BREAKING / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: RE: Cuban Mercenaries Attack Venezuelan Revolt / Protesters

by John Clark –

February 18, 2014 – 10:45 PM – National Writers [NWS]–

BREAKING / EXCLUSIVE: According to the source of the video – The Police and there are Cuban Mercenaries on motorcycles firing guns at the demonstrators involved in the demonstration / protest against the Venezuelan Dictator Socialist government.

There is a voice on the video speaking in Spanish. I am told that the person is asking “Why Are You Shooting At Us?” — and as they run into hiding away from being shot at.

Obama’s Venezuelan Dictator Socialist friends are seemingly violent, vicious and power mad.

Stay tuned to NWS for more breaking and exclusive news regarding this ongoing revolt taking place in Venezuela. [photo is stock image]

See also previous breaking NWS video.

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