Congress’ 4-Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse

Edwin A. Sumcad –


Here’s my opening: To President Trump and to the American people —
The chant “send her back” is the people’s anger towards a Muslim American member of Congress Ilhan Omar, an Al Qaeda sympathizer who hated this country. Omar attacks this country after she and her miserable family were welcomed to the United States where they sought asylum to survive the horrors of Somalia where they came from. That’s why the American people chant their anger to send her back to Somalia. Americans do not only hate despicable ingrates but also Al Qaeda sympathizers like Omar, the enemy of the State. Trump should support the people for as long as the people support him. It is dangerous for anyone – even for the President –to suppress the wrath of the people. – Sumcad

In the first draft of this analytical report, it was originally Congress’ 4-Horsesluts of the Apocalypse that attack the United States and its duly elected President to doomsday.

Like the Prophesy in the Bible, the unstoppable (24/7) attacks of the riding 4-Horsesluts of the Apocalypse and their enablers who encourage these negative or self-destructive behaviors, are programmed to destroy or change this country (we will never be a socialist or communist nation – President Trump’s response – a relentless raid (outrage) to last up to the end times (Apocalypse).

But then I couldn’t see myself actually saying that in the academe where I came from, given the niceties of language in the school of Journalism I was honed and morally shaped-up in some kind of ethical bootcamp I went to and through, years back.

So from that original draft, it became Congress’ 4-Horsebit***s of the Apocalypse.

But still I couldn’t figure out why it is going to be me to say that and generally offend all women calling them bit***s, especially when it is read in the title of my editorial concerns about those four female neophytes in the Legislative Branch of the U.S. government when to many reporters, genuine and fake alike, they are simply known as the anti-Trump “Hit Squad”.

Here is my pause – you can call it equivocation or dubiety if you may — if I fall for that strong temptation to say it loud or to call out such smut and lewdness among those pain-in-the-neck new members of Congress, won’t I be like Rep. Ilhan Omar who accused Trump of his shady woman escapades, an accusation heard in a facetious conversation between two men having some fun in a locker room?

My point is, nobody wants to be an erotic presidential mugger like Omar is. Comparing a bunch of presidential dagger-wielders that treacherously strike from the dark side of which Omar is one of them, a macho Trump character-assailant acting like Goliath over David, would rather be a dumb OAC loud-mouthing like her farting cows, than be a promiscuous Omar hooking with some men like having sex with two husbands at the same time, and worse when one of them was reportedly her brother, which morally is a no-no when compared to Harvey Weinstein accused of raping ambitious female celebrities for sale or Jeffrey Epstein known to have been engaged in a sick sex-trafficking of young girls.

By the way, in my previous published reports, I always referred to Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib as “The Triad” of Congress waging a socialist-jihadist war against the President of the United States. But then “The Triad’s” Fake Media sponsors added to this trio another young female newcomer to Congress. Her name is Ayanna Pressley, a Democrat from Massachusetts who I found out was even more loony than any of the Triad. And I will tell you why she is more a wackadoodle-dingbat than the three OAC-Omar-Tlaib deviants or misfits, as the spontaneous nonstop writing of this editorial piece continuous.

The original meaning of the word “slut” is not only contentious but also doubtful which is demeaning to women. To the Germans, it is “Schlutt”, a woman of loose morals. But in Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer’s famous Canterbury Tales uses “sluttish” with no sexual connotation at all – just a “kitchen maid” or at its worst a “drudge”. Today the Millennials made it dirtier – slut is harlot, floozy, hussy, a hooker or a whore.

I am not sure how bad it is in the mind of the Millennials, but Omar’s lifestyle even as she attacks the President on moral grounds, fit into the original but controversial meaning of the German word “Schlutt”, a “slovenly woman . . . a woman of loose morals”. We will explain that too as this editorial narrative progresses.

But first let me identify the 4-Horsewomen of the Apocalypse in Congress – that is, according to the Bible, in case you missed your Scripture-readings for some time now – the shunned and feared four horse riders representing Famine, Pestilence, War and Death.

Famine, also known as the Black Horsewoman, refers to Pressley, the only Black of the Apocalypse who accused President Trump of just an “occupant” of the White House. To her there is no “President Trump”, therefore the acclaimed economic boom the country is having today under President Trump does not exist.

Trump is a racist and through racial homophobia, only the rich are surviving, and the poor people are more impoverished. In her freaking mind, the American people is dying of famine in the feces-urine-smelling streets of Liberal-controlled City of San Francisco, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dream city where all Americans die of neglect, drugs and just fading away to human obscurity and inanition.

Pressley is followed by Omar, the Queen of Pestilence. Her bacterial immorality infect the people making them sick towards the Trump presidency when she mounts her smart talks blindsiding the people and preventing them to see her own skeletons in the closet. A liar and a buffoon, this is more visibly prominent when fraudulent and immoral Omar jousts Trump on grounds of immorality.

The horsewoman of war is attributed to Tlaib, whose feisty attack of President Trump was vulgar and raw for any decent woman let alone a member of Congress, to indulge in – let’s impeach this motherF***, she said about Trump, speaking like a drug-addict street goon, and the indecent words coming out of her mouth are worse than just obscene. Her root-ancestry is in Palestine. She is an angry two-legged dinosaur whose only reason for being in Congress is to fight a Palestinian jihad against Israel and the United States. If you look at her fierce-looking face (bespectacled, not ugly but fearsome), she reminds me of the powerful supervillain in the marvel movie “X-Men: Apocalypse”. Figure out this portrait in your mind.

The horsewoman of Death is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. AOC is the Apocalypse. She predicted – no, warned — that in 10-12 years humans are all dead on this planet – humankind no longer exist due to climate change and carbon poisoning. OAC’s face turns green and big eyes bulging out of the sockets when responding to an ambush interview in the corridors of Congress, threatening the end of the world if nobody listens to her. I will not waste time and space here writing about OAC’s oddity. She and the Hit Squad should be in the mental institution, not in Congress getting paid for fomenting sedition and encouraging mutiny in the public service paid for by our tax money.

Speaker Pelosi will be comfortable in Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania together with the Hit Squad where they can play their racism and race cards against each other (never works against Trump) and while there live up to their delusion (their self-created reality) as they please, like what all patients there dressed in white do every day.

When the 4-Horsewomen of the Apocalypse held a press conference responding to Trump’s tweet telling them to leave if they hate the United States, and go back to the country where they came from and mend the broken system there, then come back and tell us how they did it. But they fell short to it. Their press conference response to Trump’s tweet was irrelevant and more so when they turned the event into a litany of accusations of wrongdoing against Trump that to my surprise – and to the surprise of the American public – not a single one of them was true. What they all said were fabricated, false and a terrible lie.

For instance, they chorused on OAC’s allegation that in the border detention camp women were drinking water from the toilet. This false propaganda-politicking from grandstanding OAC was condemned by the American public.

Omar—Trump colluded with Russia. False. She has no idea about what she was saying. She ran aground against the Muller report and virtually shipwrecked herself.

If you are meticulous enough to write it down like what I did, each one of the 4 squeaking vixens on television had an average of 4 to 5 falsehoods in all the accusations they hurled against Trump. When Omar who came to the U.S. from a corrupt and pirate-infested Somalia said she loves America more than any American born in this country (Omar is an immigrant who insults American citizens who love this country), the conferring group joined Omar’s lying mantra. That is after Omar said, “the United States treats immigrants worse than dogs”. If this outrage comes from Omar who claims she loves this country, then ISIS has a better claim than she have of loving America when they cut the throats of Americans they captured out of hate.

I said something about Rep. Ayanna Pressley in an earlier paragraph that she is a dingbat worse than the other three Congressional misfits. According to her it is “xenophobic and bigoted” – a “destructive distraction” and the four of them would and should not take the bait — for Trump to tell immigrants who hate this country to leave.

Pressley, no . . . no way that it is a “destructive distraction” which you ingeniously claim it is; it was in fact a fearless presidential move and very patriotic for President Trump to say so in public, to protect the country from the Hit Squad of which you are now an appendix member of the three original Triad.

The original OAC-Omar-Tlaib threesome – who by the way wanted to “kill” Trump not necessarily literally, and turned Congress into a funeral parlor where they deliver their anti-Trump eulogy — needs a Black member to play their race card more convincingly because nobody believes them when they cry out loud calling everybody a racist. Only a loony would say that it was a “destructive distraction”, when in fact Trump’s clear and down-to-earth message to those who hate and attack this country was addressed nationwide calling attention to all American patriots to stop the likes of Pressley who lie in public through their teeth to destroy this country.

You want to know why the race card is in the Hit Squad’s DNA? Except OAC who claims to be a badly battered “white minority”, all members of the Hit Squad are colored dingbats. They cannot be wrong when any of them attack Trump or anybody, because if they are wrong – in fact they are rarely right – and you criticize them to mend their mistake or right their wrong, you just attack a woman of color, therefore you are a racist. Got it?

This dichotomy of colored and white races (as if white is not a color, racially speaking) that bedevils the nation is more Hit- Squad-driven rather independently or individually driven.

Think about Trump’s tweet: Speaker Pelosi is forced to call also Trump a “racist” because the Hit Squad said so.

This is understandable. As Speaker and titular head of the leftish-liberal Democratic Party, why should national attention and Media publicity only focus on the Hit Squad – she should share the attention too. This selfish self-centeredness is so strong and irresistible to any vain person like Pelosi who as Speaker of the House she has to violate the House Rule prohibiting members of Congress to call the President of the United States a racist, and closed ranks with the Hit Squad.

Think about it: As Speaker of the House, Pelosi enforces the House Rules, but instead she is the first in Congress to violate those rules to satiate this insuperable craving bordering on insanity, for national attention which after all defines her brand of power-politick, that is if she doesn’t want to lose the Speakership.

The only antidote to this powerful magnet is rational intelligence. It is possible to resist this invisible power that like that celestial Black Hole sucks the weak into its vortex, if Speaker Pelosi also have President Trump’s superior intelligence and/or superlative IQ which is only second to the highest IQ of any President (J.Q. Adams) ever recorded in U.S. history. Unfortunately, and it is sad for me to say, that the mentally confused and speech-impaired Speaker of the House doesn’t have any of that.

I also mentioned in the early part of this write-up that
Omar’s lifestyle and personality when she attacks the President of the United States on moral grounds, fit into the original but controversial meaning of the German word “Schlutt”, a “slovenly woman . . . a woman of loose morals”.

The American public hardly knew that this anti-U.S. congressperson from Somalia who professed to love this country but actually hated it deep in her bones, is actually a felon, a liar and a moral reprobate. These are all proven on record.

A felon is one who commits a crime. Violating campaign finance laws is a criminal offense. The Minnesota Campaign and Public Disclosure Board’s investigation of Omar’s campaign finances found Omar guilty and ordered “to refund $3,500 in misused campaign funds, and to pay a $500 fine.”

Omar is also a woman of loose morals. And that too is beyond reproach. She is a polyandrist, a woman with two or more husbands living under the same roof. She married two men, one of them was reportedly her own brother she wedded to commit an immigration fraud. It has been exposed (publicized) that the three of them lived together hiding in the shadows of their immoral marriages, sexual company and cohabitation. Omar attempted to lie by denying all of these in public.

This is how she tried to wiggle her way out of this mess: “I’m not legally married to two people but I am legally married to one and culturally married to another.”

Well, according to the German version of women like Omar, this “Schlutt” married twice, no matter what kind of marriages those were, and had two husbands at the same time, period. There is no splitting of the truth to confuse and cover up.

But her lawyer came to her rescue from the absurdity of her explanation: “I think it’s impossible without making it even more confusing.”

Notice carefully that Omar has a natural fork-tongue. She is good at splitting what she masticates then spits out. But when persistent journalists exposed what she really was, she called what they reported “baseless, absurd rumors” and accused reporters of “Islamophobia” denouncing all of them as incorrigibly Islamophobic.

In that press conference this Hit Squad held against Trump, it turned out that the biggest liar of them all who was talking more than the rest of the Squad was that smallest woman among the four of them in the television screen viewed by the public, a new member of Congress from the Third World country of Somalia, a Muslim who was wearing a turban on her head as she speaks against the President and the United States with a bad Somalian accent.

The Hit Squad talked about how bad is the United States of America. And look, it is only in this country that the likes of them had become so successful in life that they even became members of Congress. They probably were just nobody in their country of origin if they were there and not here, and the way they talk maybe nobody would care about them and they would be just discards in the dustbin of their Third World society, a trash in the heap of garbage of a country marred in corruption and penury.

They accused Trump of racism and Islamophobia when he told them to leave the country if they don’t like it here. They try to spin it around by saying that this President is telling all immigrants to go back to the country where they came from, therefore he is a racist President who hates immigrants. How can they miss by a hundred miles what Trump was saying, really amazed me to the point of annoyance.

First of all, all immigrants do not hate this country like the members of the Hit Squad do. Only those who hate America like the OACs, the Omars, the Tliabs and the Pressleys do, were the subjects of Trump’s tweet to leave this country and come back if they learned their lessons there. So saying that Trump hate immigrants by sending them back to their country of origin, is way, way off the rail.

The focus of the Fake Media in promoting the Trump-hate-immigrant mantra, was also off the rack, and the distance between the truth of what Trump was saying in his tweet and this spin, is much farther than when one travels from planet Earth to the Moon.

Analyze and clearly understand the President’s tweet: “Leave this country . . .” should not be center of concern. Instead “and come back” should be center of reckoning and appreciation because it tells you that Trump is not a racist who hate immigrants. How can Trump hate immigrants when he is telling them to “come back” and tell us what you learned from your country of origin? Clearly, that is not a President who hates immigrants or does not want immigrants to come to this country which Fakers deliberately and falsely accused him of.

I dismount here to compose a poem about what’s happening. The Litterateur in me wants to speak out. Below is a Quatrain poetry I wrote without any punctuation marks in less than 15 minutes because thoughts are pouring out spontaneously.

But first know what a Quatrain poetry is. It is a four-line verse where two successive lines or alternating lines rhyme.

In the advance study of Literature, here in this poem, the oeuvre or essencia (essence) of the Quatrian I created is similar to what was published in my book (Odyssey In Literature And Journalism, Book I) which my litterateur-journalist wife and I co-authored, and now appears in
Briefly, the Quatrain I created has a first line Simile, the second line a Metaphor and the third and fourth line, Hyperbole.

Simile uses the word “like” or “i.e.” in thought-delivery; Metaphor uses a phrase that should not be interpreted literally, and Hyperbole is a line that expresses philosophical exaggeration or stressing (emphasis) a deeper thought.
I want the readers to understand those lines clearly in order to appreciate the message of this story-poem (prose-poetry) I hurriedly wrote about Trump, Pelosi and the Hit Squad of Congress.

Trump, Brainless Pelosi (And The Hit Squad)

(Sample – first stanza)

Pelosi (Pee) is like rotten Sushi – Simile, notice the word “like”.
Smells tasteless sweet urine – Metaphor, not literal.
Eat it raw in hospital you stay – Hyperbole, exaggeration.
Speaking errors a pouring rain – Hyperbole, exaggeration.

(The poem continues)

Pee’s streets, e.g. San Francisco
Dead Americans lie
Yonder sanctuary assassins go loco
Killing homeless don’t ask why

Low IQ Pee like a mental breakdown
What to say or do brainless
A donkey a speaking clown
Casualty worse than Ocasio-Cortez

To Pelosi like her hit Squad
President Trump a racist
No he is not leftish bomb a dud
Trump the people’s god a pacifist

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access July 20, 2019.

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