Caucasian Living in Sanctuary City ….

…. About nine years ago I had moved into my father’s home to take care of him until he died. It was hard starting over in his home, but I had fully adjusted to the loss after three years, redecorated to cope with the memories that came with my newer living quarters, and enjoyed the lovely, friendly, quiet neighborhood in which my parents resided for 18 years. While he was alive, I met his wonderful, helpful neighbors that guided me through the challenges of taking care of an elderly parent.

Life was good . . . until my loving, caring neighbors moved up north and illegal alien invaders moved in a little over a year ago. Since that time, I have felt like a second class citizen. I live in a sanctuary city run by the Chief of Police He was interviewed on TV encouraging Hispanics in the city not to be afraid to come forward to report crimes. He said he would protect them.

Well, he has kept his word. Every time I call the Police Department, they defend the illegals and make me feel guilty for reporting their blatant rebuke of the laws. The illegals feel that since they aren’t citizens, they are above the law.

I have reported them for having outdoor week night parties until 5:30 a.m. the following morning. I have reported them for having a bonfire that had embers floating towards the roof of my house, which could have started a fire. I have also reported them to the city’s Code Department at least 15 times for repeat offenses, yet they are still allowed to run a landscaping business from their residence, even though in doing so, they are violating a zoning ordinance. I have contacted everyone from the mayor, code director, my own city councilman, and several local TV stations, yet no one will address the issue. I also reported his unlicensed landscaping/construction business to the Registrar of Contractors, and they won’t do anything unless I hired them to do work or they were caught in the act of performing work for someone.

I received a rather curt e-mail reply from the Chief of Police that he can’t arrest someone just because I don’t like living next door to “people of Mexican descent.” I sent a scathing e-mail to him telling him that I didn’t appreciate his alluding that I was a racist. I also noted that my neighbors on the other side of me were “of Mexican descent” and that we get along beautifully. In fact, they’ve had me over to their house for parties, their children come over to talk to me regularly, and we watch each others’ houses. The difference is that they are LEGAL. The Chief of Police had to play the race card, as usual, when anyone disparages illegals.

In the past I’ve also reported my illegal neighbors for not changing their Sonora Mexico license plate to our state license plate, which you are required to do when you start working. I waited eight months so he couldn’t claim he was a winter visitor. The State Department of Transportation nailed him and I attended the traffic court session. In court, I was surprised to hear the illegal say that the woman accompanying him was his wife, when he had previously introduced her to me last year as his sister. He married his sister? And his deed of trust clearly states that he is an “unmarried man.” It took over 20 minutes just to determine what his name was. He claimed he didn’t speak English and used an interpreter. (I have a copy of the court transcripts.) He has three names and three different birth dates–adding up to nine identities. The unlicensed vehicle turned out to belong to his other sister who lives in Mexico (or so he claimed) and it was a “gray vehicle” which means it isn’t legal to be driven in the United States because it doesn’t meet U.S. safety standards. He was fined $550 for this violation.

The judge asked him what he did for a living and he said that he runs a landscaping business. The judge said that if he is running this business out of his home, that he should “be a good neighbor” and park the utility trailer in his backyard. Another police officer from the Community Resolution Group also has instructed him to park it in the backyard. The illegal has NEVER followed these orders. Why not? Because there are no consequences as this is a sanctuary city for illegals. Untouchables!

I have also reported them to Child Protective Services for child neglect. Their four year old has pounded on my front door and jiggled the handle demanding entrance to my home. I live alone and was quite frightened when this happened as I thought it might be a home invasion. In traffic court, the illegal said I was “harassing his child.” I reported them to CPS because I felt that they needed help in parenting skills. I specifically told them that my intent wasn’t to remove the child from the home, but to make it a safer environment for her (one of their little “anchor babies”). Their four year old kid was jumping out their bedroom window (3-1/2 feet off the ground) into rock landscaping and crawling back in several times. No parent was watching her as usual. She also hides between large SUVs parked on a busy street and I’ve seen her playing in the driver’s area with the door opening to the street. She was standing on the door frame with her arm in the hinged opening. If she lost her footing, she could have severed her arm. CPS questioned all of my neighbors and they said “they are nice people.” Guess no harm ever comes to “nice” people? That’s why I can’t count on my neighbors to back me up on anything.

Last Sunday night the illegals were having one of their outdoor gatherings on their backyard patio, which is adjacent to my bedroom. It started at 11:00 p.m., which appears to be the magical hour illegals come to life. I listened to children shrieking and playing outside for about a half hour before I contacted the police. I have to go to work in the morning. When they sent the officer out, they came to my house. I always give them my name and address.

A different officer (as always) arrived about 1:00 a.m. Of course, I was in a nightgown and robe because I was hoping to get some sleep soon. He said he could hear the children shrieking in my neighbor's backyard while we were standing on the front porch of my house. I informed him that I was tired of this repeat offense. He ran a report in his patrol car and stated that no noise disturbances had ever been reported to this address before! This really frustrated me.

I told him that the Chief of Police doesn't believe in arresting any Hispanics because he is too busy holding forums with them, speaking in Spanish, because he wants them to feel comfortable reporting crimes. As I said, this is not hearsay–I saw him interviewed on TV. I even politely told the officer that I had an e-mail from the Chief of Police stating that I don't like living next door to "people of Mexican descent." I still have the e-mail and offered to mail it to him, but he wasn’t interested. The officer said that when he spoke to the illegal, he spoke and understood English perfectly, as he himself doesn’t speak Spanish. Another ruse by an illegal–”No speak English!”

On Tuesday, I figured I'd better get the police reports from all of these previous noise disturbances as proof. I was shocked with what I read in the report. Of course, like I said, this was the FIFTH noise disturbance I reported so I got five reports. The report from Sunday was the shocker. He claimed I called the Chief of Police a "racist." First of all, I didn't say he hated anyone–I stated that he shows preferential treatment towards Hispanics, which is a well known fact as it's been on TV and in the newspaper. Besides, I have many Hispanic friends and co-workers. I just hate illegals. He also stated that there was no noise, yet he told me he could hear it while standing on my front porch while they were still in their backyard. Another lie to cover it up.

Here's the corker! In the report he stated that I was "possibly 918." I looked this up online under the city's Police Radio Codes — "918" means you are "an INSANE PERSON." I couldn't believe this! So he's saying that I am "possibly an insane person?" I hold a good paying job with lots of responsibilities, I was nominated for a customer service award out of 500 ushers at the arts center in this same city last year, I pay my bills, and I am a law-abiding citizen! Must be insane, huh?

I am livid! Now this is in the record that I am a crazy person so I have no credibility? I contacted my local state representative, and he suggested I lodge a complaint with a citizens' advocate. The city doesn't have one so I ended up calling his sergeant, but he hasn't called me back yet. I want a face-to-face meeting with him. I am going to show him that the city has actually honored me with a letter of recommendation for employment and an awards certificate for excellent customer service. The officer lied to me about several policies and I have copies off their web site as proof of the policies. I hope to meet with his supervisor to modify this report.

My local sheriff has recently started a hotline to report illegal activity. I finally called it the other day to report these illegals as I truly believe something suspicious is going on there. The guy has NINE identities; she has FIVE identities. Every time I report them to a different agency, another fake name comes up and not just a different variation of a hyphenated name, which is traditional with Hispanic culture. Totally different last names.

So, as a “potentially insane person” who happens to be a Caucasian with only one name, I feel unprotected by my local Police Department. I am close to 60 years old and I can’t believe the injustice I’ve had to endure over these illegal alien invaders. I also can’t believe that the police aren’t concerned as there was another police officer that died recently at the hands of another illegal alien. Out-of-touch politicians are saying that it’s just a serious crime they are worried about, and not tagging it as a abundance of crimes by illegals. Makes me sick.

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