Caught Inside the Web of a Lie

Young adults growing together

Secured housing,

cheap obtainable,

prefab on rented land,

Low wages,

financial struggles,

apparently stable,

Constant financial demands

Finally insured,



the promise

Father-in-law's death,

wedding vow broken

Her love was blind, accused of requiring wealth,

Acquiring assets torn away, she would not share

The family thrown into a death spiral,

choices and healing

Years go by moving up,

moving out of the park and into a house, after the second child arrives

Time together shortened

One at home and one at work

House in need, full time schedule

Opportunity for supplemental income Job number two,

work on house, full time work

A full time offer for better pay, expanded work schedule maintaining part time duties

Working all for one company


Something goes wrong I need another full time job

Hired still working part time with the supplemental division

An incident

Egress blocked, nearly rear-ended,

I see an accident

What I witness, while not a part of the event

My testimony reveals what truly happened

Who best to be debriefed?

Who denied a chance to speak?


The following day issued

Accused of arrogance and disorderly conduct,

I fight the charge my pleading innocent

My name and reputation on the line


The lie Making false accusations,

Accusing me of another person's profanity

The defendant denied a defense

Hire a lawyer

File an appeal

The liar found to have been reprimanded for lying

Reprimanded for speaking to the opposition

Reveal the reprimand learned of in an unrelated matter

The promise of good fortune

The bait and switch

Ten days later the County Court hearing,

Judge reading a novel wrapped in blue construction paper

The verdict and proclamation "So you think you're a Christian? Well you're a liar!"

"Your fine was $200 what is the maximum penalty for disorderly conduct?"

The words from the district attorney, "$300 your honor."

"Your fine is now $300."

Ten days later the web of lies grow

Mommy dearest

Make my wife hate me

Mommy liar, I caught you on audio tape

You want to punch yourself and accuse me of what? Hitting you?

You can lie to the pastors and the police!

Yes, people can weave a web of lies…

Eventually they will all come untied!

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