Bundy, Sterling: Doesn’t America Have Bigger Fish To Fry?

by George Weir –

Cliven Bundy, age 67 year old patriarch of a large Mormon family, also the grandfather of over 50 grandchildren.

Donald Sterling, age 81, an American business man, former attorney and the owner of the Los Angles Clippers.

What do these seemingly very different people have in common?  For one age, another is a very deep rooted value system formed during their earlier years of growing up, and subsequently they are very set in their ways.  When asked a question pertaining to any subject, such as raising cattle or operating the Los Angles clippers, political correctness isn’t something that comes into mind, but stating their opinion as they see it, does matter, plus, each were raised to believe that under the U.S. constitution their “ freedom of speech “ was protected.

Would each change their statements or position if given opportunity?  I have no idea, all I can really say is this, We all have strong opinions about something, and at time we let our opinions be known.  As we all know many opinions are set to deliberately hurt, and at other time it is just words we wish we could take back.

But as we all know, words do hurt, but can say for certain that Bundy, or Sterling had any intentions of hurting anyone?  In my opinion they didn’t, they were raised as men that spoke their opinion, and that they did.

America is a very diverse nation, we have many religions and ethnic backgrounds, sometime in our life time someone is going to say something about our religion or make some kind of remark about our race.   I am a Mormon, and I know very well the hurtful words that can be hurled by those that don’t understand  and cares less about finding out, but, that doesn’t give me any right to cause a fuss about it, or take to the streets in protest.  Differences of opinion will never be solved by bowing up and striking back.   I will never try to deny their right to speak freely, or to stop the mouth of the opposition , hopefully I can prove myself better by my actions.

America, In my opinion we have bigger fish to fry than the possibly miss- spoken words from possibly two grumpy old men, they have their opinion, and we aren’t likely to change their minds, so, we need to focus on the greater need, such as, restoring the trust of America back to the American people.

Folks, America is in a heap of trouble at the moment, and if we as Americans are intent on choosing sides, black against white, one religion against another, we are missing the bigger picture, America can only grow and prosper by pulling together.  When we as Americans put our shoulders to the wheel, and stop bickering over nonsense, and issues that will never be solved, such as (Race) by stirring the water of un-rest, we’re wasting valuable time.

Americans have found themselves bombarded with the far-left progressive movement with the intent to destroy all the moral fabric that America has to offer, also the American people are at the point that they hear nothing from Washington but lies an cover-up.   It appears as if this left –wing administration sees the U.S. constitution as a hindrance to their ambitions of “Big Brother”, and it’s ambition of stifling the people of their right to free expression of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Life…The right to life, from conception to the grave.  Also the right to choose those that you wish to be associated with and those that will appreciate the way one finds his or happiness.

Liberty…. True, to keep the republic, we must have laws, but the American people must also be able to enjoy liberty.    When we see the liberty’s of the Bundy’s and the sterling’s being stifled by those that are carrying arms with the intent on causing harm if not obeyed, we are heading toward a government with the intent on total government control.

Happiness…..sounds simple enough, but it is getting more complicating as each day passes.   Happiness to most is the ability to govern ones own life, and to choose ones own path according to their own conscience and the dictates of their own heart.   But as we all know, the courts and those that have little or no respect for one religion, and the way he or she feels, or has been raised concerning said religion, government seem to know best, and the ability to chose what we believe to be right or wrong is being replaced by those that are intent on forcing their far-left ideology’s on those that are only wishing to life their life of liberty by their own moral compass, which they believe will lead them in the direction of good works and good deeds without the interference of the federal government.

As far as any good leadership from the President and the congress, we have none.   They have demonstrated to our youth that lies works, and there are no repercussions to lies and cover-ups.  Our government has stood by silently when the “Ten Commandments” were taken down and prayer was bared from school and school activities, and replaced by the teaching of the Koran, but Christianity will not be tolerated in the schools of America.

At the present, we have no answer to four Americans murdered in Bengiza.   Also, Americans are now loaded with the heavy weight of Affordable Health care, (ACA).  Americans never know for sure that their emails and telephones calls are not collected by the National security Agency. (NSA) for future use if they say something that is not in accordance with the far-left socialist agenda, also if, your one that has the intentions of applying for license to form a right wing political organization, be aware, the Internal Revenue service (IRS) may be investigating your whole life, and your intentions.

Oh, by the way, if you still believe in the traditional way of marriage, one man an one woman, you may be scorned and called an un-American, or worse.

Yes, we will always have the Bundy’s and the sterling’s with us, but we do have bigger fish to fry.

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