Breaking News: Citizens Justice Association – Has Been — Formed

The Citizens Justice Association (CJA) will focus on:

1. Demanding the courts become user-friendly

2. Instructing in the technique of activism

3. Helping victims of legal abuse and government abuse expose wrongdoing

4. Training pro-se persons in the methods and techniques of litigation, legal research, and self-representation

Seminars will be offered in major cities throughout the nation, which will cover topics such as resisting mortgage foreclosure, defending credit card collections and civil rights suits, as well as legal research, procedural rules, discovery, and more.

Activism is also a major part of CJA’s planned activities in the near future. We’ll be working with victims of legal abuse in helping them expose bad judges, predatory lawyers, and dysfunctions in the legal system.

People who join will receive this newsletter (published monthly) and a copy of a new, improved edition of the Citizens Justice Manual, which will help victims of the System improve their skills of resistance, publicity, and “community organizing.”

Those with questions are invited to call David Grossack at (617) 965-9300 or (781) 925-5253.

Online Developments

David Grossack and Citizens Justice Association are both on Facebook and on Wikipedia. Please visit these pages to learn and show support.

Divorce/Domestic Violence Discussion On Youtube

David Grossack has posted an informative video interview about these topics in three parts on Just search for “Grossack on Divorce” and learn.

Government Abuse



This past summer, revelations of virtual looting of the taxpayers of the poor, heavily Hispanic municipality of 38,000 people ten miles south of

Los Angeles, hit the news.

It seems the Police Chief is getting paid $457,000 a year, the city manager is getting paid $787,637 a year, and city council members are getting $100,000.00 a year for part-time work.


Bell, the average per capita income is $24,800.00. Nationally it is $32,819.00.

The city manager is paid nearly twice what the President of the

USA is paid.

In nearby


California, the pay earned by bureaucrats is similar, and there only 100 residents but 1800 businesses.

Criminal investigators have begun to look around.



African Americans motorists are suing the police in



They claim that they are being routinely extorted by the police to hand over all of their cash and other valuables or face felony charges and seizure of their children, who would be turned over to Child Welfare authorities and foster care.

Police claim their actions are legal under state forfeiture laws.

Motorists travel through Tenaha because it links

Houston with casinos in

Louisiana, and carrying large sums of cash.

140 people were extorted, says a class action lawsuit in federal court.

Reportedly, Latino drivers face similar extortion along Mexican border towns.

The funds are used to pay police salaries.

Driving While Female

Many women will no longer stop when directed by a police officer to pull over. Some will call 911 and ask for additional police to come to the scene and refuse to open their windows until backup police arrive.

Cops are known to rape or extort women for sex during highway pullovers. The situation is badly deteriorating.

It comes as no surprise that unstable, aggressive bullies gravitate to police work, and quite a few are sexual predators.

The ACLU, together with the

University of

Nebraska, recently prepared a report entitled “Driving While Female, A National Problem in Police Misconduct.”

Case after case has been documented of cops demanding women trade sex for the dropping of traffic charges.

Assault, rape, sex, fondling and various kinds of bizarre sexually oriented conduct are found throughout the country.

Although cops are getting prosecuted, most are probably getting away with it.


“Dedicated public servants” are words used by public relations offices and media sycophants.

In fact, these stories highlight the problem. “Government abuse” is a redundancy.

The country is becoming more like the

Third World dictatorships it often criticizes.

The Citizens Justice Association is here to empower its members to resist, challenge, and overcome those who use public employment for profit and abuses of authority.

Techniques of bringing lawsuits, attracting publicity, and getting results are found within our message for our readers and members.

CITIZENS JUSTICE NOWPost Office Box 390979




Tel: (781) 925-5253

Fax: (781) 925-9352


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