Coming Break-Up Of USA: Part I—Multiculturalism’s Ultimate Outcome

by Frosty Wooldridge –

The latest traumas affecting the United States cannot help but make every American think about our demise as a cohesive, intact and functioning country. This year and last year, you witnessed Moslems shooting police officers in the streets. In cities across America, Black Lives Matter groups chanted, “Kill cops! When? Now!” National Football League players dishonor the American flag every Sunday. This week, a madman shot up an entire concert in Las Vegas. You cannot help but wonder what’s happening to our country.

America faces the most critical juncture in its 240-year history.

Multiculturalism’s onslaught continues at a dizzying pace as we add 100,000 legal immigrants from 194 different countries every 30 days. Total of legal and illegal annually tabulates at 1.1 million legal and 500,000 illegals. Total 1.6 million foreign people reach our shores annually. (Source: www.; PEW Research Center)

Indolent Americans sit on their Lazy Boy recliners wielding a remote while their country fractures before their eyes. It’s been slow for the past 40 years, but it’s quickening in every sector of our country.

In the past few years, notice New York Times Moslem bomber; Boston Marathon bombers, Arizona SB 1070 law; Moslem honor killings; Zazi Denver bomber, New York Moslem wife beheadings, San Bernardino, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, White Cloud, Ohio State stabbings, Las Vegas and more to come….

Have you noticed more and more people speaking different languages at the supermarket? Schools? Movies? At your local bank? Have you noticed radio stations and TV crackling with Spanish or Arabic or other languages in our English speaking America? Have you seen more people disrespecting the singing of our national anthem? Have you noticed our laws being broken such as red lights being run or people fleeing accident scenes where they were the cause? Have you noticed more trash in your state and national parks, especially in California, Arizona, Texas and Georgia?

Have you noticed that when their language differs from yours, that you both shy away from each other? Have you noticed when you see Moslem women in Burkas, an emotional wall stands between them and you? Have you noticed burkas on women creeping into TV ads? In other words, advertisers force foreign countries’ dress and modes of living on us whether we like it or not.

Have you noticed more flags being flown from other countries instead of Old Glory? You won’t see the American flag being flown in Dearborn, Michigan dominated by Moslems, nor will you see it in Somaliland in Minneapolis, Minnesota where 100,000 of them dominate that area. Did you know that more Mexican flags fly from houses, cars and establishments in southern California more than the Stars and Stripes? Have you noticed what has happened to the Golden State? Texas? Arizona? How about Georgia or Miami, Florida?

Did you know that retailers suffer $50,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually to shoplifting? That’s a lot of dishonest people, poor people, unemployed people, and indigent people. While we take care of the world’s people, we neglect our own.

Have you ever been incredulous about hearing something that sounded so preposterous that it “couldn’t be true?” Take a second look.

You are watching the “Coming Breakup of America.” That’s right. Your country! It is moving methodically, perversely, steadily and provocatively across our land. Our Congress aides it at the highest levels. It is a nation-destroying experiment being forced on Americans that will prove more disastrous than 9/11.

Recently, I read a book, Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum. This book paints a grim picture of our country’s future. At first, I felt incredulous at his supposition. But half way through the book, his research proved SO profound and SO evident that it became a page-turner. It provided a sickening look into the methodology and process whereby my own country fractures and fragments before my eyes.

“History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen,” said Enoch Powell.

Today, America fights two wars 10,000 miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq, while its own borders suffer an invasion so vast, so powerful, so insidiously destructive, and yet so subtle—even our own citizens can’t see it. Not yet, that is! Chittum writes, “America was born in blood.” He should know because he became a combat hardened Viet Nam veteran.

“Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving her toward a bloody conflict that may fracture the nation into several different countries,” he said. “Riots, gangs, militias, exploding crime rates, massive immigration, rising unemployment, falling wages…these fuel the fires of war.”

Notice 8.7 million unemployed and 47 million subsisting on food stamps. Notice 1 in 6 American children facing food insecurity and 13 million living below the poverty line. Notice 7 out of 10 black children born out of wedlock and growing up without fathers. Note 1.5 million Americans homeless. Every hour, 13 teens die from an overdose of drugs.

Chittum talks about nations versus empires. “Empires consist of peoples of different religions, languages, cultures, races and nationalities,” he said. “Nations are dominated by one group that makes up a majority of the population. Nations are inherently stable while empires are always unstable.”

Right now, 42 million immigrant legal citizens in the USA prove foreign born with millions more of their families chain-migrating to America. Within 30 years, more than 100,000,000 (million) more people from foreign countries will call our country their home. The sociological chaos they present cannot be comprehended.

Part II: Urban Street Gangs, Growing Militias, Ethnic Enclaves, Bloody Lessons of Tribal Europe, Solutions to this crisis.

If you would like me to speak at/in your city, conference, social group or clubs about the consequences of mass immigration into America, please contact me. My program: “The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America” articulates the consequences of adding 100,000,000 (million) legal immigrants to America within the next 30 years. It spells out what we face as to shortages in water, energy and resources. It spells out the sociological chaos created by mixing 196 (the number of countries exporting their citizens into our country) different cultures, languages, religions and worldviews from those 100 million immigrants. It illustrates our dilemma as environmental and quality of life consequences.

Additionally, if you would like me to speak on your local radio talk show, please give them my name, topic and contact information. Or give me theirs and I will contact them: , FaceBook: Frosty Wooldridge

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