Catholic Church needs monastery in Middle East

… Northwestern Pakistan would be an ideal place for such a monastery.

There are many Christians and Catholics who are currently hiding out among their Muslim neighbors, much as the first Christians hid out amongst the Romans in the Early Church . There are also many Muslims who would eschew Islam if they had a powerful local church they could look to for support.

Northwestern Pakistan would be an ideal place for such a monastery. Its grandeur, patterned on the Franciscan Monastery in Washington D.C. would give the region a claming effect and turn it into a productive territory for General Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistanis.

President Musharraf, after all, owes the West a favor for being too afraid to go after Islamic terrorists in his own country. He could make a deal, which the United States could back up, with one of the controlling war lords in the area to supply money “guards” and land for the construction project.

The Monastery grounds would be near enough to the North Western border of China to give the Communist Chinese pause about colonizing Pakistan . It would also act as a sentry to a Taliban encroachment from Afghanistan.

The sheer grandeur and serenity of the place, even as it was being built should inspire Osama bin Laden and his band of wretched outlaws to convert to Catholicism and become the first monks in the Monastery.

That, of course would have a profound effect on today’s political, social and religious scene.

Osama bin Laden could take a leadership role in the conversion of Al-Queda to Catholicism, by offering, in all humility, to meet with Pope Benedict XVI on the Monastery grounds, it would go far toward peace and prosperity, and spiritual growth for the region and the whole world.

Just as there was a movement in the Catholic Church, started before WWII and continuing during the Cold War for the Conversion of Russia, I believe this would be the impetus needed for a movement to Convert Islam.

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