Call For National Independent Commission On Immigration

…. to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all–ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” ~ Dr. Otis Graham

Let’s face it! All forms of immigration in 2009 destroy the foundation of the United States of America. Immigration overwhelms our environment, infrastructure, culture and language.

Immigration cannot and must not continue at its present clip of over 2.4 million annually. We cannot keep up with it. We cannot afford it. We cannot withstand it. We cannot cope with it. We will not survive it.

While U.S. citizens wobble, stagger and clutch for their fading language, culture and viable society—our government force-feeds 138,000 immigrants into this nation every 30 days. Another 100,000 illegal criminal migrants stampede our borders every month. Most cannot speak English, most do not possess marketable skills, most live on taxpayer welfare and most come from poverty stricken third world countries.

They create a new ‘sub-class’ of poverty entrenching itself into the heartland and cities of America. While they arrive from an endless line, 32.2 million American subsist on food stamps. Another 15 million Americans suffer unemployment. Over 13 million American children live under the poverty line.

Immigrant-overloaded California, injecting 1,700 new persons every day, 24/7, finds itself sinking into the abyss while other states suffer horrific costs to their educational, medical and prison facilities.

This nation desperately needs action to curtail mass immigration and move toward sustainable immigration of 100,000 a year:

George Fuller, a wise Floridian said, “This call is for a National Independent Commission on Immigration to conduct a comprehensive review of all aspects of our immigration laws and the effects of legal and illegal immigration upon American society. A thorough study would take at least a year to convene and thoroughly review all the ramifications of our current immigration policies and report to Congress with recommendations. The commission should provide a road map for our national immigration policy in the future that would benefit all Americans.

“While the review is ongoing Congress should set aside any legislation regarding immigration. The stakes are too high for the survival of this country to leave it to Congress to politic it to death. Politicking immigration is exactly what has happened for the past 40 plus years and led to the shape we are in. We do not have two attempts at deciding our future population and the conditions we want our people to live in.

“We owe it to ourselves and to our descendants to take the time now, while there still is time, to thoroughly investigate all ramifications of immigration. We all know there is an optimum population level we should strive for but no one can today say what that maximum population level should be.

“With a thorough review by a truly Independent Committee of knowledgeable Americans with expertise in all areas to be studied we can get to the most important of all things Americans strive for to make competent decisions. The most important things are facts. Once facts are in hand, the policy for our future population will be much easier to decide.

“Independent commissions on various subjects are nothing new and have served the country well in the past. A commission on immigration should be able to provide the same results. The time for action is long past due.

“No one can possibly want our ultimate population density to resemble, China, India, Bangladesh or Indonesia teeming with so many people we become grid locked and unable to feed even ourselves. Left to chance there is nothing to prevent us from becoming exactly what no one wants.

“Currently there is a struggle ongoing regarding legal immigration levels, costs, amnesty, ethnic groups, chain migration, anchor babies, multiple work visas, refugee programs, illegal immigration, E-Verify employment verification, Visit USA and other border protection programs.

“No one ever mentions the environment and the impact population growth is having on it. There is constant clamoring about the environment we live in but who affects the environment the most?

“We as a Nation are failing to focus on the central question of what our overall immigration policy should be. Until we get the facts on immigration we are only guessing as to what path we should choose to follow.

“We are an educated society. We should act in a civilized manner and utilize an independent commission to help formulate a roadmap we should follow to benefit future Americans. It is our solemn duty we owe to the future generations of Americans who will occupy this great country.

“You have the ability to do the right thing for future generations……so do it!”

Without a doubt, continued mass immigration will prove the most debilitating policy ever forced onto the United States by its own leaders. It cannot end well for citizens or immigrants alike. It must be reduced to 100,000 annually and controlled to enhance America, not degrade our civilization.

“Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all–ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” Dr. Otis Graham

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