The Coretta Scott Letter On Immigration NO Dem Wants To Read In Congress

by Rachel Stoltzfoos –

Excerpt >>
The Democrats using a letter written by Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife to smear then-Sen. Jeff Sessions aren’t mentioning another important letter she signed warning of the threat liberal immigration laws pose to black workers.

The second letter from Coretta Scott King urged Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch not to repeal sanctions on employers of illegal immigrants, because of the “devastating impact” it could have on unskilled and semi-skilled workers, particularly in the black and Hispanic communities. She signed the letter in 1991, along with eight CEOs of leading African-American organizations and coalitions, lobbying on behalf of the minority voters they then represented all over the country. …

… “We are concerned, Senator Hatch, that your proposed remedy … will cause another problem — the revival of the pre-1986 discrimination against black and brown U.S. and documented workers, in favor of cheap labor — the undocumented workers,” they wrote. “This would undoubtedly exacerbate an already severe economic crisis in communities where there are large numbers of new immigrants.”

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