BREAKING: Uh! Oh-Bama – Bad News

… 13.July.2009. In the case: Keyes v Obama 09 cv 82 D.O.C., now pending before Federal Judge, David O. Carter, U.S. District Court – 411 W. 4th Street – Santa Ana, CA 92701, regarding the Mandatory thus Constitutionally viable status of anyone must be a “Natural Born Citizen” prior to being the President of the USA including, Barack Hussein Obama. Will B. H. Obama remain the President of the


Dr. Taitz Esq. stated that Judge Carter directed that a hearing be held on the matter before him. Moreover, that this current case would not be dismissed, Sua Sponte. That the issue was one of great import to the military and, that if need be, the court would remain in cession until

midnight or Saturday if necessary in order to determine the validity of the allegations regarding ‘President’ Obama.

Further, Dr. Taitz confirmed the information in her

Florida complaint regarding the issue of whether B. Hussein O. had 39 social security numbers and 149 different addresses prior to his current

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address. Those assertions are below.

"There is evidence contained in an Exhibit which shows that Barack Hussein Obama might have used as many as 149 addresses and 39 social security numbers prior to assuming the office of president."

"A further Exhibit is the expert affidavit of renowned forensic document examiner, Sandra Ramsey Lines, which states that the certification of live birth posted by Mr. Obama as verification of his legitimacy cannot be verified as genuine and should be presumed fraudulent."

"The Hawaiian statute 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaiian residents to obtain Hawaiian birth certificates, that those birth certificates can be obtained based on a statement of one relative only without any corroborating evidence from the hospital; that 'late birth certificates' (i.e. non-contemporaneously, post-facto, in two words 'potentially fabricated') can lawfully, under this statute, be obtained at any time later in life.

"Barack Hussein Obama's original birth certificate was never provided by the state of

Hawaii , but only a statement that there is an original 'long birth certificate' document on file. The statement repeatedly provided by Hawaiian officials is quite simply incomplete, evasive, and without explanation of critical details: namely, whether it is a foreign birth certification or one obtained based on a statement of one relative only, or a late certification or amended one, obtained upon adoption by his stepfather."

"In other words, plaintiff asks this court to rule, declare, and adjudge, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1988(a), that an officer of the Army of the

United States (all officers)!) must have the right to question apparently illegitimate authority in the courts or else in the course of his employment as an officer directly within the army chain of command or in both capacities and by both manners.

"Barack Hussein Obama, in order to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president, basically needs only produce a single unique historical document for the Plaintiff's inspection and authentication: namely, the 'long-form' birth certificate which will confirm whether Barack Hussein Obama was in fact born to parents who were both citizens of the United States in Honolulu, Hawaii, in or about 1961"

Taitz has filed multiple legal actions around the country alleging Obama does not meet the constitutional requirements to occupy the Oval Office. One of her cases, filed against Obama as an individual for actions before he took office, is scheduled for a hearing in a

California court Monday.

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