All of and a sudden

New York City began a buddin’. Applause inside my head was rollin’ cause flowers were a bloomin’.

Yup! All of that is what just happened to me. There I was minding my own business in

New York City today, fooling with the radio at the time, at the red light. When I looked up, to the right of me was this large array of beautifully colored and really giant flowers. Before I could focus on what I was seeing directly in front of me, my peripheral vision picked up a color attracting movement to my left. As I sat up I was surrounded by Taxi Cabs. They were decked out in Joy to the World happy flowers. It must be some real snazzy event “Me” thought to myself.

So, I made a – um to my memory – recall phone call and the result was this. Oh Yeah!

What I was seeing surrounding me was the “Garden in Transit”. That’s the arrrrttt on wheeeeels for taxi cabs in the Big New York City, just recently released by popular demand.

It was great I tell you to be in the midst of a garden while waiting for the red light to turn green. I am going back for more.

This is the colorful brain child of that applaud-able Ed Massey. Oh! I must also say that the floral arranger Mayor – note – Bloomberg, No wait… its now BLOOM-IN-BURG who is and must also to be commended on this eye feast in the City and I do so here!

Well done Mr. Massey and NYC Mayor Bloom-in-burg!!

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