great again! It is a difficult task, but nevertheless a task that should be accomplished and done with.

Simply said, President Trump should now focus on his next presidential task of ordering the investigation and sending to prison Deep State plotters involved in several coup attempts to unseat a duly elected President of United States. Their names, and their grave misconduct and criminal offenses committed, are so egregious and numerous that the volume clogged the public records of our slow-moving justice system. The time for debating and recording them is over – it is time to act!

I say this not just without hesitation but with total commitment and conviction considering that millions of Americans are now at the edge of their patience and tolerance because those bad guys are still seen in the public square 24/7 via national television and social media where they ply their evil wares to destroy the President and the United States government. Anything published by social media against Trump is fake news! Those reports are radically opinionated. Except Fox News, hardly does the Fake Media publish news in favor of Trump. Fact-check this, and you will be surprise what you will find out.

Imagine for a second: Those swamp uglies are helplessly restless creatures that could not sleep at night and therefore have neither the slightest respite nor even a little break or rest at all, which they actually needed to calm down and steady their nerves. They cannot live even in a fleeting moment of peace and quiet without attacking the President of United States.

It clearly shows that their freaking mind is working overtime; it is running faster than a runaway train about to derail, a mind that is actually going banana. They are traumatized and as an aftermath of their trauma, they are going bonkers, at least very much disturbed and agitated by the thought that we have a President they hated deep down the marrow of their bones who they believed cannot do anything right for the country and the American people; to them President Trump only does things that are questionable, and that is bad for their pain and suffering since they lost the 2016 presidential election and maybe lose again in November 2020.

Once the guilty verdict is handed down in a fairly conducted court trial against those villains, any of the following indicted malevolent creatures and their likes residing in the deep murky waters of the swamp should pay for their crimes in prison.

The following names frequently surfaced in news outlets and social media: FBI Director James Comey, and the very sick congenital liar Adam Schiff whose numerous crimes hide behind the name of the American people he invoked; ex-CIA Chief John Brennan who in a bubble accused Trump of treason for being too friendly with Vladimir Putin, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and key FBI investigators Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page involved in the Obamagate coup plot to overthrow the President of United States. They must be handcuffed on their way to the calaboose. It would be a game-changer to see those headline photoshoots of culprits in handcuffs; it would convince the American public that those scalawags had been done away with, and would no longer bother and scandalize Americans as they go on with their everyday life.

In this clean-up process, the rogue officialdom in the executive branch of government may get depleted of incumbent occupants being fired, starting from the Department of Justice and the State Department.

The top echelons of the Deep State in the Executive Branch of government occupied by foreign service officers who are Obama hold-overs turned saboteurs, gives me a very good reason to recommend to the President of United States not stop but instead continue to hire and fire as they come and go. He must fire anyone without hesitation and hire any replacement he can trust even if only to help him drain the swamp.

What this means is that President Trump should continue to look for committed members of the swelling Trump movement who pledged their loyalty not necessarily to Trump but to the cause of their core belief that with President Trump leading their people-based crusade for good government, this politically abused and economically battered country under bad and onerous previous administrations can be turned around and made great again!

To illustrate this point: It is public knowledge that our intelligence community and FBI bureaucracy, manned by those slimy creatures in the swamp I mentioned, is still filthy, squalid and corrupt it needs to be sterilized and purified by a strong cleansing hand that works in fair and bad weather, and a clear mind of a President that plans and operates its plan for the good of the American people in both linear and dimensional ways (akin to Peter Drucker’s dynamic organizational management leadership that government and business scholars studied in graduate school, which I have the privilege of participating years way back then in my younger days in the academe), management leadership that has to be performed and/or implemented with neither fear nor favor.

It is not accidental at all that I have to mention the name of Peter Drucker, American management consultant and founder of “modern management by objectives”. For, I have studied and discovered that President Trump’s studies at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania where the New York Times published not once but twice that he graduated on top of his class in 1968, approximates Trump’s experience in running the country as President with extraordinary results.

Later on following his graduation at Wharton School of Business, Trump had mastered the “Laffer Curve” created by Arthur Laffer where in the supplied-side Economics there is a theoretical working relationship or effective correlation between the “rates of taxation” and targeted levels of “government’s tax revenue” needed for economic development. This Laffer Curve economic principle was Trump’s brainchild in his recent “tax cut” fiscal policy program which benefited the country, including the creation of millions of jobs that boosted unprecedented economic growth rates achieved in such short period of time while Trump was barely in his only second year in office.

As a development economist, and aware of what President Trump was doing to the economy, I was surprise why the Media did not even notice this Trump miracle, or if they did, journalists and reporters just ignored or “buried” this news scoop in the graveyard of deliberate omission or ignorance, and instead focused on attacking Trump rather than thanking him for what he had done, of which thank and recognition millions of Americans think the President so richly deserved.

It is even much clearer to me to think that it is absolutely necessary for President Trump not to entertain any second thought when firing anyone from his team he could no longer rely on. He should fire them with dispatch, and with no reservation or regret whatsoever.

In President Trump’s effort to drain the swamp of pretending and malingering creatures as treacherous as King Cobra that would spit on him and bite him when he turns his back, what is badly and urgently needed is that unquestionable loyalty to his public pledge to accomplish his task and rewrite the history of the United States of America. Because of this, the American people were excited to elect him President. And they still are, come this November 2020.

The sad truth hardly discussed and paid attention to in social media is that there is a lot of those people around the President who are not really on board with him. When needed and there is a risk involved, they just run away and leave him. Either they are just there wanting to be counted as part of the Trump entourage while enjoying the President’s trust and confidence for perks or cumshaws, even with a clandestine purpose of destroying his presidency from inside, or if not, they are just nothing but plain cowards for leaving him when needed. They look for the backdoor exit and leave every time a pack of wolves show up in the camping ground and attack the camp.

A classic example of historic proportion that cannot be forgotten in many years to come, is the case of then Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions. He betrayed Trump and left him after he appointed him U.S. Attorney-General.

In March 2017, instead of defending Trump, Sessions recused himself from participating in any investigation of charges of Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 election against President Trump.

Sessions’ excuse for distancing himself from Trump was, he wanted to uphold the principle of impartiality as Attorney-General.

His immature and irresponsible argument was that if as Attorney-General he will conduct the investigation knowing that Trump appointed him to that office aside from the fact that he has been previously identified with the Trump campaign, and was acting as President Trump’s legal adviser, he could not be impartial in the conduct of the investigation. In that sense in Sessions’ puerile mind, in order to save the President from adverse criticism, he has to recuse himself. Sessions was trying to make us believe that his recusal was to protect President Trump, rather than destroy Trump by throwing him under the bus.

I have written and published scores of editorials on this specific matter suggesting to Sessions to tell his kangaroo excuses for recusal to the Marines. It might even be possible that the Senator from Alabama was unaware that he had fooled no one.

The truth of the matter is, Sessions was caught in the horns of his own dilemma. At that critical time, as head of the DOJ, Sessions was aware that some dirty cops in the FBI and in the intelligence community whose ranks were higher than that of the “rank and file”, i.e., FBI Director James Comey and their accomplices in the downstream and upstream command, were hatching and executing a bloodless coup against the President of the United States. Sessions’ choices of action were narrow and limited to either one of the three available options:

Option I: Decides to stay with Trump and with him face and fight the conspirators.
Option II: Join the conspirators either by resigning or staying as Attorney-General and act as the oppositions’ Mata Hari of betrayal against Trump while in office until Trump is booted out of the Oval Office by treachery.

Option III: Stay as President Trump’s Attorney-General but recuse from any investigation proceedings.

Consequently, Sessions cannot choose Option I. It requires a strong heart and indomitable courage. He does not have any of those.

Sessions cannot choose Option II. Mata Hari is a Canadian prostitute who spied for the German enemy. Sessions is not a confirmed prostitute known to have compromised his principles, but to Trump’s enemies they might have thought of him as a good and able prospect to take the role of the infamous Mata Hari to spy for them while staying close to Trump.

As the Attorney-General Trump had relied on, Sessions can only choose Option III, the easiest way out – recused himself!

But that did not work for him either when President Trump felt betrayed with his recusal, and wanted him out. He deceived Trump. He did not disclose to Trump that he would recuse himself after he is appointed Attorney-General. Trump would have appointed another AG he trusted.

Sessions submitted a letter of resignation to John Kelly, then the President’s Chief of Staff, and Trump officially fired him in November 2018.

Without unnecessarily crucifying himself in the crucibles of those three options which Sessions imposed upon himself, the decision to defend President Trump was a no brainer.

It was damn right easy. The easiest and the right decision for Sessions to make at that time was at his fingertips. As Attorney-General and head of DOJ, all Sessions had to do was issue a declaration of his own findings based on the documents submitted that the charges of the coup plotters against Trump for the 2016 election interference and Russian collusion were not supported with any credible evidence to warrant any further investigation.

And everything – the more than 2 years (674 days) costing $32.0-$35.0 million investigation and turmoil in the most expensive “witch hunt” in history that followed after Sessions made not only a shocking decision to recuse but an ignominious booboo decision so destructive to the country – would have ended right then and there.

And why not: From the very beginning, Sessions knew that the case against Trump was a hoax. It has no legs to stand on. Had he stayed with Trump – it was his duty as Attorney-General to do so — and declared then and there that what was in front of him was nothing more than a sting operation against the President of the United States, then the nation would have been saved from trauma Americans had painfully experienced. As it turned out, such wise decision to stay with Trump is at present, historically vindicated. Trump came out innocent when he emerged clean, healthy, and well after they threw him into the burning fires of hell. Had Sessions not abandoned Trump, I would have declared him as the best Attorney-General ever appointed to that office in U.S. history, a genius of the highest caliber because in the future he could see through the shady and thin line drawn between right and wrong.

But the moment Sessions learned that there was a plan to unseat the President in a clandestine and diabolic way, he either turned chicken or in fact he was an original participant to the coup. If from the very beginning Sessions was a member of the coup attempt, to recuse would make him a passive participant and an invisible accomplice. That was because he pretty well knew that when he recused, DOJ’s second-in-command Deputy Attorney-General Rod J. Rosenstein would appoint a Special Counsel as he and former FBI Director James Comey had planned. That Special Counsel was Robert Mueller.

Mueller assembled at least 18 prosecutors with the “most high-profile and complex investigations (experience) in the last 20 years,” Mueller said with the public’s most scornful pity on him as a natural born liar.

Why — because none of those prosecutors was a Republican. All of them were Democrats, identified one way or another, with the Democratic campaign – proof that everything was a hoax to get Trump right there from the very beginning.

In sum, what is indisputable is that when the wolves came to town, Sessions ran away. He left Trump to the wolves.

Today Sessions is floating in the air trying to cultivate a new working relation with President Trump. He wanted to get back his seat in the Senate by running as a Republican candidate this November. It was obvious that he wanted Trump to endorse him but Trump ignored him. Instead, Trump tweeted that he was supporting Sessions’ rival Tommy Tuberville, a Republican. He was tweeting to Alabama voters to reject Sessions’ bid to return to the Senate.

This move on the part of President Trump is understandable and well-grounded. If elected, Sessions will become another RINO (Republican in name only) in the Senate. Trump could not afford to have another RINO in the Senate. The likes of Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Mitt Romney and their Republican copycats in the Senate who were crazy about their personal media exposure and publicity, are more than enough and too much too many for Trump to handle.

Remember the RINOs led by former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan? The Trump-base rejected them in the 2018 election. The Democrats did not really win back the House in 2018. The strong MAGA movement across the country was so desperate to get rid of the RINOS in Congress even if that would mean losing the House leadership to the Democrats.

So in 2018, the Liberals got it wrong. They thought the American people wanted them to control the House. They got control of the House only because the powerful MAGA Movement wanted to get rid of the anti-Trump RINOs in Congress.

If elected back to the Senate, Sessions will beat Romney in a Trump-bashing contest. That is because Sessions has a bigger ax to grind than Romney’s smaller but sharp back-stabbing stiletto.

In Bob Woodward’s book “Fear: Trump in the White House”, Trump reportedly called Sessions “mentally retarded” and a “dumb southerner”. Trump denied calling Sessions names using these terms, but judging from what Sessions did, Trump need not deny this truth about the Senator from Alabama. To many Americans, the Senator was in fact really dim-witted, and as “dumb” as a donkey, beast of burden in the African safari.

Will President Trump fire Attorney-General William Barr the same way he fired Sessions? I put my ears close to the ground and listened. The question was what I gathered through the grapevine.

The answer to the question is, it depends. The relationship between the AG and the President of United States rises to that level beyond the law requires. By law AG is the President’s Legal Adviser. Beyond that requirement of law, AG is the defender of the President when his action and decision are questioned, challenged, and attacked in the legal battleground.

President Trump’s actions and decisions were questioned, legally challenged, and attacked by bloodless coup plotters. If Barr will not defend the President from those attacks, or if he cannot defend the President, he should resign and not wait for Trump to fire him.

It is not AG’s duty to disagree with the President’s thinking and public pronouncements regarding executive policy matters that involve legal issues, and embarrass him in public to cultivate an image of being the most impartial Attorney-General in town, or to develop a self-posturing of independence of the Office of the Attorney-General, at the expense of the President.

There is no such thing as “an AG independent of the President of United States”. The AG is at the beck and call of the President of United States on legal matters involving his presidency and the interest of the country he governs – the United States of America – when legally attacked. The accusation that Barr in his role as AG is a White House lapdog because he is legally defending the President of United States is totally hogwash.

It is an accusation that could only come from a bunch of mean-spirited ignoramuses.

Besides, DOJ that the AG runs, manages, controls, and supervises is not a part of the Judiciary Branch of government. It is under the Executive Branch of government under the control and supervision of the Chief Executive who happens to be President Trump. If Barr disagrees with President Trump, it is incumbent upon him as Trump’s appointed AG to resign so that the President can appoint a replacement – a person he appoints who he thinks is within the circle of his highest confidence and trust.

Lately, Barr made headlines of his disagreement with Trump. Under Trump’s Obamagate policy, President Trump made public his thinking and policy pronouncement that former President Obama and VP Joe Biden had “committed crimes as part of an attempt to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.” There is plenty of evidence that had been gathered so far, to warrant the investigation of these crimes. This anomaly must be investigated as a matter of public policy to get rid of political saboteurs who, as if with impunity, feel forthright and invincible in their madness of destroying the country.

Barr said, “I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man.” (Obama or Biden.)

Think about it: John Durham is currently conducting an independent inquiry on the origin of the Russian hoax investigation for possible prosecution of the bad guys who committed a crime. This Barr statement made public was dramatically opposed to Trump’s public pronouncement that he wanted those involved in the Obamagate scandal investigated.

At its worst Barr did not want Durham to conduct an independent inquiry into the Obama-Biden involvement in the commission of their crimes. He did not wait for the results of Durham’s independent investigation to come out first. Right there Barr killed the Durham investigation. That is what in fact the Barr statement was saying to the American public.

In the nation’s campaign for good government under the name of President Trump who is leading this noble crusade, Barr, or anyone in Trump’s team, is expendable.

Be that as it may, the President should continue his unique policy to fire and hire, and hire and fire. On it depends Trump’s legacy for posterity because of his public covenant to drain the swamp, and with it his promise to the American people to make America great again.

President Trump has to honor this public covenant. He must keep at heart his promise at all times, and every time, make it work anytime he acts as the most admired President of United States in this historic Trump era. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS May 29, 2020.

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