BREAKING: Georgia, US Federal Judge Clay Land Shreds US Constitution

… dictator wannabe, now sitting and scheming in the White House.

The man Clay Land, is now and forever hereafter, shall be known for his Traitorous, cover-up, dismissal decision while he is publicly posing as an impartial Federal Judge in the,

Orly Taitz – Flight Surgeon Capt. Connie Rhodes case.

Clay Land, violated his Oath of office today when he denied the Plaintiff Rhodes and her Attorney Taitz both substantive and procedural due process, denied discovery, denied Rhodes a jury trial, equal protection, access to the Courts and more than likely is biased in favor of the government corruption that permeates the federal public servants in positions of public trust.

Further, Clay Land made overt threats directed towards Taitz, essentially terminating any and all the

US military personal from accessing the Federal Article III Sec. 1 (which is a statutory court – it is not an Article III Sec 2 constitutional common law court – as there is only 1 and that is the SCOTUS) Congressionally established and thus 'Judge' Clay Land is beholding to its creator, the congress, not the US Constitution.

'Judge' Land effectively treated the matter as if he were in fact deciding the fate of a mere bail of cotton involved in a minor dispute.

'Judge' Land is a digrace to the concept of Justice.

'Judge' Land is, as of this decision, nothing less than a Human Rights Criminal masquerading as a federal judge.

It is time to take this matter to the Appellate Court and demand Due Process for this courageous American Soldier.

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