Color Me Homophobic

….who dares question this alternate lifestyle. Homosexuality has been added to the list of topics, along with race and global warming, that is off limits for discussion. The debate has been declared over.

Homosexuality, which not very long ago was defined as a "disorder" in medical journals, is well on its way to becoming a lifestyle option. Despite the fact that it is based on a premise which has been thoroughly discredited.

The normalization of homosexuality has its genesis in 1948, when Alfred Kinsey published the first ever study of male human sexuality. Entitled the Kinsey Report, this research involved illegal sexual experimentation on several hundred young children. It was based on a non–representative group of Americans — including hundreds of sex offenders, prostitutes, prison inmates and exhibitionists. This research purported to show that infants and children are sexual beings and could enjoy and benefit from sexual activity, especially with adults. Kinsey's research has never been duplicated or verified. Indeed, if someone tried, they would be jailed for child abuse. No matter.

Fast forward 60 years. This debunked research still serves as the official sex education doctrine in the United States and has been adopted as the foundation of modern "sex science." Kinsey's claim that one in 10 people are homosexual has been accepted by our government and society at large, despite having been proven totally false. Kinsey's assertion that all sex is natural and all societal limits are unnatural is accepted by large segments of mainstream America.

Government schools, under the guise of tolerance, are actively recruiting young impressionable children and teens to the gay lifestyle. Just last Friday, government schools across the country held a "Homosexual Day Of Silence". This blatant indoctrination was not open to discussion, at least not to parents. A principal in a Massachusetts school decreed that support for homosexuality was approved, but 'condemnation' was banned. Can you spell censorship?

Businesses have also jumped aboard the gay bandwagon, both supporting and promoting the gay message. The most recent example being last week's episode of Days of our Lives where two sensitive young men engage in deep throat kissing. Thank-you, Procter and Gamble.

And thank you, Children's Hospital in Boston. They have launched a program that actually gives drugs to pre-teens in order to delay puberty. The reason? They want to give the child more time to decide if they want to be male or female. That's right. Gender is now optional.

Personally, I cringe when I see two guys swapping spit. Or when half naked transsexuals flaunt their sexuality in public places. I always wonder what they're celebrating. A lifestyle that takes 20 years off your life? A dangerous, deadly and costly way of life that effectively undermines traditional families? The fact that gays and lesbians experience twice the partner abuse of straight couples? No, they're celebrating their empowerment, leaving all other Americans to pay the social and financial costs involved. After all, they've got rights.

I've got rights, too. I have the right to pick my nose in public and wave it in someone else's face (unless they're gay or black – then it would be a hate crime). Good manners and a decent upbringing keep me from exercising this right. I also have the right to object when someone shoves their personal sexual habits in my face and demand that I not only tolerate it, but endorse it. That's just plain rude. Hey, I'm still trying to figure out why weenie waggers are arrested while half nude trans-sexuals sporting fake organs have the right to wave them in public.

Gays are portrayed as victims of an unfeeling society. As such, they have been granted special rights not available to other Americans. The right not to be offended, the right to automatic respect, and the right to offend any person or group that dares to object. Imagine the outcry if Christians were granted these same rights.

The gurus of political correctness have decided that anyone who is not in agreement with the increasingly blatant homosexual agenda is a homophobe. Color me homophobic. I not only disagree with flaunting ones privates in public, I also disagree with exposing this behavior to children and telling them its their right, if not their duty, to put their sexuality above all other considerations.

The fear of being branded homophobic, racist, mean-spirited or any of the other PC labels has effectively silenced millions of Americans. Well, here's a news flash: Just because you label someone a homophobe or a bigot, doesn't make them a homophobe or bigot. Besides, isn't that profiling?

America is a country based on individual rights, not group rights. Americans still have the right to hold opposing viewpoints. We have the right to accept or condemn behavior based on our own moral values. No amount of name calling can take away those rights.

I will accept as legitimate the gay lifestyle only when gays realize that rights come with responsibilities. Societal acceptance implies a social contract. A contract that involves a net benefit to society, an earned respect and an acknowledgment that the rights of one person don't trump the rights of another.

In the meantime, I have one small request. I'd sure appreciate it if you all would keep your privates to yourselves. That's just good manners.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and a news editor for

She lives in South Carolina.

Article may be reprinted with attribution. Bio available on request.

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