BREAKING: Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. Secures Stay Of Deployment For Flight Surgeon

… According to Taitz, the Honorable Federal District Court Judge, Clay Land, has just issued a temporary Stay of Any Military Deployment orders being executed, regarding a Flight Surgeon, Capt. Connie Rhodes, until


Land issues a final written order on Wednesday 16.September.2009.

In my experience and knowledge, a 'Stay' just ain't easy to get from a Federal Judge.

The original filed action that which began in Texas, proceeded to Georgia, where Captain Rhodes was order to go prior to being deployed. This caused the Court Proceedings to be brought in the State from where the deployment was to take place. For more on this please go to:

Taitz will be interviewed live on, America Betrayed, Tuesday 15.September.2009 by the Host John Clark.

Date: Tue. 09/15/09

Time: 10:00 pm ET – 7:00 pm PT

Program Location:

EXCLUSIVE!!!: Our Guest Tonight Live – Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Hear what happened in Georgia, first hand!!!

Also: Obama Birth Certificate Judge Grants Trial !! But …… what about the Whistleblower Soldier consequences?

He has received death threats and has been threatened with court marshal !!!

Toll free number to call 1.800.596.8191

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