Christy for Gov. – Get Up Stand Up VOTE For Your Rights

… that is B. Hussein Obama the Commie dictator wannabe swine — into New Jersey to support another Swine, the soon to be thrown on the trash heap of lying, cheating, stealing and corrupt politicians Governor Jon Corzine. That is what NWS staff believes.

Wherever the ‘Swine Flew’ goes to support a candidate for public office, We The People need to make sure that it is the 'Kiss Of Death' get out there and vote against such pigs.

Here is what an editor Bruce Eden here at NWS wrote.

For all you New Jerseyans:

Tomorrow, get your angry bodies out there and vote for Chris Christie (Republican ticket) for Governor. I spoke with Christie's office and he has a leaning to father's rights issues.

The only problem, we will eventually need to address, is his running mate for Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, was former Monmouth County Sheriff who went out and arrested guys owing child support. Vote across the board on Republican Ticket anyway.


Corzine (notice how the C-0-R in Corzine starts the same as the C-0-R for corruption) signed laws screwing fathers on the child support and domestic violence issues.

And, Obama supports Corzine heavily. Obama has the domestic violence czar in his administration and V.P. Joe Biden was the architect of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). No more Democrats in NJ. Time to get fiscally responsible Governors like Christie. And, then start weeding out Democrat-socialist legislators that pass anti-father, anti-family laws. Bruce Eden editor at Large.

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