*Breaking* Jack Idema has left Afghanistan

Jack is free? what a wonderful news, the man is back huh? Jack Idema your part of our history. I cant wait to contact you directly please visit my blog and let me hear ur own words

Fahim is right. Jack was enjoying some very necessary R&R, and has been reluctant to let the cat out of the bag.

Jack Idema has, in fact, left Afghanistan, I announced it on my blog this morning. Fahim points out that the Afghanistani people consider Jack Idema a hero to their country, and they recognize how Idema has sacrificed so much over the last several years in order to make a difference in Afghanistan.

Of course, Jack is frequently mentioned in the book, the Hunt for Bin Laden. He is the only person on the face of the planet who has come close to capturing and/or killing Bin Laden seven times. Bin Laden, in fact, has a price on Jack Idema's head, and that should tell us all we need to know about what side of this war Idema has been fighting on. It's a crying shame that events turned the way they did, and that he ended up surrounded by 2,000 Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists as if he were one himself.

The American government; the State Department and DOJ, turned their backs on Idema, and left him, Ed Caraballo and Brent Bennett, completely surrounded by 2,000 Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists in the notorious Pulacharke prison back in 2004, claiming that the American government had no connection with them. The truth of the matter, though, is really quite different, which has been revealed in court documents, videos and in an interview with Robert Fogelnest at Democracy Now.

President Karzai is a Pashtun from the South. This by itself is unremarkable. But Pashtun, as Fahim points out at his blog, is interchangeable with Taliban. Karzai has invited his Taliban brothers to participate in the new Karzai government. And this is, as Jack Idema has so often said, the equivalent to inviting the Nazis to participate in government after the Nuremberg trials.

Fahim refers to himself as an Afghanistani boy, from the North, where Commander Massoud came from and is buried. Commander Massoud was the man who fought all the right battles. He fought the Russians and the Taliban, and had a vision of freedom under a democracy. Massoud was assassinated by Bin Laden just two days before 9/11. Bin Laden said that there would be no victory for Al Qaeda as long as Massoud was alive.

And it was Massoud's Northern Alliance who Jack fought alongside in the 2001/2002 war against the Taliban, which we won with very few casualties.

But things turned in Afghanistan after that, due, in part, to our virtually switching sides and turning our backs on our allies. I would bet that few Americans know this. Yet news reports of attacks and suicide bombings confirm it.

Over the past year, an increase of Taliban attacks on NATO and American troops has been occurring since we turned our backs on our former allies, the Northern Alliance, with whom Jack fought in the 2001/2002 war.

Visit Fahim's blog. He is going to get in touch with Jack, and there should be a post going up over there about how he and his people feel about Jack Idema.

See my blog here for more, and incredible pictures of Jack Idema's departure from Afghanistan. Godspeed, Jack.

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