Congressional Black Caucus Coo Coo’s

….pay their respects to the island’s aging tyrant, Fidel Castro.

Will Weissert of AP reports, Caucus leader Rep. Barbara Lee of California told a news conference in Washington,

“We believe it is time to open dialogue and discussion with Cuba, the "Cubans do want dialogue. They do want talks.

They do want normal relations. Diplomacy and a new way of looking at our foreign policy just makes sense,".

…California Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson, who also met Castro who "looked directly into our eyes" and asked

how Cuba could help Obama in his efforts to change the course of U.S. foreign policy….

”We did not come to negotiate; we came to associate and cultivate," said Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri,

another delegation member.”

Lee gained national attention in 2001 as the only member of congress to vote "No" on the Authorization for Use of Military

Force Against Terrorists and Bobby Rush in concert with disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich put Roland Burris in the senate as President Obama’s replacement buy accusing Senator Reid, and Senator Durbin as racists.

The group indicated it will be supporting legislation for normalization between the United States and Cuba and easing travel restrictions. Lee said."American citizens should have a right to travel to determine their own points of view."

Caucus leader Rep. Barbara Lee of California and Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush, were both active with the Black Panthers before being elected to congress. This fact seems to explain why they are actively trying to normalize relations with a communist dictator.

This new era of inexperienced foreign policy wonks will take some getting used to. Warning these folks that lying with dogs will get you fleas goes unheeded. Rather than reviewing the works and philosophies of Churchill and Kissinger they subscribe to the great California philosopher, Rodney King who said, “Can’t we all just get along?” The communist thugs who control Cuba give up nothing and we send them our money under the term “normalization”. Who wouldn’t like that deal? In the spirit of this new policy, I think the Caucus should propose having Disney build a theme park in Havana. They could call it “Commieworld”. The Park will feature the Dumbo ride, but any attraction called “Pirates of the Caribbean” would be prohibited as politically incorrect.

It could feature a hall of Dictators instead of the hall of Presidents. American tourists could stay in simulated guerilla camps instead of hotel rooms. I’m sure the Castro brothers could partner with Disney and provide very cheap labor by pressing the island’s political prisoners in to service. After all, everyone needs to contribute to the new normalization process.

I think the Caucus is planning a visit to North Korea next to propose trade stimulation. North Korea gives us starving peasants and we give them peaceful missile technology.

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