Congratulations: To Americas’ 2008 President Elect B.H. Obama

….The average Americans future is no longer evident. Thanks to all of you, Nov. 4, 2008, ‘American’ voters that have elected Mr. B.H. Obama the next President of the former United States of America, evidently, you know not what you have done!

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Syrian tank-artillery units head south to Israel border

Lebanese sources and eye witnesses report Syrian tanks, artillery and commando units have taken up battle positions in four villages around Hasbaya opposite Mt. Hermon and northern Israel.

According to DEBKAfile’s military sources, Syrian tanks and artillery units continued to move into their new positions Sunday and Monday, Nov. 2-3, so completing their deployment the full length of the Syrian-Lebanese border. Elements of the Syrian 10th, 12th and 14th Divisions and the 3rd Army – withdrawn last week from the 600-km long Syrian-Iraq border – are now poised opposite Israeli positions holding the disputed Shebaa Farms enclave on Mt. Hermon.

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What now? I predict that the Middle East will devolve into a state of war. I also predict that Israel will make a desperate preemptive Nuclear weapons attack on Iran. Ideally Neutron Bombs will be used as they eliminate the threat / people while leaving the infrastructure unharmed. That means the oil will keep flowing folks. What a great weapon, I think.

Why would Israel do this? Because the President elect B.H. Obama, for one thing, has the anti-American Mr. Lewis Farrakhan an avowed anti-Semite leader of the Chicago based ‘Nation Of Islam’s’ cult of Muslim stooges, that are now, working in President Elect Obama’s Senate office and on his successful presidential campaign. This is nothing but trouble folks!

Israel must destroy Iran in order to finally make certain that Iran — the worlds greatest supporter and financier of international terrorism according to the former America — does not attain the Nuclear capability that it is striving so diligently for.

Why would Israel be so desperate ? Because the psycho leader of Iran, the Islamic Muslim, Mr. Amhedinijad, has emphatically stated time and again that Israel must be wiped / eliminated off of the map — that is to say, the face of the earth. Completely Destroyed! I believe that there is no way that the survivors — this is within living memory — of the WW II, Nazi dream to eliminate the worlds Jews can or will allow the Nazi plan to reoccur now that Israel exists and has the necessary means to prevent it, this time. That’s what I think.

I also predict, that the former Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, will be reelected as the Prime Minister of Israel which is now contemplating the approaching Muslim / Islamic war and that Netanyahu will, for the must needs of the very survival of Israel people itself, ultimately destroy the avowed enemies of the Nation of Israel, that is Iran and perhaps Syria as well. Personally, I would Nuke them first and Nuke them best, without hesitation. History — the WW II history issues — seems to be repeating itself for the final destruction of the worlds remaining Jews survival, by Iran.

Based upon the Koran’s — the Muslim Bible — teachings and the current Iranian leader Mr. Amhedinijad historic Islamic, Muslim commitment — which is clearly self evident by way of what Iran actually does — terrorism worldwide — to terrorism in order to effectuate what Mr. Amhedinijad does say and often — according to his / their most holy Koran’s directive regarding homicide / suicide attacks against all Infidels — the Israeli’s / Jews and all of you complacent, docile Christians, as well, are to be totally eliminated, or converted to Islam. Enjoy!

This can never happen you say. Why? Because Israel will be ostracized by the rest of the worlds nations / community.

Wrong ! I say!

Well, since it will be proven that Israel does in fact have Nukes and is willing to use them, I predict that the Europeans and the Former America’s current leaders will try to Bribe Israel to stop its successful conquests, essentially, just as the ‘west’ has done with North Korea.

Historically, those nations with superior weapons conquer those nations without that benefit and then take advantage of their resources.

Israel, after destroying the clearly and self evidently crazy, homicidal Iranian regime, can take over control of their natural resources, that is to say the oil fields. Thus, Israel can then become one of the worlds suppliers of oil. Oil is the natural resource from which the basic energy / power source, converted into gasoline and Jet Fuel etc of course, is the vital ‘life blood’ needed for the very life / existence of the currently, world dominant, occidental civilization and its prosperity.

At that point, I believe, Israel will be admired by their former critics and in the long run, all the world will be peaceful and so well, once again.

Furthermore, it seems to me that not any one single country or a coalition of countries will try to liberate the totally destroyed Iran, as Kuwait was, because of the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

I predict that Israel will replace the former America as the leader of the free world.

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