Romney’s actions in private and public life speak louder than Candidate McCain’s endless, 22 year, diatribe of words.

Senator McCain has had innumerable chances over the 22 years to support the Policies best for

America and the American people while in the Federal Government. McCain has failed to do so.

Governor W. Mitt Romney Deserves his first chance to fix the Federal Government and the American’s needs in a very complex world.

It takes the Intelligent person with the rare ability of “Foresight”, in order to run a very successful business.

Romney completed that significantly. Decisions about the future success of a venture, is rife with variable facts that must be correctly determined in advance of the actual outcome, in order to succeed.

Not only is this necessary in business and life, but most assuredly when it comes to actually being the President of the

United States of America.

W. Mitt

Romney has clearly exhibited the “must have” attribute of foresight. Therefore, Candidate Romney is the singular choice in this complex and very important 2008 Presidential Election, for the very future of


Additionally: Large enterprises both in business and government require the intelligent selection of forward thinking management teams.


Romney has done well in at least 2 areas.

1. The first area wherein

Romney made his team selections he did very well; that being the business world.

2. The second area was: in

Romney’s now irreversible choice, while Governor of Massachusetts, to order the arrest of “Foreign and Illegal Aliens” by State Troopers in his State. This was coordinated with the Federal Government.

NWS recalls the team that was assembled by the




Reno as Attorney General. She is responsible for the inferno death of children in


Texas. I wonder for whom the now dead children would vote for. Then of course there is the result of having


Albright as the Secretary of State. This particular team appointment resulted in the North Koreans’ having nuclear bombs today, for which Americans taxes were used. Then there is the team selection of “Justice”

Ginsberg of the U. S. Supreme Court. She was the counsel to the radical feminist organization NOW. This

Clinton team member can be awarded the Gender Bias against families and men award. Choose carefully for the future, not how you feel here and now.

Foresight, in the team selection is vital for the future of


The unwarranted accusation, by some opponents, that


Romney raised taxes in

Massachusetts some $ 700 million dollars is a one- dimensional perspective. The “accusers” fail to recognize that it was the open border policy of Senator McCain, his selected team and others, that allowed the tsunami of illegal aliens which, as NWS sees it indeed, may likely have been the cause of the need for, Governor Romney, to raise taxes in order to prevent State wide injuries. This was likely a tough decision for


Romney, which may have led to the ordering the “Foreign Illegal Alien” arrests caused by the


McCain et. al. decisions.

The estimated cost to the ‘Legal American Citizen’s” of the open border McCain stance and for amnesty is in the untold [B]illions of dollars of additional taxes forced upon American’s, by the Congress and the Senate.


McCain now wants others, i.e.

Romney, to take the blame for his myopia and his assembled teams’ utter lack of intelligent foresight. [see: – Smart or Intelligent]


McCain continuously reiterates his stance on the “Surge” in


However, it was the clear thinking and intelligent prediction of


Petraeus, not that of McCain or his team. Perhaps


McCain had a flashback to the politically lost

Vietnam situation and merely wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Since others have outlined the myopic policies of candidate McCain, NWS will not do so here.

For the above stated reasons the National Writers Syndicate .com

Endorses: W. Mitt

Romney —-

For the Next President of the

United States of America.




Weinstein Sr. Editor on behalf of the Management.

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