Bye Bye USA

…. Ask yourself why Illegals are showing up in east coast states like Maryland, as Harold Poole of Americans for Comprehensive Reform ACGR states: “I moved back to Maryland after living in Florida for 3 years and could not believe the number of illegals at every street corner when I got back here”. This is very true of Orlando Fl., cities in Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and on and on. There is without a doubt strategic planning by some well organized entity (that should leave the U.S. government out) that has a command and control center, communications, logistics, and finance and so on to bring these people in, decide which load is going where and to drive them there across county in large vans and finance them into some housing and until they get paying jobs. Poor uneducated Mexican, Columbian and other peasants can't swing this on their own. I can only think of a few such entities that would have the ability to set up this very large and tight knit (expensive)organization and that is the American government (secret ops) , The Mexican Government (which is no friend to the USA) or the Mexican Drug Cartels (and according to recent reports Middle East terrorists mixed in with the Mexican Drug Cartels) or the Venezuelan Government. These ILLEGALS are pathfinders used to establish Barrio's and all that is connected with preparing for “The Reconquista”. Read the book “AK47 The Weapon That Changed The Face Of War” and look what a small (very small) army equipped with AK rifles can do. Charles Taylor and a ragtag group of a hundred men with AK's stormed the Presidential palace in Liberia and controlled the country for the next six years. He had “Small Boy” units (children 7 to 14 years old) equipped with AK rifles. These children were as effective as killers as grown people. They had no fear, they were too young to realize really what they were doing and they did it with out reserve no conscience. Imagine what Hugo Chavez can do with his 2 million strong “Volunteer Army” and his AK rifle factory in Venezuela. Yes he could arm “rebels” as he marched up through the South American countries handing out money and AK47's. Who could stop them? As you can see in the aforementioned book the Russians could not conquer Afghanistan (mainly due to the AK47's) and the U.S Armed Forces cannot conquer Iraq for the same reasons automatic small arms and RPG's. Hugo Chavez recently received his order of 100,000 Ak47's from Russia and he also received license from Russia to mass-produce these weapons in Venezuela. Hugo could arm the MS 13 gangs (membership 100,000) with 40,000 here in the USA in 33 states including Washington DC. The above scenario will play out eventually, in the meantime the United States Government is content with allowing 28 Americans per day being murdered by ILLEGAL aliens and God only knows how many rapes and robberies each day. More good reading is Tom Tancredo's book “In Mortal Danger” and “Holy War On The Home Front” by Harvey Kushner. If you want to see this story played out on the screen get the movie “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze. The invaders are different Cubans and Russians but the story is the same as above.

Yes this once great country is being lost due to “Political Correctness”. We don’t want to offend anyone so we have become a “Do Nothing” nation. This country was founded by explorer/immigrants who took it over by force from the Indians, the only true “Native Americans”. The U.S.A. won many wars, The War of Independence, the Spanish American War, the Mexican American War, the Quasi-War with France, the War of 1812 with Great Britain, the Indian Wars, the Philippine – American War, the Boxer Rebellion in China, the Occupation of Haiti. We began losing wars in Korea; the first loss was in 1871 when the US lost diplomatically, as the Koreans refused to open up the country to them (and the US forces didn't have the authority or strength for occupation). We lost again to N. Korea in the war from 1950-53. We lost in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. This was the second of the politically run wars (after Korea). Learning nothing from Korea we went to war in Vietnam and again the politicians not the Generals ran the war and again we lost. Our enemies have watched to see what it takes to defeat the U.S. and found that it just takes time. Americans want a quick relatively bloodless victory such as that limited success in Desert Storm. Too bad that the gutless George H.W. Bush did not go into Baghdad during this operation, but again he a politician was running the war not a General, and now were are in a protracted mess in Iraq caused by Geo. W. Bush and being ran again by him and politicians not the Military. As our enemies watch our mistakes they see that we are a bleeding heart nation that feels compelled to take in every stray that comes our way.

Fidel Castro saw this weakness and was the first to really pounce on it with gusto. He cleaned out all his prisons, mental hospitals, illiterates, aged and infirm, diseased people and put them on boats for the “Boat Lift”. Fidel will go down in history as “The man who destroyed the US”.

This – boat lift- should have been called the “Garbage Can Dumping Operation”. These people are all here now sucking on our social systems and bleeding our economy dry. Mexico soon began to increase it's push on their people to go to the U.S. and even printed out pamphlets encouraging them to head north and furnished its people maps and survival literature for crossing the deserts. It produces literature with instructions on how to get free medical and other free benefits and welfare. Now there are over 20 million of these illegals here from Mexico bleeding our strength as they send billions back home to Mexico and there are more illegals coming by the train load (per a 40 page report by Michael T. Mc Caul Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security). Other nations south of the border are now also sending hordes “up North”. It won’t be too long before China (who controls the Suez canal) will begin bringing giant ship loads of their “expendables” and dumping them in the canal area(or the new port that they are building in Mexico) to be brought North by “coyotes”. We showed China that they can do this as we refused to force them to take back 100 refugees recently captured trying to enter our country (We didn’t want to risk trade relations—HA they are the ones raking in the bucks from the lop-sided trade – does our stupid government think that they will quit shipping to us? What Jerks!!) The unending flood of these Chinese (100,000) per year and “Latinos” and people (terrorists?) from over a hundred other countries will bring our Nation to its end. The Border Patrol reports that for every illegal that they catch at least 3 more escape capture and enter the U.S. They further state that this is true of the OTM (Other Than Mexicans) that they catch at the border. More than 155,000 OTM’s are captured each year meaning that 3 times that many make it through. It is a well documented fact that many (very many) people from “Terrorists Countries” (35 counties of concern) have entered our country from – Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Syria and on and on. It is also documented that Hezbollah has members in Mexico assimilating into the local scene, getting fake ID’s and learning Spanish so as to infiltrate across the border. The only thing unresolved is who will step in to take over the USA ????? China – Russia – Venezuela – Mexico, the Muslims or the NAU? New up-date on China’s intentions —-Look at these headlines “China Swallowing Latin America WORLDWATCH: May 2007

China has added one more acquisition to its sizeable collection of critical ports in Latin America.” They can off load millions of immigrants or millions of soldiers, either way we are doomed. George Bush's legacy will be “Never in the course of history has one little man destroyed so much of America in so short a time as has George W. Bush”. With the recent announcement that 70% of American gun stores have been forced out of business we stand pretty much defenseless when the hoards of INVADERS come up through the Southern border with AK47’s. What do we defend with 22 caliber popguns?

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