“Conservatives Are Living in Alice’s Wonderland”

We don't mean to rain on your parade, but let's face it, conservatives have been beat six ways from Sunday and to make matters even worse, if they can be, conservatives have been whipped with their own money. They have been bewitched by Dodos, mice, ducks, lizards, hares, Madhatters, Caterpillars and now a make-believe Messiah and they have been drinking brews and potions that make them large and small, just like Alice. Their reality has become the make-believe world at the bottom end of a rabbit hole.

Conservatives have been beat up, kicked around and put to bed wet. They have been licked by an "idea" that played well to the illiterate, the weak, the in-experienced, the brainwashed young and senior citizens looking to rest on their "laurels" in a soft easy chair in front of the TV and these same folks were allowed to vote their own largess. Blind conservatives, who refused to see the handwriting on the wall, were overwhelmed by an idea that was hatched in the back rooms of those beady-eyed liberals, over 80 years ago, who came up with a plan to take over power in America, permanently, by playing into the weakness of human nature that always seeks the easiest path and a "free" lunch that is anything but free.

Well now that the reality has been exposed, what in the Hell are conservatives going to do about it? Folks are running around all over the place looking for solutions and joining splinter groups who profess to have the answer to what ails the conservative movement. They are abandoning the Republican Party in droves and jumping on the Constitution and the Libertarian bandwagons, thinking that, if enough folks will follow them, they will eventually have a party with real political power. But here again, they have their heads down a rabbit hole and they are following Alice into the looking glass.

Here is the first reality. America's power is totally entrenched in a two-party system. If we don't face that reality, we are delusional. The second reality is, America has become a socialist nation and to reverse that reality will be gut wrenching. The third reality is that way too many Americans have succumbed to the fraud that is, "we're from the government and we're here to help." As a result, government has become all powerful. These are tough and frustrating realities for those who still cling to and believe in the principles of our dying Constitutional Republic.

Using these three realities as our foundation for action, what is the logical next move?

The first thing is, conservatives must reclaim the party of Lincoln and rest control from those individuals who think the best course of action is to follow the liberals, left, into oblivion. Either reclaim the party are live in a rudderless, fragmented existence, with no political power. Conservative Republicans will follow, if someone, who knows the right direction, has the courage and the will to lead them there.

The next course of action is much tougher. You aren't going to change the mindset of the weak, ner-do-wells and the greedy. However, there still is enough of the Constitution left that we can use its foundation to mount an attack against liberal legislation and socialist ideology in the courts. That takes money and a huge source must be found to accomplish this. (We know how to raise that money, if someone is interested) We are up against billions on the side of the left, not to mention daunting political influence. Moveon.org raised $88 million dollars to put a socialist in the White House. Radical environmental groups have billions to lobby and sue anyone they want, including the government, to put into law their radical agenda. Much of that money came from us. They have been doing so for decades, while we have been sleeping. Undoing what they have done will take more decades. If we ignore this fact, we do so at our own peril.

In conjunction with using the courts, we must start noisily protesting any and all unconstitutional laws and it must be done on a grand scale, en masse, local, state and federal. If it is just a token protest, it will fall on deaf ears. Conservatives and landowners must band together as one, or they will be slaves to the "left", along with socialism and radical environmentalism, in perpetuity. They will become serfs to an Absolute Democratic Monarchy, if they aren't there already.

Rural landowners must start registering their lands under a land patent. It is going on all over the country on a limited scale, but must be increased if landowners are truly interested in protecting their lands from government intrusion, taxation and over regulation.

And finally, we must start finding ways to dry up the money (our money) they are using against us. The government's only source of power over us, is our money. The fact is, under the current situation, we are literally funding our own demise, while they laugh at us all the way to the Federal Reserve Bank. What kind of an idiot hands the rope to the hangman, while he is standing on the trap door?

We are Americans and if we will do these things, we might have a chance. If not, and should we still desire freedom at any cost, there is only one solution left. It is the solution from which this nation was born, but it is the toughest solution of all, with no guarantees of success. This is not 1776.

But then, as an alternative for the weak among us, there is always living in the make-believe world at the bottom of a rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland, listening to the pontifications of the make-believe Messiah.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

Website: www.narlo.org

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