Conspiracy Theories Against Trump: The Swamp Is Fighting Back

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

How the Left plans to rig the Presidential Debate and steal the November Election

Conspiracies against Trump are all over the place. These are like swarm of dirty flies on top of the dining table that makes your stomach turn. Gone is your appetite for the day.

These are pugnacious conspiracies of their kind, similar to a pestilence of insects described in Psalm 78:45 of the Bible . . . swarms of flies that the Dark Forces sent across the Web to devour President Trump.

By the way, most of these conspiracies came from the swamp, known to us as a dirty bog Trump is trying to dry and clean up for the country to survive. These shapeless blobs – worse than the invisible Coronavirus — are fighting back tooth and nail to defeat Trump and swallow him alive.

Let us start with the conspiracy of the radical Left to beat President Trump in this November election – not necessarily to make Joe Biden President of United States because they will discard him when, God forbids, they win the election. This conspiracy intensifies as the 2-month countdown to election day had long begun.

The public is confused, suspicious, alarmed, stupefied, and dumbstruck in total disbelief when the mind of ordinary Americans is taken for granted and to a certain extent totally abused. They are trying to convince us that Trump should be booted out of office so that they can take over and change our way of life to that of their own.

For instance, the denial of the radical left, especially by Liberal and Democrat governors, mayors, local authorities, and the rogue Media that the riot, killing and burning of their towns and cities are unbelievably, not real – repeat, not real! The marked violence in the street is nothing more than just the exercise of the First Amendment rights, a “peaceful protest!”

Think about it: To them the horror we see every day while the nation mourns as families of the victims of street violence bury their dead, does not exist, believe it or not. To hear them say that those deadly protests are “peaceful”, is terrifying because of how frightening the twisted mind had become — never mind the intended insult of the intelligence of the American people which in comparison is just peanuts. If there is a problem, blame President Trump. He is the President. He created this bedlam. It is his fault! Which in the final analysis to me this delusion — this denial of reality — is shockingly mind-blowing!

In case the Democrats decide that Joe Biden should debate President Trump shortly before the election, they have to rig the presidential debate too to protect Biden from being eaten alive by President Trump, my way of saying how Trump would beat Biden hands down.

Anybody can say without hesitation that this one-sided contest favors Trump because Joe Biden is so weak and incapacitated. He is psychologically imperiled on account of his advance age, and mentally handicapped because of his memory loss and cognitive impairment that for the former Vice President to face President Trump in a public debate scared the hell out of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Because the meeting of the two candidates on stage is a sure win for the President, Pelosi wants to prevent rather than allow Joe Biden to face Trump on a one-on-one debate by declaring gutter excuses not to debate with Trump, hoping that those who listen to her when they tune in their television set will believe whatever she says. To her the listening American public is nothing more than just a bunch of katzenjammer kids.

You are probably aware by now that working feverishly behind the Joe Biden campaign are Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. The strategy is to beat Trump and hope that either of them could become President. Details of this shady strategic roadmap to power they follow were extensively discussed in my NWS report published recently.

Joe Biden cannot win — or should not win — this presidential election. For him to win the election is to lose The America we know; and thus forfeit our American way of life.

That forfeiture of our American way of life if Joe Biden is elected President is certain as the Sun rises in the East without fail. Our America will become a Socialist-Marxist   country. The American Dream dies.

But honestly, I do not think that the American people are really that crazy to elect Joe Biden President of United States when they knew that his cognitive decline and memory loss is “beyond a mild stage” according to neurologist Dr. Alan Mazurek of Icahn School of Medicine.

Similar medical reports of doctors that practice in this area of specialized medicine who monitor Biden in his campaign for the presidency can be fact-checked in the Web to obtain the highest degree of assurance that those medical reports about Biden’s advance senility, sliding cognitive ability and general mental health going downhill too fast too soon could no longer be doubted or questioned.

My real concern is that this questionable state of mind and unreliable presidential acuity needed to run a country are top requirements to anyone who wants to become President of the most powerful nation on earth which unfortunately Joe Biden no longer have. Lacking this fundamental attribute of a candidate who when elected President would become the world’s most powerful man in the world would automatically disqualify Joe Biden on grounds of presidential incapacity when challenged under the 25th Amendment.

In my findings, study and conclusion about the critical importance of this November election and its life-changing outcome, I found out that there are only three possible categories of Americans who would vote for Biden: (1) fools not in their right mind or who do not know what they are voting for, and Americans generally are not of that kind; (2) die-hard Liberals who hated the President deep down the marrow of their bones that they would amputate their arms and bargain them away if by doing that would ensure the defeat of President Trump, and (3), the radical Left who want to destroy the country and out of it create their own. To achieve this goal, they have to vote for Joe Biden even if Biden is unelectable.

Unless we forget, let me remind you that these are Dark Forces that would vote for any presidential candidate against Trump, even a candidate like the failing, aging and ailing Joe Biden that is no good to all of us Americans because when elected President he is incapable of running this country, and the worst part of it is that he is dangerously not fit to become the nation’s Commander-In-Chief.

Because of his failing mind and intermittent memory loss, he could set off World War III when confuse, press the wrong button that would trigger a nuclear Armageddon. To take this dangerous possibility literally or as a figure of speech, is your choice.

In case you are curious to know who are those in the dark side who would vote for Joe Biden to destroy the United States of America, well, you have already seen them, or in fact might have even already confronted them in the street. These are the radical Left and their thugs rioting across America, destroying properties, burning down buildings, car-bombing and torching motor vehicles, rampant looting, shooting, and killing innocent people, including children.

The angry Black Lives Matter shouting their lungs out down the street to defund the police, violent thugs and ANTIFA operatives infiltrating peaceful protests to create chaos, instigating and inciting those gathering street marchers to break into a violent riot and create destructions, i.e., burning buildings and properties, looting, beating, maiming, and shooting police and innocent people, will also vote not really for Joe Biden but against Trump, this President who is trying to interfere, breakdown, and stop their secretly funded underground destroy-America agenda and other criminal activities.

With the encouragement and protection of left-leaning Democratic governors, mayors and local authorities who are defunding the police, anarchists have declared war against law enforcement authorities, and in fact had started beating, shooting, and in a revolutionary fashion fighting and killing police in the streets across the country.

Let me say this: When in self-defense cops shoot them dead before they could kill the police in a scuffle while resisting arrest, that is the time when their protest against police brutality gets louder and angrier. . . murderers, racists, defund the police, etc. Hell breaks loose!

By attacking agents of the law, thugs declared war against the government by resorting to violence and to all kinds of provocative hostilities, specifically by taking deliberate action against police authorities. In this war both sides suffer casualties, but since the police and Federal agents are better trained in defensive combat to protect citizens, street thugs suffer more casualties.

Clearly their fault, not the fault of the side of the law.

Furthermore, those violent denizens of the street that the police arrested and some of them unfortunately killed in hand-to-hand skirmishes, were not only resisting arrest but were taken into custody precisely because they broke the law.

In fact most of them are criminals, or suspects with criminal record, mostly fugitives that just surfaced in the rally. Check this out, starting from George Floyd police   kneed to death in Minneapolis, and lately Jacob Blake shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin who is still alive to this day, and the names of the rest of criminals that filled up nearby precinct police blotters, and now out in the street free to commit mayhem in the name of this ridiculous march for justice and freedom.

I do not want the American public to forget this twisted perception and destructive anomaly in the streets because both are so wrong to ignore or take granted. I want the American public to get this straight: Floyd and Blake are fugitives. Both black police street casualties have criminal records, Floyd for passing a counterfeit bill, and Blake with a warrant of arrest for sexual assaults.

Police authorities were arresting them when they were killed or shot for resisting arrest. Floyd was pinned down by a knee in the middle of the street where he grappled with police resisting arrest, and Blake shot several times when he ignored police warning to stop opening the door of his car to get a weapon, possibly a gun or knife he could use to harm or kill the police while resisting arrest. Police do not need to know what Blake wanted to get from his car when Blake ignored police call to stop when the suspect was shot. It was a split second for the policeman involved to act to stop a criminal who resisted arrest; and threatened his life. To say otherwise is not policing, just BS.

By the way look at this unbelievable criminal distortion unfolding before our eyes: Jacob Blake police shot for resisting arrest who sexually assaulted women, is to Kamala Harris who is running for Vice President of United States, a “hero”. In her Milwaukee campaign speech, Harris said to Blake, “I’m proud of you . . .”

Actually, Kamala Harris was inciting or instigating a criminal to commit a crime.  It violates the provisions of 18 U.S. Code § 2102.

Maybe former California Attorney-General Kamala Harris does not know, which means that Rudy Giuliani, President Ronald Reagan’s former Associate Attorney General, was right when he described Kamala Harris as a “terrible prosecutor”.

My take: If as a dangerous hoodlum, Blake is ugly in the eyes of the American public, how much uglier is this candidate for Vice President of United States looks like when she wants you to join her in her campaign declaring this felon as one of the nation’s black heroes? Isn’t this unbelievably insulting to the American public’s intelligence? But that’s the fake Kamala Harris I wrote about in Part I of this series expose’.

Unfortunately, the Floyd killing, which to the Left was a spectacular event they chanted in the street as I can’t breathe slogan to attack and defund the police, had awakened the sleeping racial curse of black slavery in this country and put in action by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, which in turn unleased the fury of the radical Left, pushing our civil society to the edge of collapse. The Floyd spectacle actually released the ideological beast that roars its angry voice to destroy America. Forget this violent quest for criminal justice. Wake up. Know that it has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter.

Between thugs and police confronting each other, the American people should know better to which side they should throw their sympathy and support and just not stand there looking wide-eyed doing nothing.

When the police arrest those criminals and when they fight back are killed, without a word deep in the heart of the American public they are actually saying “Thank you . . .” instead of joining the march of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA against the police. Those silent Americans stay away from trouble and in their heart praise the police who pulled the trigger, hoping that the streets are rid of criminal parasites that for so long had fed on the blood of the country so to speak.

In silence, those who are supporting cops risking their life to arrest criminals – looters or psychopathic leeches and social freeloaders that rob, destroy and kill, and at the same time ended up being killed by police for fighting back or resisting arrest — could not voice out their support for what cops are doing for fear of being “cancelled”. Being “cancelled” means that when they open their mouth, they take the risk of getting hurt or harassed even when they are just going to restaurant to dine as those mean masked troublemakers who roam the streets are all over the place ready to confront and do them harm.

What is the size of this crowd called the “silent majority” that are rooting for Trump? In spite of the Coronavirus, this gathering Trump supporters are so huge that it is really hard for us to believe. We saw this gigantic crowd in Winston-Salem, NC when President Trump landed in the airport. You know how big and wide is that landing field . . . and it was overflowing with people waiting and cheering to see, meet and welcome President Trump. Comparing Joe Biden campaigning in his home underground bunker with only himself and the television crew present, I wonder if Trump, his base, and those waves after waves of supporters following him wherever he goes would not crush Joe Biden on election day with a resounding landslide win.

There is this feeling of relief to know that those dark forces on the loose are aware that the entire American population are not with them in this violent anarchy and civil disturbances they are creating to defeat Trump, and in fact are generally against violence, and they are supporting the President. The only way – and the only way – that they could defeat Trump is to cheat in the coming November election.

To defeat Trump in the November election, what they would do that would immediately catch national attention is rig the coming presidential debate first against Trump, and subsequently steal the election through “ballot harvesting” and their “mail-out-mail-in ballot” kind of electioneering, to enable them to commit electoral fraud for Biden to win. All these electoral operations plotted by the Left to steal the election are discussed daily in social media to the point that it is almost impossible for any American who is watching not to know them.

In this fraudulent “ballot harvesting”, election workers distribute ballots to thousands of possible voters, instruct them to fill them up, and they would come back and gather them. That is the last time you will see and know what happened to those ballots. Joe Biden cannot win unless they resort to these kinds of dirty tricks.

But before we proceed any farther, let us first be honest to ourselves, and establish the incontrovertible truth that Joe Biden cannot govern when in a miracle he is elected President of United States, due to his old age and senility that are signs of a deteriorating state of mind. He is too dangerous for America. He does not know in which State he is delivering a speech or does not even recognize his wife standing beside him on stage. He introduced Jill Biden, his wife as his sister Valerie (Owens).

To be specific about those noticeable failing mental health, on March 04, 2020 while on stage, Joe Biden was trying to introduce his wife Jill Biden. He grabbed Jill’s hand and introduced her: “This is my little sister Valerie and I’m Jill’s husband.” You cannot miss these bungling words of Joe Biden if you want to verify and fact-check them for real – for real because it is truly unbelievable.

Biden was not only confused but his mind was so screwed up that he introduced his sister as his wife and he Joe Biden is her sister’s husband.

Moments when he recovered and realized he committed a historic gaffe before millions of viewing Americans who will remember this fluff and bungle forever, Joe Biden awkwardly tried to be funny by recognizing his mistake and admitting the embarrassing mix up, saying this: “Oh no, they switched on me. This is my wife, this is my sister, they switched on me,” then attempted to laugh. He was waiting for the audience to join him in laughter.

But nobody in the audience laughed with the fumbling and stuttering Joe Biden.

There was a dead silence in the crowd, virtual and real, as viewers gasped and looked at each other in total disbelief of what Joe Biden was doing in front of national television. Some of them shook their heads either out of disgust or pity that there standing before them was Joe Biden, an aging politician who in his whole public life that span half a century had been wanting to become President but the American people continued to reject him as a candidate unfit to become President of United States. The American people considered him as a do-nothing politician when out of more than 47 years as a public servant had done nothing for the country. This is not for me to say on my own. It is what his record says.

All those negative reports about Joe Biden’s public life are neither contrived nor accidental, especially about those gaffs that have been repeated over and over again.

When he was delivering another bungled speech on gun violence, Biden also said that since 2007 “150 million people” — almost half of the U.S. population — have been killed due to gun violence. He also said he was “arrested” in South Africa when he was visiting Nelson Mandela. When fact-checked, it turned out that nothing of these events ever took place. It was just a hallucinating mind suffering a dementia.

Conspiracy to rig the Presidential Debate

What is equally important for the public to know is how the Left is going to rig the presidential debate to protect Joe Biden from being ripped off by President Trump when they confront each other on stage. Aligned with the DNC against Trump described as “the outsider”, the Liberal Commission on Presidential Debates is rigging the debate in favor of Biden.

First, in the preparation of this debate which will start September 29, 2020, CPD rejected President Trump’s suggestions and all the GOP’s recommendations to have a fair and honest debate. To back this up, I quote this social media report about what CPD is doing read by millions: “GOP’s recommendations in the Selection of Debate Moderators were ignored and denied”.

For this rejection and denial of recommendations for a fair and honest debate, CPD’s alibi is always insidious and cleverly prepared.

In my study, there is no showing that CPD is listening to any suggestion or recommendation submitted by Trump or the GOP.

Instead, this is what CPD authorities declared on record: “We will adhere to our longstanding procedure of selecting the debate moderators . . . and will do so with great care, as always, to ensure that the selected moderators are qualified and fair.” Sounds good, but deceptive, and misleading.

Clearly, it tells us in unmistakable terms that there is no such thing as random selection of moderators to create impartiality in moderating a debate. CPD authorities only want moderators they choose seeing to it that they “lean” in favor of Liberals or Democrats.

Obviously if you notice, the alibi is a cleverly written false narrative the Media mob is spinning to cover-up a rigged debate against Trump.

For this coming debate, CPD’s selection of moderators is never about who are those “qualified” or “fair”. Let us listen to what the Media on record say: “Every four years CPD is always criticized for its ‘liberal leanings’ in the choice of moderators. About 90% of journalists from whom CPD chooses debate moderators are Democrats, or if not Democrats CPD chooses a moderator only with proven “liberal leanings”. It surprised me because this anomalous oddity is not ordinary . . . it is for the book.

This rigging of the presidential debate against Trump is accomplished when CPD chose Chris Wallace of Fox News as the 1st debate moderator. Wallace fits perfectly to the organization’s drawn up objective to rig the presidential debate against Trump.

First, Wallace is a Conservative shill who hates Trump the way how somebody’s husband hates his mother-in-law. CPD would choose Wallace anytime as the First Moderator without any hesitation. This Fox News shill would model to the other chosen moderators – Steve Scully, 2nd debate, Kristen Welker, 3rd and final debate, and Susan Page for the vice-presidential debate – how the debate should be moderated to defeat Trump and Pence.

Second, as a Conservative shill, Wallace is a good cover for CPD executives to deflect the accusation that they are biased against Trump and Pence who are running under the Republican and Conservative campaign.

Third, as the “Moderator”, Wallace will be there not to moderate but to debate Trump. Take note of that.

In the debate, Trump has two opponents – Wallace and Biden. Trump should not worry about Joe Biden. He is an “expendable” opponent Trump can dismiss anytime. But Wallace hated Trump so much that being an experienced media interviewer, Trump is facing Wallace in his own turf, as well as the hostile fake Media that is routing for this Fox New decoy to embarrass Trump. If Wallace instead of moderating is debating Trump, that positions Wallace in a great advantage to embarrass Trump. In the debate Wallace can asks Trump questions he prepared, and then argue with him in favor of Biden. I will show you how mean Wallace was against Trump when he interviewed the President on July 19, 2020.

Wallace: “Mr. President . . . In the national horse race, Joe Biden leads you by 8 points, 49 percent to 41. That’s 3, 4 points slimmer than it was a month ago. And on the issues, people trust Biden more to handle the coronavirus by 17 points, on race relations by 21 points, and even on the economy they trust Biden more by 1 point. I understand you still have more than a hundred days to this election, but at this point you’re losing.”

With this long-winded question, Wallace was actually talking to the audience telling millions of listeners that Trump is losing. So there is no more need for them to vote for Trump. In advertising, it is called “subliminal” that surreptitiously targets the subconscious for control and obeisance. In the Internet scientists of the mind described “subliminal” as a form of “a stimulus or mental process, below the threshold of sensation or consciousness . . . affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.”

If Wallace is a fair-minded instead of a biased bullheaded journalist – correction, Wallace as a Fox News shill stalking Trump – he should not ask Trump this loaded question knowing that the Polls on which Wallace premised his question, were widely known as fake.

Fake Polls are published all over the news networks using spurious samples to project Biden as a presidential candidate leading Trump by such a large margin. To say the least, to a reasonable individual, Wallace’s dishonesty is not only despicable but utterly wicked.

In the debate, the public should watch out for the questions Wallace will ask Trump, to make it appear that it is Trump not Biden who is suffering a cognitive decline.

Expect Wallace to shoot questions to Trump like this: “Mr. Trump, you and I, have both passed our cognitive tests when we were asked to identify an elephant in the picture. You lied when you said that the test was difficult to pass. You passed it, and I passed it too and it was not difficult. I will ask you similar questions, and explain your answers the best you can: In WWII, what flag was planted in the beachhead of Normandy during the Allies’ landing invasion on June 6, 1944?

Describe how this flag looks like, its size, and who carried it to the beach when the Allies were landing in Normandy. The public wants to know your cognitive value together with that of your opponent Joe Biden.”

The answers to these question are as follows: It was the American flag that measures 32.5” x 43”, with 48 embroidered stars.  It has 13 machine stripes with “gold fringe” bearing some hand-repair in it. The name of the sergeant engineer who carried the flag and planted it in the beachhead of Normandy was, First Sergeant John E. Horvath.

I expect Trump to protest these questions, but Wallace will force him to answer whether he likes it or not.

It is impossible for Trump to give the correct answers, but Biden, to the surprise of the audience will answer these questions correctly with a minimal fumbling, as opposed to Trump’s inability to provide the answers to the questions. Days before the debate, Wallace will pass the questions and the answers to former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazil who will then give them to Joe Biden. All Joe has to do is memorize and practice them days before the debate. Brazile did this before to Hillary Clinton during the Clinton-Trump debate, and they will do it again out of desperation. Only Wallace can do this capper to blindside the public with such an inevitable finis.

Meanwhile, the Media mobsters are on a standby alert ready to spin the result of the debate, which purports to establish the truth that it was Trump who is suffering a loss of memory and cognitive disability, and would recommend the removal of President Trump from office under the 25th Amendment. They would dope the public by saying that Americans should vote for Joe Biden, and save them the trouble of removing the inutile aging Trump from office.

In a recent media interview, Attorney-General William Barr did not give CNN’s Wolf Bitzer a chance to prove that the massive use of mail-out-mail-in ballots is susceptible to committing serious electoral frauds. Bitzer argued (remember that this “journalist” was supposed to “interview” Barr, not debate with him for and in behalf of the Left) that there is no evidence to prove that fraud has been committed by those in-charge of this massive mailing of ballots to voters who are probably already dead, had moved out or in fact exist by name only with a contrived fraudulent address.

Barr was actually lecturing this Wolf interviewer as if the Attorney-General was in fact telling him that we do not want you and your kind to create proofs or evidence that this ballot mailing system will end up with ill-motivated election officials committing election fraud.  For this election, proofs are already there.

Besides – and this is what I gathered in that CNN interview – Barr was trying to educate CNN’s anti-Trump TV host Wolf Blitzer that the damning result if he and his kind are given a chance to commit their electoral behavioral criminality in this life-changing election, is irreversible.

Like the Attorney-General, the public should support President Trump drain the swamp. Recently, Trump was not shy in exposing his own topmost Generals in the military who profited from the enormous defense spending as fronts of the massive and powerful Industrial Complex.

Those high-ranking swamp creatures of the Deep State never expected that the Commander-In-Chief who knew what they were doing would expose their shenanigans to the American public. Clearly, the swamp is fighting back. They created a story that President Trump “called fallen American soldiers ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’, and that Trump has a long-held contempt for the Arizona Sen. John McCain.” They hoped that this fabricated attack would destroy Trump.

Trump should not mind any treacherous blog of this kind because it stands contradictory by itself. Trump is the only President in the history of United States who had spent more than $700 billion a year to repair, rebuild, and restore back our national defense capability after President Obama cut back U.S. military spending, abolished U.S. military bases around the world and reduced the power and capability, prestige and dignity of our men and women in uniform to a mockery.

President Trump does not need to argue to counter those innuendoes. What he has done, and what he is doing to the military, and for our men and women in uniform, speak for themselves. They thank and love Trump.

As to the diseased Sen. John McCain, what’s wrong with the President holding his contempt against this politician from Arizona?

They are contentious and contending politicians. There would have been no Obamacare Act that millions of Americans opposed if McCain did not betray the interest of the nation, which the Republicans were fighting for in the Senate. He was the only single Republican Senator who cast the swing vote in favor of the Obamacare law that led to the difficulty of millions of Americans who cannot pay the high cost of their medical bills.

McCain is not a “hero” to millions of Americans across the country.

There was this sinister report that due to his long captivity by the Vietcong and the Vietnamese Army, he could have provided sensitive military information to the enemy to ensure his comfort and survival while serving as a VIP POW, considering that he was the son of a United States Navy Admiral.

Personally, I do not subscribe to those reports against Sen. McCain that are flying and flickering in the shadows, and I have nothing against the diseased Senator from Arizona – I respect him in one way or another — but at the same time I also value my opinion and the opinions of others that are contrary to each other.

That right to his own opinion, applies to anyone whether he is a janitor in a workplace, or the President of United States. If President Trump is not friendly with Sen. McCain, why should anyone begrudge his negative view of McCain who is a “hero” to some, and a “villain” to others? Nobody forces us to believe that Sen. McCain was a “hero”, but anyone who forces us to believe that he is, that one is your real villain.

As I said earlier at the start of this public dialogue with you, today conspiracies against Trump are like those poisonous mushrooms that are sprouting overnight which the Left and the vicious Media mob are feeding to the American public. To survive, it is up to all right-thinking Americans to fight back, protect and defend themselves and in the process acquire and develop their own individual herd immunity. #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS September 11, 2020.

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