A Conversation of Import: Be There Or Be Unaware!

by Host: Drew Foster –
Guest:  Dr. Stephen Baskerville –

Join the conversation with Dr. Stephen Baskerville as we discuss his latest book, The New Politics of Sex – The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, & the Growth of Government Power.

Drew Foster will guest host “Wealth Money Radio Show” on Saturday morning, 10:00 – 11:30 central time.  You can listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wealthmoneyradioshow, or listen and ask questions by phone at 347-884-9449.

Dr. Baskerville is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College.  He is the author of Taken Into Custody: The War against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family (Turner, 2007), and of more than 100 articles on the politics of family law and family policy.  Read more about him at https://www.stephenbaskerville.com/.

We will discuss the well-established and easily documented assault against the family, and especially against fathers, facilitated by the federal government.  In his book, Dr. Baskerville quotes the historical feminist, and more recent homosexualist, leadership in their express purpose to take fathers out of the home.  So-called laws, entirely lacking in constitutional foundation, are routinely used to marginalize fathers’ influence on the family.

Dr. Baskerville answers the question as to why we’re losing the battle for God’s plan for the family.  We have failed to understand why marriage exists – it is to ensure that there is a dad in the home.  Just look at what has been glamourized by high-profile celebrities who are deliberately getting pregnant, then raising their child(ren) as single parents.  A man, a father, is nothing more than a biological necessity in the process who is then tossed aside after his task has been completed.  Among the poor in the inner city, the attitude is a bit different, but the outcome is the same – kids without dads…and men used as a means to gain more welfare money.  With current no-fault divorce laws, middle class women are also taking advantage of this convenience, which is actively encouraged by the government at every level, to use men as a means to a variety of welfare benefits.

This is not a social malady that is occurring in someone else’s community.  It is deeply entrenched in yours.  It is in your courts, your schools, and even your churches.

Join the conversation on Saturday, or listen to the recording at your convenience, online, at a later date.  And I encourage you to read The New Politics of Sex, available through Amazon.com.

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