… California’s Ultimate Calamitous Path

… you were on a date with the wrong person? Kind of a queasy gut feeling? Have you found yourself traveling down the wrong road and the further you traveled the more uneasy your feelings? Have you lied to yourself or someone only to find out you created a bigger problem?

The late Meredith Burke, a senior fellow at Californians for Population Stabilization, [1] wrote a stupendous column with that queasy feeling wrenching every sentence: “The Population Doom”.

“Both a new environmental report card issued by UCLA Institute of the Environment and columns written by policy makers and ocean experts in advance of their attending California’s and World Ocean 2002 conference in Santa Barbara wound the alarm about our threatened physical environment and the species that inhabit it,” Burke said. “UCLA noted that 21 animal and 34 plant species in California have become extinct in recent decades, including the gray wolf and California grizzly bear. Nearly two-thirds the state’s native fish species are extinct, endangered or in significant decline.”

Burke added, “California has lost over 90 percent of its historic wetlands. The state’s current 35 million (now 38 million in 2009) is expected to grow to 45 million by 2020. Clearly population growth is a prime if not the prime factor encroaching upon our finite ecological endowment.”

Since Burke wrote that piece in 2002, California adds 1,650 persons daily, net gain, over 400 vehicles and loses 240,000 acres of land annually. California adds an astounding 600,000 people annually on its way to adding 20 million in three short decades. Its water crisis accelerates beyond solving. She wondered how Earth Day activists in 1970 let the population issue slip away from the public awareness. Since 1970, the United States added 100 million people! It’s beyond understanding.

Burke said, “Our nation’s population of 200 million far exceeded carrying capacity level back then. But Congress shied away from adopting the liberal reproductive health policy and restrictive immigration policy this entailed. It rejected ecological evidence that our once-frontier nation had run up against natural limits.”

Don’t you find that queasy feeling rushing up your spine into your mind as you read this column in 2009?

Don’t you get the feeling that this population juggernaut cannot end well for California or for America for that matter? It’s more than a little disconcerting that most Californians haven’t spoken up and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stands clueless and speechless about hyper-population growth in his state. It proves the source of all California’s troubles from environment, educational, water shortages to fiscal collapse.

Dr. Diana Hull, a colleague and director at www.capsweb.org issues a bumpersticker: “Stop Crowdafornia”.

Burke said, “With incessant population growth we cannot heal our oceans, reduce polluted water runoff, manage fishing grounds for sustainability and achieve adequate water treatment plant capacity. Ditto for building enough schools, homes, transportation and other infrastructure while inhibiting sprawl and conserving farmland.”

She noticed that our national leaders failed to formulate a national population policy. She noted that this country races toward a billion population in 91 years by 2100.

Burke asked the most obvious question, “How will we protect our environment with four times more people that we have today, and seven times more people than the 150 million population that ecologists regard as our maximum sustainable level? Protecting our environment requires that we openly confront demographic reality.”

But here we see ourselves in 2009, and none of our national leaders, governors or anyone with a voice on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or FOX will speak about it! What gives? Why the silence?

Since 1970, American women have averaged 2.03 children so it’s not Americans adding to the population explosion. So, what is it then? Answer: relentless immigration since 1965. But it proves the ‘sacred cow’ of America.

Burke said, “Those grown to adulthood have been taught that it is undemocratic or ‘racist’ to link immigration to population growth. But like the elephant in the living, people don’t go away because you refuse to count them. Identifying causality is not assigning ‘blame’. The environment cares only about numbers of people, not their source. The United States is filled up!”

She remarked that the U.S. remains the world’s largest consumer and polluter while stopping population growth for selfish and altruistic reasons.

“Selfish in that we should strive to preserve to preserve the quality of our land, air and water for future generations,” Burke said.

Burke’s words ring true. Her understanding ran deep. She wrote about the USA headed down the wrong road, and many years later continues down that calamitous road. Why? Call mass denial or collective insanity or lack of comprehension.

But sooner rather than later, California citizens must deal with their human population wildfire that promises to scorch that state and burn much of America’s civilization into and unrecognizable future. Join Dr. Diana Hull and Meredith Burke at www.capsweb.org and change direction by citizen wisdom and action. Your kids will thank you!

[1] – www.capsweb.org,


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