Bush Is Larger Than Life: Hard To Kill By Using Flying Shoes Of Hate

But it didn’t. And now Bush haters are just dying to crucify him some more.

As usual, President W. Bush ducked his image ax-wielders who, consumed by hate, want to cut off his head – I mean the foxy president once again dodged the foul-smelling shoes of a loony representing an insuperable Bush-hatred, angrily thrown at him by a madcap Iraqi TV reporter named Muntadhar al-Zaidi.

To American Bush-haters whose number has grown thicker than a swarm of locusts in the darkened sky, this wacky harebrain of a scribbler from Iraq who threw a black-eye punch on the face of journalism with his dirty shoes, was an “anti-Bush hero” more succulent of hell-bent abomination than the embarrassed Antichrist.

Never mind Al Qaeda or Hamas who would celebrate a holiday of burning the American flag if Bush slips in the bathtub, but for Americans who if not for Bush fighting terror for the last eight years would have been six feet below the ground by now, to celebrate this shoe-throwing infamy with thanks and thunder … to indulge in a festivity of gritty cranks and fireworks of ridiculing the face that the shoes attempted to deface, is to say the least, reaching the apex of American ingratitude.

Bush-bashers may no longer be saved by psychiatrists that specialized on hate therapy, but what is annoying to neutral Americans that haven’t lost their cool over Bush’s human failings is that, they forgot that Bush is still the president of the United States at the time of the attack.

It was a dangerous scenario. Bush is a full-grown butterfly still cloaked with presidential power while the ugly-looking cocoon that president-elect Obama is, deserves the shoes — whatever it means in Iraq’s culture of hate – until January next year when Obama becomes a functional president like Bush.

The American flag in the background where Bush was seated that was hit by the shoes when Bush ducked was still our flag – the American flag. Under Iraq’s old-age culture, being hit by human feet or shoes represent the vilest contempt and insult … a total disrespect of the person or object being attacked.

Let’s reverse the scenario for a dramatic effect of the point I am driving at: Imagine a Bush-hater who is a guest of the Iraqi government being kicked by an Iraqi journalist with a dirty shoes – one of millions of Iraqis that Bush saved from Saddam Hussein — just for no other reason than the fact that in the eyes of those emerging cultural savages of the Iraq war this visiting Bush-puncher was an American or the America he represents, then we would have a rational justification to celebrate this attack because after all the guy was an ingrate entitled to a filthy boot landing right on his kisser!

But to gang up on the president of the United States, like a pack of dogs nose-led by the smell of blood instead of defend him as this nation’s president from such a savage attack abroad, is becoming like the biblical Cain destined to burn in Hell but Lucifer’s fires couldn’t even burn because he was already eternally evil.

Perhaps blinded by intense Bush hatred, those fire eaters were unable to see this shoes-throwing scene well enough with a 20-20 vision, or even if they saw it as clear as viewing pure evil in today’s TV high definition screens, still they could not understand that America was attacked. On top of it, it was not just Bush who was humiliated in the eyes of the world but Bush, the president of the United States!

In effect, the leftist Rambo[s] in the Media and those Bush exterminators on the rise — while Bush prepares to fade out of the public screen — who enjoyed laughing at this press conference incident in Baghdad, were not actually laughing at Bush but at themselves! A crocodile laughs at a monkey it couldn’t bite for dinner because the monkey has a funny wagging tail, not knowing that this laughing crocodile has even a bigger and longer ugly tail … so goes the old teaching fable.

Bush is used to roll the punches thrown to him by ingrates. For the last eight years, this nerve-wracking brutalities he suffered did not deter his determination to continue his fight against terror — his main focus in securing the nation and the safety of all Americans, including the wicked lives of whackos in America who called him “murderer” for killing terrorists whose brutality in killing Americans is animalistic … cutthroat assassins even more determined to blow up this country to kingdom come.

How did Bush react to this flying-shoe infamy in Baghdad? “So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?” Bush said. “It’s one way to gain attention… like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers …” Bush was referring to nasty people who communicate their disagreement with a dirty finger.

When Bush reacted the way he did, Bush’s hangmen waiting in ambush around the corner weren’t too happy. They wanted him to react like an ax murderer, the image they love to picture him, with such a spiteful revulsion.

The other journalists present were “apologetic”. Bush said “ … this doesn’t represent the Iraqi people.”

This Bush nicety even made his nemesis more furious.

Bush was damn right. The wicked journalist may represent obnoxious Bush-bashers in America that are currently celebrating their mean-spiritedness on Bush like the 4th of July, but the attacker with this shoe-tossing tantrum of a retarded juvenile, certainly does not represent Iraqis and straight-minded Americans who wanted to see democracy established and now flourishing in Iraq.

President Jalal Talabani and his two vice presidents received Bush in the palace outside of the Green Zone. Talabani praised Bush as a “great friend for [of] the Iraqi people, who helped us to liberate our country and to reach this day, which we have democracy, human rights, and prosperity gradually in our country…”

That Bush also admired Talabani and his vice presidents “for their courage and for their determination to succeed ..” is good enough omen of what the future foretells about Bush’s legacy in Iraq.

Naturally there are minuses for Bush’s historical accounting, but it cannot be denied that there are also pluses to his credit. Since Islamic terror landed in America, it is to his credit that Bush wringers are still very much alive and kicking the bucket to this day. These type of bucket-kickers were safe and secured when Bush put terrorists on the run.

So let’s have a reality check: While forces from the dark side relentlessly damage his reputation as the 43rd president of the United States, Bush is very much bigger than life itself. He will go down in history as a man with a vision who changed forever the political dynamics in the Middle East.

No one can say that in measuring Bush’s legacy, he just half-filled the glass for all to see. Only a charlatan with a hate-damaged brain would say that.

For, the truth is – and I am sure many do not like to hear this — Bush is larger than all his local adversaries spitting their venom on his face, all the retarded violent tantrums of shoe-throwing journalist juveniles in Iraq, all the fits of temper his leftist enemy could muster to defeat him, and all of the anti-Bush paroxysms of Islamic terror in the Middle East that cast a shadow of darkness around us here at home ever combined to ruin him – even all of these are of no moment, and no longer maters.

From the ashes of disrepute of which he was killed by a stab in the back, the fallen man would rise like the proverbial Phoenix to claim his rightful place in history.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access December 19, 2008.

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