Candidate Hillary Wants To Garnish Your Wages for Her Health Plan

…. let it out that in order for the approximate 50 Million Americans in the United States without health care coverage to get coverage; the rest of us (even those with our own health care plan or employer health care) will have our wages garnished to support this. And, I will bet dollars to donuts that many of those 50 Million Americans will be a large proportion of illegal aliens.

Garnishing of wages is “use of force”. Garnishing of wages by force to fund a government bail-out is absolute totalitarianism.

Democrat strategists ( or should I say socialist-communist totalitarian strategists) say that it will be like garnishing wages for taxes and child support. Oh really! What happens if you don’t want to pay through garnishment? Will you be arrested and brought to Court and then imprisoned for willful failure to pay? They do this to the unsuspecting innocents in child support cases and IRS willful failure to pay cases. Taxes are supposedly based on voluntariness. Hah!

Garnishment levy for federal taxes is one thing if it goes to where it supposed to go rather than to entitlement programs and earmark “pork-barrel” projects. The theoretical idea of garnishment of taxes is for the betterment of the entire society.

However, when we look at garnishment for child support, we are not bettering society. The government is unlawfully and unconstitutionally garnishing wages for private individuals–the custodial parent. This is an unconstitutional and unlawful redistribution of wealth. That’s because there is no accountability for how child support is spent.

Child support is supposed to be paid between parents. Hah! Child support enforcement and garnishment is a government contrivance that has turned in to government largesse to pay for state employee and judicial pensions and salaries. How does this work? The states submit reports to the Federal government each fiscal year to show how much child support was ordered, how much was enforced upon and how much is outstanding. The Feds send the states a check as a federal reimbursement incentive for the amounts awarded, enforced and outstanding. (See, Title 42 USC Section 658(a)). The more judges can award and enforce upon, and the more that is outstanding, the more the states get from the Federal government.

So, it behooves judges to increase the amounts of child support astronomically. This creates a massive conflict of interest and has been declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court. The High Court said that judges sitting in judgment of cases where they have a financial interest, which creates a massive conflict of interest, and they must disqualify themselves from such cases. Otherwise, their decisions will have no force and effect and will be nullified for all intents and purposes. Yet, it hasn’t happened to date. Child support is a “runaway freight train” as the bureaucracy continues to grow out of control.

And, many Americans are having their fundamental rights violated and crushed under the “jack-boot” of the child support enforcement bureaucrats representing private citizens. Child support is breaking the back of society by causing untold numbers of divorces. Why should a women stay in a marriage when she can get untaxable child support enforced by the government? All she needs to do is file for divorce (women file first in over 80% of all cases), make false allegations, get custody of the children, and she gets all the financial attributes of the divorce–untaxable child support, maybe alimony, and maybe the marital house. Why stay married when the government can steal the money from the other unsuspecting spouse the spouse receiving the money does not have to account for it?

When a child receives social security benefits (disability, SSI) the adult representative payee (the person holding the money for the child) has to fill out a form and send it back to the Social Security Administration, either quarterly or bi-annually or annually. This form is known as SSA-6230. The representative payee must detail how the money is spent on the child on a monthly basis, and if any money is left over, has to account for it by detailing what bank accounts that the money has been put in. There is no such requirement for the custodial parent receiving child support allegedly for the child. That creates a hugely abusive program and a massive draconian system that discriminates against males (in 95% of all cases where child support is paid).

Where does this government entitlement and redistribution of wealth end? Once we start down the “slippery slope” of garnishing for health care, will it stop there? Or, will we be garnished for funding global warming initiatives, or garnished for gasoline taxes, or garnished for a national catastrophe fund for hurricanes, fires and tornadoes, or garnished to fund an economic stimulus package (which we are already paying for)? And, who will be the one’s most harmed by the garnishment? Males who have to support their families. This will put additional strain on their incomes and help create more divorces. It will allow government to step in and take over the family and the children.

Hillary Clinton’s health care package is not about choice. It’s about control and centralizing power. She lied about her health care package once before and it was literally destroyed in Congress. If she gets elected, and the possibility that both houses of Congress will be Democrat at that time, she will resurrect this draconian abomination of a law and force it on the American people. At least with Obama Barack’s health care plan he gives a choice of participating in government health care, maintaining your own, or not having any at all. His plan is a little better, but still requires redistribution of wealth to what will likely be an entitlement to illegal immigrants.

I’ve spoken to doctors about this health care plan and some are being misinformed. They say that there will be a two-tier system of health care–government-imposed and private health care where those with the money will pay doctors in cash. I beg to differ with those doctors. According to Hillary’s plan, if those who pay for health care services privately are caught by government, both the doctor AND the patient will be criminally charged and jailed under Federal law. Under Hillary’s health care plan, there will be no alternative. We will all be forced to pay or enroll in it. It will become socialized-totalitarian health care worse than in Canada and Europe and Americans will suffer lack of health care under this plan. The government will then have the power to decide who will live and who will die under this totalitarian health care plan.

So, a vote for Hillary (or Obama) is a vote for totalitarianism. John McCain, given all of his foibles and aisle-switching on certain issues, is a fiscal conservative (save the latest issue on the McCain-Liebermann bill and the absurd Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill). Given his stance against pork-barrell and earmarks, he is currently the “best hope” against a totalitarian government envisioned by Clinton, Obama and the Democrat Congress. I will vote for McCain (unless someone better comes along at the Republican Convention), because he will be strong on national security, will be much better on fiscal conservatism issues, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll get the message on the illegal immigration issue. Yet, I will hold my nose while pulling the voting lever (or pressing the button) for him. But, he is still the better choice than totalitarianism.

Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director

DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)–New Jersey & New York Chapters

Wayne, New Jersey

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