Conservative Diffidence & The Political Exploitation Of George Floyd

by Stephen Baskerville –

How much does it take until we accept the obvious about Black America?

Excerpt: … Black Americans are still living in poverty, crime, and substance abuse—plus the resentment that erupts regularly with anguished but improbable cries of “racism.” …

… It is we and very specific policies we pay for that are perpetrating this. The very government measures that we pretend offer a solution are in reality precisely the problem: welfare programs that make fathers redundant and marginalize them from their families, plus social work agencies and family courts that evict them altogether, then in effect loot, enslave, and incarcerate them. This poison will further destabilize Western society until we summon the courage to confront it.

It is time to dismantle the mad excesses of the welfare state and its ever-proliferating hydra heads and tentacles: to give black boys and girls the right to have fathers and black men the right to raise their own children without obstruction by social workers, family court judges, lawyers, and feminist ideologues. And it would cost nothing financially (politically it is another matter). On the contrary, no measure would do more to return us to solvency.

The welfare system is not simply wasteful. It is government’s engine for creating problems for itself to solve. It is money spent to turn children into criminals, addicts, drop-outs, and rioters—precisely the problems that rationalize still more government programs, government spending, and government power. … ||July 2020

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