Brinksmanship Mr. Obama?

… got the Hades out of

Washington D.C. so it could not be discussed or negotiated with the with the House members.

Just maybe in the process, it might have become clear to the American people, that what you are really trying to do is DEFUND SOCIAL SECURITY to the tune of $500 Billion dollars, since the payroll tax is the only source of funding for social security. This is just another slick way of robbing from the fund, and most people are not aware that there is no lock box or trust fund, and you boobs have been stealing from the social security fund for years (I suppose you call it borrowing, except you never pay it back).

A two month extension could not even be implemented fast enough to go into effect before it would be over, and then they would have to re-negotiate a new deal in February which is what the Usurper in Chief wants so it can be used as a leverage device to make Obama look like the big tax cutter in an election year.

Peter Isberg, president of The National Payroll Consortium (an industry group), says a two month extension is almost impossible to implement in this short a time period and will most certainly create unprecedented technical problems.

Mike O’Toole, who oversees government relations at the American Payroll Association, said:

“Payroll people feel like their concerns are not being heard at the congressional level, or else Congress wouldn’t even consider something as ridiculous as a two month extension”.

Letting the payroll tax cut expire is going to hurt consumer spending as well as consumer confidence and congress will once more be playing the political games both sides of the aisle seem to be so fond of.

There is a word (in Yiddish) “MAMZER”, the meaning questions the legitimacy or more correctly the illegitimacy of your birth, said word is equally applicable to all of you denizens of Washington D.C., in other words, in plain English, you are all a bunch of worthless, greedy “B****RDS”, who are not worth the powder it would take to blow all of you to Kingdom Come.

While we are on the subject of our TAXPAYER money, how much is the

Hawaii vacation for 'Moochelle' and the kids?

I am still scratching my head trying to figure out why you keep vacationing in

Hawaii when you have no relatives living there, why are you not vacationing in

Chicago (which I believe is your home of record).

You seem to be the most vacationing USUPER that ever parked your skinny butt in the White House, and, as for your self-description as the 4th best president in modern history.

I beg to differ, you are without a doubt the worst president in the total history of this nation, but then I, as well as a lot of Americans, do not consider you a legitimate president in the first place.

If you and your cohorts are so interested in cutting our debt, start by getting rid of Moochelle’s 22 step-n-fetch-its, she sure as heck doesn’t need that many people, then give all the congressional members (that includes the senate) a 50% pay cut, they have, as you said, reached that point where they have made enough money, and that includes their high paid staffers and while you are at it give yourself a pay cut too.

The house Republicans intend to hold PRO FORMA sessions until everyone comes back to town in order to block the Usurper in Chief from making any recess appointments which is his favorite way of making an end run around the confirmation process.

You have to watch this sidewalk hustler closer than a dog watching the mailman, because he will try to steal your eye teeth while you are looking at him.



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