…Colorado: Dangerous Legacy, Disastrous Results

Setting New Records In Colorado: Dangerous Legacy, Disatrous Results.

Denver, Colorado–Channel 9 News anchor Cheryl Preheim announced Sunday night, July 5, 2009, that traffic through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 set new records or near-records for holiday travel. An astounding 47,200 plus cars rolled through the tunnel in one day on a return trip from the 4th of July holiday.

However, since I happened to be one of those folks traveling through the tunnel, you might appreciate, as the late Paul Harvey once said, “The rest of the story!”

By 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning, east bound drivers, trying to beat the ‘rush hour’, which normally occurs around 1:00 p.m., creped along as the tunnel aspirants’ vehicles backed up five miles to stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic. By 1:00 p.m., the line backed down the mountain beyond Silverthorne and oftentimes, traffic slowed to a crawl mode all the way back to Frisco. We found ourselves inching along like a bunch of ants in a funeral dirge. Off to the side, a dozen cars suffered overheating while their drivers stood in torment watching radiators boil over. Quite a few folks back-ended other drivers to add yet another ‘impact’ to the rat-race on I-70: too many cars, too many short fuses, human road rage, accidents and many motorcyclists riding the breakdown lane to beat the traffic.

After passing through the tunnel and racing eastbound again, traffic backed up for miles at Georgetown, Downie and Idaho Springs. What should have taken everyone 70 minutes to get home on the expressway, took three hours of dangerous stop and go driving. Many people hopped off the freeway to the frontage road in Georgetown, but that too, became a case of gridlock traffic.

I heard more curse words, more yelling and more futile one-finger salute hand signals than I’ve seen at a Rockies’ game!

Once they reached Floyd Hill, everyone gunned their engines on the three lanes of traffic to make Mario Andretti proud!

Instead of a wondrous holiday weekend, everyone in that Interstate traffic jam suffered incredible frustration and exasperation.They drove with frayed nerves and the whole weekend ended with aggravation and annoyance. What astounded me stemmed from the fact that the ‘rush hour’ started at 11:00 a.m. with people attempting to return home to beat the rush by cutting short their weekend. But they suffered the ‘rush hour’ at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday! Therefore, no one could ‘beat’ the traffic by ruining their entire Sunday retreat in the mountains. During the ski season, the weather factor makes for a whole new dynamic in accidents and danger as well as wasted time.

As I sat in traffic stewing and fuming in my own fumes, I wondered, “Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why have we allowed Colorado to add 1.5 million people in the past 15 years? Why are we on course to add another five million people within four decades?

How will we ever solve our traffic problems? How will Denver solve its Brown Cloud problems that ensure that everyone breathes toxic air with every breath? How will we solve our ominous water shortages facing us? How will we solve ‘quality of life’ issues?

We won’t, unless we change course!


Why do we promote, and cheer growth and expansion to the detriment of our ‘quality of health’; ‘quality of life’ and ‘quality of emotions’? Why do we race toward water shortages by expanding our population? Why do we encourage air pollution and gridlock traffic? Why do our leaders expect and protect the ‘growth paradigm’ that creates all of our problems?

I encourage you to write the TV and radio stations in Colorado to demand they address a viable and sustainable future for Colorado. You might suggest ideas for them to entertain.

dancaplish@clearchannel.com – craigsilverman@clearchannel.com

gregoryhollenback@clearchannel.com – newstips@thedenverchannel.com

lbartels@denverpost.com – aaron@harbertvcom – Ask them to investigate:

Brian Maass: 303 830 6472 – Rick Salinger: 303 830 6484 –

John_Ferrugia@thedenverchannel.com – Ron Zappolo fox31news@fox31.com

7newsdesk@kmgh.com – desk@9news.com – fox31news@fox31.com – news2@cw2.com – kcncnews@cbs.com – peterboyles@clearchannel.com

Go to their websites and give them your thoughts on what actions we must take to stop unending and disastrous growth in Colorado. Try on a few of these ideas:

Actions and results:

Moratorium on all new home building and business expansion.

This would stabilize population that would stabilize traffic and people congestion.

Refurbish and rebuild infrastructure around the state to bring a higher quality of roads and rebuilt inner cities. This would allow excellent roads, excellent upkeep, modernize what we have and create greater efficiency.

Build more open space and quality parks for spiritual and mental sanity within Denver and other cities to become a model for other states.

This would help people relax, enjoy nature, fulfill their spiritual need to touch nature which would mean less Aleve headaches and road rage since you actually arrived home 30 minutes earlier daily.

Concentrate on cleaning up the toxic Brown Cloud we all breathe with every breath.

Such actions would allow us to move toward healthier and cleaner air to breathe.

We would no longer be able to ‘see’ the air we breathe. Our lungs would clear as well as our minds as we once again served oxygen to our brains.

Get to know your neighbors! Instead of cursing, flipping the bird and texting to someone you barely know other than electronically, you could actually talk to your neighbors and create community.

Let’s propose a “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy” that would become the envy of the world.

Such a policy would bring a new paradigm shift to a stable, energy efficient and rich legacy for Colorado and the world.

Instead of chasing our tails mindlessly like a dog, let’s act with reason and visionary solutions.

Finally, we would enjoy enough water, pure air; unhurried and sane lie along with the ability to travel to the mountains in winter and summer with eased and grace to enjoy our recreation periods instead of bumper to bumper that makes us want to slice our collective throats.

Does that make sense or what?! If it does, and it does make sense, send it to all your friends, to every city in the nation and speak up about a new way to deal with our congested cities! Your kids will thank you! Let’s promote a “US Sustainable Population Policy” the envy of the world!

Sooner or later, we will arrive at population balance. Either by our own or nature’s hand! Which would you rather see for your children?

View the movie: www.blindspotdoc.com for a compelling understanding of why we must change our growth paradigm to stable and sustainable future.

Most important: “US Sustainable Population Policy” and “US Sustainable Immigration Policy of 100,000 Annually”. Hint: legal and illegal immigration constitute the main population-drivers creating our environmental and demographic nightmare.


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