Congress Can Go To Heck, I Have “Pen In Hand” To write Laws

 by George Weir –

 With these new revelations that President Obama has again taken it on his own, this time, to formalize relations with the Castro brothers without any feedback of any sort from the Congress, it seems to most Americans that we have a President that has let his “Pen In hand” approach to making policy go to his head.   As of late it seems as if he listening to those that refused to vote in the midterm elections, one would think by loosing the House and the congress the President would wise up to the fact that the American people aren’t interested in his “Pen In Hand” way of changing America.

I believe most Americans would agree that the policy that was enacted against Cuba fifty years ago have not worked, Cuba is still a communist island run by tyrants, and the people are still driving around with cars made in the fifties.  Without any doubt the people of Cuba need help, but can the President make the necessary changes by the stroke of his magic pen, and not taking any thought of the message it send to the rest of the tyrants and dictators of the world?

Sometimes one has to wait, and this seems to be one of those times.  The Castro Brothers will not live forever, and at some point in time the Cuban People will take a stand for freedom, but as for as writing off the bad actions of the communist country by the ideology of a “Go It Alone” President can do nothing but sent a bad message to the American People, by totally bypassing Congress.

For better or worse, the American voters decided to give our policy makers a chance to govern and hopefully set the nation on a more bi-partisan course of action into matters that effect their lives, and to be a part of the decisions that are made whether it be of a international crisis or domestic decisions, they expect the President to listen and take council from those that have been elected to enact changes in policy, but apparently the President doesn’t recognize the three branches of government, and whether it be Cuba or Immigration or swapping five Gitmo Killers for one American held captives under questionable circumstances amounts to one thing, “Miss-use of Presidential Power”.

I for one would like to see the end of the suppression that the Cuban People has had to live under, but, until the Castro government is in place, whatever trade that America can give them, it will only strengthen the hands of those that dictate whether it goes to the people or the government, in most cases it will go to the government, and the people will still be driving cars made in the fifties.

Beginning in 2015, the citizens of America will be watching the newly elected congress.  They will be demanding change, they will be demanding them to stand up like grown men and women that aren’t afraid to challenge the president when he decides that his word is gospel, and that his word and pen can’t be challenged.

Yes, I believe Cuba would be a great fifty first state, but they haven’t asked to be a part of the United States, they only want freedom for themselves.   But it wouldn’t surprise me in the lest that some morning President Obama suddenly dreamed that Cuba would be a great addition to the U.S. and pick up his pen, and write it into law.

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